Prayer for Debt Cancellation

7+ Powerful Prayer for Debt Cancellation and Financial Breakthrough

Do you know the worst energy, after guilt, that sucks all the happiness is debt! Whether you took money from the bank or someone individual, it will affect your sense of feelings. In order to live a debt-free life, Prayer for Debt Cancellation will guide you towards abundance.

Before we go further to see miracle debt cancellation prayers, let’s understand the reason behind increasing debt.

Money is one of the vital energy after food, shelter, and clothes; we all need to make a better living. As we all are aware of the term, Like attracts like, unknowingly people carry some lack of money feeling in their heart.

The negative belief related to money, such as money doesn’t grows on tree or money doesn’t buy happiness pushes the money energy far from you.

Daily Effective Prayer for Debt Cancellation and Financial Breakthrough

“Heavenly Father, I am grateful to you for guiding and being with me in every hard time. I made many financial decisions I am ashamed of. Please forgive me for my wrong decision Father.

No matter how deeper you are into debt, keeping your faith strong and praying to become financially free will set you free. While performing Prayer for Debt Cancellation and Financial Breakthrough, focus on becoming financially free.

“Father, I surrender myself and all my debt to you; please remove all the debts I have written and guide me to spend wisely. Amen.” 

Your focus puts all your energy together and forces the universe to bring your Prayer into reality. Here is an effective Prayer for Debt Cancellation and Financial Breakthrough; you must perform twice, thrice, or more than that every day.

“Lord, Please forgive me for my past mistakes, provide me wealth and make me debt-free. Let me live my rest of the life under your blessing. I place my heart and my whole life in your hand; grant me peace and abundance instantly. Amen.”

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Daily Effective Prayer for Debt Cancellation | Prayer Against Debt and Poverty

“Heavenly Father, The only enemy I am afraid of, is debt and property; provide me the strength to keep this enemy away from my family and me. I pray that you guide me to flow a river of wealth around me that keeps poverty away. Amen.”

Just like unpredictable life, the energy we carry around us keeps changing with time and situation. By looking around people with debt and suffering, our mind also creates fearful thoughts.

If you want to let go of those fearful thoughts and want to make sure you live an abundant lifetime, perform Prayer against debt and poverty every day.

One effective way to deliver a daily effective prayer for debt cancellation or to remove debt from life is to keep praying and believing. Here are some practical and easy Prayer Against Debt and Poverty.

“Dear God, I pray you to break all the financial curse my family or my encounter in our life and keep us protected financially. I asked for forgiveness for the sin, knowingly or unknowingly, I did in the past. Let the ocean of money flow around the corner of my home and keep debt away from us. Amen.”

Prayer for Debt Cancellation- Prayers for Relief from Debt

“Heavenly Father, Have mercy on me and forgive me for my past bad decisions. Please bless me with enough wealth to remove all the debt and live a peaceful and economic life. Please guide my mind and heart to work on the needed areas and overcome all the fear and stress I am going through. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

Stress, no matter the reason behind it, destroy today’s peace and drain our productive energy instantly. If you feel stress about debt, Prayer for debt cancellation; you can feel relaxed and pay the debt quickly.

Remember, debt is also a fruit of our bad choices, so it’s essential to ask for forgiveness before demanding a financial breakthrough.

Clearing bad Karmic accounts with forgiveness and good Karma will help you feel relief and good about yourself. Here are some prayers for debt cancellation and relief from debt.

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Prayer to Break Curses Over Finances Images

“By the Love and faith of the Lord I have always believed, I pray God to eliminate all the past curses and lousy energy blocking my financial Growth. I command you, my faithful God, to clear all the evil karma curses and let my life flourish abundantly. Amen”

If you work hard and try to do everything to achieve your goals and desires, this prayer is for you every time you face failures. Sometimes, some of us sufferers because of something terrible our grandparents or previous generations did, and their curses affect our current life.

It’s crucial to understand your life well and cut all the ties with them to grow in the future and have all that you deserve. There are many ways to cut the soul ties, one of the effective ones is prayers.

You may use this prayer for debt cancellation and eliminate all the generational curses blocking your financial freedom.

“Dear God, I am aware of your all the law and try to follow each one with devotion and complete faith. However, my debt has been haunting and stealing my peace and happiness. If any generational curse is blocking my finance, I pray you, Lord, please cut all my ties with them and help me move on with my life. Amen.”

Catholic Prayer For Debt Relief | Prayer to Get Out of Debt

“Loving Lord God, I am deep Into debt and finding myself losing my temper and Hope. I pray you to show some rays of Hope, comfort my tired mind and Guide me to come out of these debts. I feel helpless to fulfil my family’s necessities and dreams. Have mercy on me and help me grow my financial wisdom, Lord. Amen.”

