Natural Ways to Increase Focus and Concentration

Top 7 Proven Natural Ways to Increase Focus and Concentration

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In modern times, being surrounded by technology, it has become challenging to stay focused. If nothing happens then the phone’s message notification pops up and takes away all the concentration.

We all know that we humans are blessed with super powers that will be only unleashed by enhanced focus. Or even to complete a small single task, or any challenging task, we all need focus.

Are there any simple ways to increase focus? Yes, of course there is! In fact, I am going to share some of the very Natural Ways to Increase Focus and Concentration. In other words, you don’t need the help of any technology to practice them and enhance your concentration.

7 Proven Natural Ways to Increase Focus and Concentration

1-Mindfulness Meditation

You might be thinking, everyone talks about meditation But it’s challenging to practice.. Well, I will share the easiest tips to do so. You don’t need to sit in a curtain position and try to focus.

Instead, while doing your work, be conscious and take a pause for 1 minute, focus on now and let go. Mindfulness is the simplest and easiest meditation to practice and one of the Natural Ways to Increase Focus and Concentration.

When you take one minute break every 5 minutes or ten minutes, you give yourself a break. It helps your mind refresh and be ready for more productive work. Or You may simply observe the current moment without any judgement.

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2- Regular Exercise

If you have not done any physical exercises in the past, you will be surprised to know that exercise has many secrets. It not only shapes your body but relaxes the mind and helps stay focused for a longer period of time.

Unlike focus is a personal thinking, taking care of your mind is also a personal thing and one must work for it. When you do exercises, bring your focus in the moment and feel the stretch in your body, it increases your attention span.

In fact, exercises are the only way that forcefully demands your attention in the current moment. Therefore, separate sometimes for yourself because exercises are one of the most Natural Ways to Increase Focus and Concentration.

3- Get Adequate Sleep

One Of the major reasons behind lack of focus is your body is lacking required sleep. It’s not only the sleep time but the one hour before sleep your activities have an impact on your sleep quality.

A normal adult human body requires 7-9 hours of peaceful sleep to stay fit. Then your brain will recharge and give you a focused and productive day next morning.
Sleep is one of the most required Natural Ways to Increase Focus and Concentration.

Make a habit to shut all of your technology at 9 pm, go to bed at ten and allow your body and mind to rest.

4- Stay Hydrated

Our body requires a significant amount of water as it uses to balance a lot of things to function properly. Dehydration can impact the mind and body negatively in many ways including your focus and concentration.

If you are someone who doesn’t drink enough water then you need to make sure to drink plenty of water. Drinking water, from time to time, makes you feel refreshed and allows you to take a short break from work as well.

Have a target to drink at least 3-4 LTRS of water throughout the day. Drinking required water is one of the crucial Natural Ways to Increase Focus and Concentration effortlessly.

5- Eat Brain-Boosting Foods

Along with water, sleep exercise, never forget to eat healthy, specially the foods that are healthy for the brain. Healthy foods like Nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dark chocolates are considered great for the brain.

These foods are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that naturally help enhance your focus. Eating such raw and wholegrains are also full with fibre which is good for your second subconscious mind, we call it Gut.

Therefore, consuming more brain boosting foods are the easiest and Natural Ways to Increase Focus and Concentration. In addition, you will achieve a great and fit body as well.

6- Take Regular Breaks

For working people, it’s not easy to relax and feel peaceful while there is a lot of work pending. You will be amazed to see the result of a simple and short break during your working time.

When a person works for a longer period of time, without any break, it tires their mind and decreases focus. As a result, the outcome of long time hard work might not be satisfactory.

Instead of working hard, learn to work smart by taking a small break after 30 minutes. You may give yourself a reason to drink water, shut and relax your eyes, or have a small walk in the corridor.

Breaking your work time into pieces and allowing your brain to rest will do magic to your contraction. Therefore it’s one of the simplest, effective and Natural Ways to Increase Focus and Concentration.

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7- Practice Single-Tasking

Believe me, One of the major reasons behind losing focus is multitasking. You might think that multitasking is a talent and not everyone has it. You are lacking deep insight.

Yes, multitasking is good when it’s for instance doing a part time business. Or getting involved in some extracurricular activities after office work. However, having one task in hand and thinking about others is very damaging to your concentration.

Therefore, practice at a single task in hand until it finishes. By giving your full attention to one task you are training your brain to stay focused and work more productively. It’s one of the easiest and Natural Ways to Increase Focus and Concentration.


1- What is the 7 3 2 1 study method?

The 7321 is one of the popular study methods these days everyone is finding an effective one. In this method students learn on day one and practice the same learning on day 23 and 7.

It’s an effective method however, one needs to be mindful to rehearse the learning on the accurate days. Personally I found it effective and fun learning, so I will suggest you try it out.

2- What is the 1 3 5 7 study method?

The 1357 technique is also similar to the above technique. In this method you learn on day one, revise on day three and then again day 5 and day seven.

In simple terms, you learn something and revise it every other day which means giving yourself a break for one day. In this method the mind gets used to revising the same thing thrice and learning gets faster.

Final Words: Focus and concentration is crucial for all age groups, be it adults or children. However, these days for working people life is getting more challenges and affecting their focus negatively.

Therefore, to every adult person I suggest to focus and give yourself time to do some activities such as play physical games, walk or meditate.

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