How to Get Your Mojo Back | 10 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back

How to Get Your Mojo Back After 60 |How to Get Your Mojo Back | How to Get Your Mojo Back After 50 | How Can I Get My Mojo Back

Life is all about experiencing all the emotions, crossing many ups and downs. Unfortunately, for some of us it can be so painful that they might lose all the strength and spark that kept them alive.

The feeling of aliveness, losing the mojo isn’t not just losing something but it seems like being empty. It also means losing the purpose of life and feeling lost in this world which is running faster and faster around us.

It’s crucial to reclaim the mojo back, add some spice in life and live a purposeful life. In this blog post of BigBrainCoach, I will share the answer to “How to Get Your Mojo Back” by giving you some effective and powerful tips.

How to Get Your Mojo Back | 10 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back

1. Accept Your Current Feelings

Denying the situation means denying to move forward in life. Therefore, whatever happened in your life until today, accept it as it was bound to happen and know everything happens for a reason.

Once you accept the situation, it becomes easier to move forward with a new mindset to do something better. Better because you are now more experienced and mature now.

Do not judge anything, just take the lessons from the past, fill your heart with enthusiasm as you are wiser now and be ready to work on future goals. This is How to Get Your Mojo Back with a motivated and wiser inner self.

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2. Reflect on the Good Past Days

Reflecting in the past is common for everyone but looking at good or bad is important. Looking at the bad days, your suffering, pain isn’t worth anything. However, remembering your good days will give you courage and confidence.

Think about the days when you overcome challenges, your energy level, aliveness and relive in the mind. Living in the mind means letting your body accept what you are feeling right now.

When you do it, your subconscious starts working to bring similar circumstances to make you feel the same again. This is How to Get Your Mojo Back even after the age 40, 50 or 60.

3. Set New Goals For Future

Many times I have seen people who lose their mojo because they couldn’t achieve their goals. Goals should be revised, reviewed from time to time so that you can analyze and change things if they need a change.

If that’s the case with you, set a new goal and start with a small one. In order to achieve big goals, divide them into small tasks for daily, weekly and monthly. It will become easier to achieve success by following such a strategy.

Never Forget to celebrate your small success as it will inspire you to do more in life. This is How to Get Your Mojo Back and become a better version of you, creating a passionate life for yourself.

4. Revisit Your Passions Time to Time

Passion is something that needs to be alive in your heart. It’s a way to keep your strongest feelings and emotions alive. Be it painting, hiking, playing instruments, let it be a part of your life at all stages of life.

Spend some time with your passionate activities and feel your inner emotions to reconnect your older, passionate self. Let your passion regenerate the enthusiasm for life in your heart and mind.

Also, never be afraid to try new things as it will help you discover something new to you. The new thing might be your new passion. Reconnecting your old passion is How to Get Your Mojo Back and learn new things.

5. Prioritize Your Mental and Physical Well Being

Losing your mojo means not taking the right amount of self care. Self care not only includes your physical appearance but it’s a combination of mind, body and spirit.

Now matter how your schedule is these days, give priority to your mental, emotional and physical being regularly. Just like you eat food on time, sleep on time, make sure to do some activities that keep your inner self in alignment.

Include meditation, physical workout and nutritious food in your regular schedule to be balanced. This is a How to Get Your Mojo Back, stay healthy, focused and excited to do more in life.

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6. Stay Around Positive Influencers

Be it offline or online, make sure to only watch or talk to the people who inspire you and give you a boost to your new goals. Your surroundings are a reason either you are lifted or down in life.

Build a strong supportive system whom you can trust and consider as your people. When it comes to a supportive person, numbers don’t matter. Even one single person is enough if you trust to share your inner voices with.

When you have someone, it will help you not feel lonely and supportive people will lift you whenever you need it. It’s How to Get Your Mojo Back, build your community and do something magic to yourself.

7. Keep Your Space Clean and Positive

A cluttered space sucks all the positive energy, even if you never realize it. Therefore, it’s crucial to clean the place where you spend most of the time. Make sure to let the place breathe fresh air and keep you refreshed.

Organize your space, add some live plants, keep things that’s needed, discard what’s expired or take unnecessary places. Believe me or not, a clean and airy place keeps your mind clean and helps in focus.

Such an environment also boosts your mood and new ideas pop up in your mind. Veins around good places are How to Get Your Mojo Back, do new things and grow in life.

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8.Be Thankful for Everything

Being thankful simply means feeling a sense of being blessed to be alive. Today, in the time of uncertainty, being alive feels a real gift from God. Being alive till today means there is another chance for us to be whatever we want to be.

Make it a habit to express your gratitude in the morning before leaving the bed. When you do so, you prepare yourself for being thankful for more positive things that’s going to happen throughout the day.

When it becomes your habit, you will find yourself as a new, positive, energetic person. This is How to Get Your Mojo Back as a positive mindset is the secret key of those who are touching the highest success in life.

9. Seek Guidance if Needed

If you are too stuck and finding yourself not in a situation to move forward, don’t hesitate to find a Guide. Often When a person is not in the right situation in life, everything looks blurry.

In such times, someone else can see the bigger picture for you and guide you to clear your eyesight and see yourself in a greater position. Professional guidance is really helpful when you are feeling lost.

By working on yourself with others guidance you can see yourself overcoming obstacles. Sometimes, Taking help is How to Get Your Mojo Back and achieve great success in whatever you want.

10. Be Patient with Yourself

When it comes to restarting your life, or getting your mojo back, know that it will take time. To some of us life experiences break so much that it feels impossible to rise again. Yet, Evidence says, those who believe in themselves, they do rise again.

Therefore, be extra gentle with yourself, keep working, have patience and accept in your heart that you will get your passion back. Restarting is a slow process as past experience may pull you back.

Be firm in your decision, celebrate small successes and take a break when needed. This is How to Get Your Mojo Back and Grow in life miraculously.


1- Is 50 too late to start over?

In the time of technology and uncountable resources, 50 seems like nothing. In fact, 50 is the right age to start over and start living for yourself. For most of the population it’s the age when you feel free from responsibility of others.

I believe if you are one of them, start living for yourself, do the things you always wanted to do and trust me you will feel more alive than ever. So, no 50 is not too late to start over.

2- What age is too late to start over?

Well, it is not too late to start over in life. As they say every day is a new day with new opportunities, it only takes the right eyesight to see it. The day you decide to start over, consider it a new life, do new things and live differently.

The idea of pursuing your life purpose is the only way to live fully, age doesn’t matter.

Final Words: wanting to rediscover your mojo means connecting to your core self. It will take time but when you learn to nurture your inner core, it will guide you and take you where you want to be in future.

The only simple and effective answer to “How to Get Your Mojo Back” is , do everything to connect your authentic self.

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