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Numbers and days play a crucial part in our life, be it date of birth, marriage date or any date to end or start something new. If you believe in numerology and are looking for Biblical Meaning of Numbers, this article is for you.

It has no value if you are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian because in the spiritual realm, you are just a bundle of energies. Religion or communities or a way to keep us in discipline and follow a bunch of rules made by ancient experts.

Dyas or numbers are not just to count your time but it has a significant meaning that affects human life in various ways. In this article I will share some of the important spiritual meaning of numbers that can be valuable to you.

Before jumping to the main topic which is the Biblical meaning of numbers 1-100, let’s explore the base meaning of numbers according to the bible.

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Numbers According to The Bible

If you are a regular reader of the Bible, you might have encountered Various numbers used frequently throughout the Bible. As we all know that the Bible is a holy book, not some study book to calculate numbers, so the number mentioned in the Bible has a different meaning to you.

These numbers are symbols of some message which you must consider when you see the numbers reading any significant verse. Let me explain in simple words, number twelve represents the twelve disciples of Jesus and twelve tribes of Israel.

I am sure you are excited to know the different Biblical Meaning of Numbers you find very frequent during your bible study. Lets dive deeper into the meanings.

Biblical Meaning of Numbers

There are many crucial numbers in the world of Christianity, I will share the most important and God’s holy numbers in this article. However, if you are looking for the details about Holy numbers, you may download this PDF by clicking on the link below.

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Biblical Meaning of Numbers  1- 7 

The number seven is one of the most important numbers in the Biblical world. It has been used more than 700 times in the holy book. The seven number, in Christianity is associated with seven days of creation, seven temples and seven churches.

Most importantly, the seven numbers also symbolize the seven bowls in the book of revelation. If you want to use this number in your spiritual enhancement, the number is considered to be completion or perfection. Not to mention, if you look around the world, the number seven also represents some powerful personalities around the world.

Biblical Meaning of Numbers 2- 12

The number 12 is used over 200 times throughout the bible and it represents fullness. If you look in the history of Jesus, the number twelve represents 12 disciples of Jesus.

The number 12 is also associated with the 12 tribes of Israel, twelve gates and the 12 fundamentals of the New Jerusalem in the book of revelation. These Biblical Meaning of Numbers can be used to connect the dots in personal life as well.

Biblical Meaning of Numbers 3- 40

The number forty is a special number when it comes to Christian brothers and sisters as it represents the period of testing. The number can be seen over 140 times throughout the bible. I am confident that I don’t need to write much about it as you might have more knowledge than me.

The number is a reminder to us about the testing period of Jesus, His sacrifices and His love towards his brothers and sisters. It is a number that allows us to gain strength, be patient and wait for the time to cleanse us and invite miracles in life.

Biblical Meaning of Numbers 4- 3

The number three is considered as an auspicious and significant number in many ways. People around the world chose this number to manipulate with the negative vibe and transform their life using some spiritual rituals.

When it comes to the Biblical Meaning of Numbers, the number 3 represents wholeness, unity and it can be encountered over 450 times in the holy Bible. The number three is also connected with the Holy Trinity, Three Temptations of Jesus and those three days when Jesus spent in the tomb before resurrection.

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Biblical Meaning of Numbers 5- 666

The world popular number “666” which is also known as “The Number of Beast” has also been considered as a significant number. Although it’s only mentioned once in the bible.

The number 666 is connected to the book of revelation and with evil and the Antichrist. This number represents both apocalypticism Christian groups and in explicitly anti-Christian subcultures.

Biblical Meaning of Numbers 6-14000

The number 144000 has also a significant meaning of Christianity as it represents the 12 tribes of Israel, 12 apostles of Jesus and redeemed people of God. These numbers remind us to follow His path in simple words.

Every number mentioned in the Bible, Including number 144000 can be a guideline to those who are searching for Biblical Meaning of Numbers.


What is the powerful number in the Bible?

Well, when it comes to the power of numbers, every number holds a significant power. Therefore, comments about the most powerful number will not do justice with other numbers.

However, Number 7 is popularly known as the most powerful number in the Bible and around the world. Being a spiritual guide I must say that when the massive energy goes in one direction, it works like fire.

The number represents completion and perfection which, I believe we all are looking for, so In my opinion number seven can be considered as the most powerful number according to the holy Bible.

Final Words: These are some of the most crucial, popular numbers that you may encounter often and experience the change after that. Numbers play with our mind and hearts, therefore it’s crucial to pay attention to your emotions and change them accordingly.

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