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In today’s fast moving life and time, most of the people find it challenging to balance their life, Sometimes I do feel the same way. However, recently I learned that everybody has 24 hours, so I need to make some lifestyle changes and prioritize things.

That one thought led me to make some good changes in my daily routine and within a few weeks it worked like a miracle. Life is meant to be lived a balanced one.

When you learn to balance friends and family, work and fun, mind and body things get better. In this blog post I will share some of the best Healthy Habits that will transform your life if you will adopt them.

10 Healthy Habits for A vibrant Life

1- Regular Exercise

First and foremost let’s understand the importance of exercise. We, the being, live in this body that gives us opportunity to perform, to eat, to have fun and so on. Don’t you think it deserves your little attention?

If you think eating is enough for the body, let me tell you, you eat to satisfy your tongue and hunger. Giving your true attention to your body means taking care of every part of it.

Work out is one of the first and essential Healthy Habits if you want to have a happy and healthy life. Therefore separate at least 20 to 30 minutes daily to do some conscious body movement.

Be it Yoga, cardio, running, cycling or dancing, the activity that stretches your body and removes unhealthy toxins out of it.

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2- Balanced Diet

Now let’s understand why you need a balanced diet to keep your body healthy. The food you eat holds a significant type of energy that heavily affects your body and mood as well.

If you eat cooked food including a lot of oil, ghee and junk everyday, you might feel heavy, lazy and become fat in time. There are various foods available and it’s for human consumption only but eat in limit.

One of the best Healthy Habits for a vibrant and balanced life is having a balanced diet plan that includes grains, dry fruits, fresh fruits and green vegetables.

3- Adequate Hydration

Again Let’s talk about one of the most essential needs of the human body which is fresh water. Water is essential to digest food, cleanse the unhealthy germs and sweating which is crucial.

In other words, in order to allow your body to function in the most adequate way, drink sufficient water. Keeping yourself hydrated helps you protect against many outside germs and sunburn as well.

Have goal to drink at least 2 to 3 Liters of water regularly. However, sometimes it depends upon age and health condition as well. Therefore consult your physician about it once.

4- Sufficient Sleep

Our body is the machine we use the entire day and never think about its relaxation, especially the time of mobile phones. Unfortunately people take their phones in the bedroom and use it until the body itself retires.

Insufficient sleep is one of the major reasons for all the lifestyle diseases these days. When you sleep on time and wake up on time, your body works in its natural ways, perfectly.

One of the crucial Healthy Habits for a healthy and peaceful life is sleeping on time and waking up on time. Have a goal to sleep at 9.30 and wake up at 4am so that you can have fresh oxygen in the morning and prepare yourself for the hectic day.

5- Stress Management

Stress that you carry for a longer period of time has an enormously bad effect on your body organs. Do you know that when your body doesn’t heal then the diseases are visible to doctors?

In order to stop your dress going chronic, learn to manage it effectively. Breathing practices, meditation, mindfulness and yoga asanas are some of the ways to release stress out of your body.

One of the best Healthy Habits for having a balanced life is practicing some of these Holistic practices. These practices not only release your stress but keep your mind and physical health fitter than normal.

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6- Regular Health Check-ups

We are living in a world where getting fresh fruits and green vegetables has become challenging as it’s all stored these days. No matter how conscious you are about your mental and physical health, you must check your health from time to time.

As they say prevention is better than cure, having a medical check up package is a smart decision these days. It will help you protect yourself from any sudden health issues and warn you before things get out of control.

Checking your health condition regularly is one of the smart and Healthy Habits of those who are living a peaceful and vibrant lifestyle. Early deception of health challenges are key to faster healing and longevity.

7- Mindful Eating

Lets talk about eating habit, not about what you eat as we discussed it in the beginning. Do not use mobile phone or television while eating as its a very unconscious and unhealthy habit.

Be very mindful what you eat, how you eat and how much amount you eat. When you center your focus on something else while eating, you simply overeat, check next time.

One of the essential Healthy Habits tips that will make you fitter is chew your food properly and eat it without distractions. Enjoy your meal as mindful eating better your digestive system as well.

8- No Unhealthy Substance Consumption

Trust me, today what you call is modernity in the name of unhealthy drinks of substances are one of the reason of less life spam. Those who have a dream to live a vibrant, healthy and peaceful lifestyle must avoid it.

These substances not only damage your health but risk everything you own such as health wealth and happiness. Avoid looking for short term fun instead build a fulfilled life.

Therefore one of the very crucial Healthy Habits for a wholesome life is don’t consume anything’s that unhealthy to your mind body and soul. Instead eat healthy, and support those who are willing to quit them as a good deed.

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9- Cultivating Social Connections

Being social doesn’t mean having a tons of friends and spending every evening with them, its unhealthy habit, I believe. Social connections means connecting with the people who are good for your mental and emotional health. Meeting them once in a while is always healthy and enough.

One of the Healthy Habits is to connect with some social services, and organizations that are helping others and building the world a better place. You may either engage in their activities or support them in many other ways.

10- Practicing Gratitude

Life is a beautiful gift that we all have been blessed and some of us are really making God proud of them. No natter where you are today, what challenges you are facing, be grateful for this life.

Know that challenges are to make you stronger not to break you so Thank God for everything and let him bless you with more. In order to do it in the most effective ways, watch sunrise, go for a morning walk, spend time with your loved ones.

One of the most Healthy Habits to live longer and have a pure well being is express your true emotions of gratefulness everyday. It will shift your entire attention from struggling to living.


1- What is a health habit?

As we all know habits are our daily actions that shape our entire life. Similarly, the health habits are the habits that you practice every day to gain a better mental, physical and emotional health.

The habit includes, eating the right nutrition, sleeping on time, practice mental health activities and so on. The habits that protect you from ay mental or physical harm, are good health habits.

Final Words: If you are starting to work on shifting your lifestyle, go slow and adopt easy habit first and then next and so on. Don’t stress yourself for everything at once but be slow but regular.

A healthy lifestyle is the real key to all the happiness. If one can change their daily routine, nothing can stop them for being unstoppable.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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