Getting into deep financial debt is a sign of negative energy being around you and sucking your wealth and wisdom. While praying for debt relief, it’s crucial to spend sometimes and notice where your positive energy is getting drained.

Yes, You can expect a miracle because that’s what prayer does. However, Growing your financial wisdom will help you stay out of debt in future and have financial freedom.

Here is a guide for recognizing the cause of real debt and Prayer for Debt Cancellation and financial breakthrough.

“Father, Good Lord, No matter how hard I work and try to walk towards deft relief, it gets harder to achieve my goal. Help me recognize my weak points and guide me to pay all my dues. Lord, please forgive me for unknown mistakes and sins and get me out of this soul sucking situations. Amen.”

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Importance of Prayer for Debt Cancellation

As you read above that people, unaware, carry the wrong belief that raises the debt. To remove or heal those wrong beliefs, you must know where that belief is hidden within you.

For example, If you know the disease and affected organ, it becomes easy to get the proper medication and heal it. However, if the doctor couldn’t find the place or disease, it becomes impossible to recommend any medication.

In the case of money or finance, it’s an invisible energy block that only specific people can diagnose and heal. However, Prayer is the best and powerful way to heal unknown or invisible corners of life, including debt.

Here are some easiest yet effective ways of prayer points for debt cancelation.

1- Recognize

People often miss recognizing the specific corner of life where the debt gets increases months after months. Before using Prayer for debt removal, you must dig deeper and recognize all the areas of debt.

At this point, I want to make it clear that money is not the only energy that is considered as debt; there is another energy too.

For example, spending too much time with toxic people who appears as sweet and caring. Money is the vital energy to make a better living. Therefore, spending time with harmful or toxic people means losing your vital energy.

Recognize those people, stay away from them and then recognize the area of finance where you are in debt. Such as daily needs, housing, car, Travelling, or any other area of life.

2- Write Down

Once you are sure about the area of debt, you are one step closer to practice Prayer for debt cancellation and financial breakthrough.

After collecting all the debt space, write down every tiny detail on a piece of paper. There is a psychological and scientific reason behind writing about the thing you desire to achieve.

Writing your dreams or goals directly delivers the message to the universe or God about your wish. Therefore, mention every prayer point for debt cancellation.

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3- Prayer for Debt Cancellation- Surrender

After mentioning everything on paper, you are even more closed to perform Prayer against debt and poverty. You want to pray that indicates that your heart is already surrendered to God, Now is the time to surrender your financial challenges.

Keep one thing very clear in your mind and heart that once you gave your challenges to God, never worry about it again. God always sees your faith in him; if you start worrying again, you have no faith in him.

4- Prayer for Debt Cancellation- Live the Abundance

Now is the exact time to start living a debt-free and abundant life you have dreamt of. All the above prior prayer points for debt cancellation brought you to this point where you need to come out of debt feels.

Changing the mindset means developing different energy circles around you. Create fulfilled, debt-free and wealthy thoughts in your mind and let them fill your heart too. It won’t happen instantly; however, practicing morning and evening daily will do a miracle.


1- What the Bible says about debt cancellation?

Bible says we to believe in God and spend time in the remembrance of him. Money is the energy that makes us feel better and choose to live the way we want to live. However, debt consumes all of our good feelings and makes us worry about the future.

Which, ultimately, takes all the time we can spend with God.

2- How do I ask God for a financial miracle?

A miracle happens to only those who, without any doubt, believe in miracles. God, the creator of everything, is the source of miracles. Before performing Prayer for debt cancellation, you must put your heart and blind faith in him.

You may select any of the above prayer for debt recovery and repeat every morning and night in the name of God and let the miracle happen.

3- Is it OK to pray to God for money?

Of course, it the best to pray to God for money instead of asking someone else. The wealth you receive after his blessings is far better than your struggles. Money that is the result of Prayer is the most potent wealth with positive energy.

4- Can someone go to jail for owing money?

Owning money can make you anxious and depressed, but you can not go to jail for taking money from someone. Instead of carrying negative feelings about money and lower your energy, pray for debt cancelation and work to pay the debt with time.

5- What does God say about financial struggles?

God says, work hard, help each other and grow wealth saving little by little. The wealth that is being made by cheating and dishonesty will no longer serve peace or happiness.

Final Words: I am sure some of the above Prayer for Debt Cancellation will help you overcome debt and anxiety about the future. Don’t forget to share your secret of wealth with us and help others to walk on the road of financial freedom.

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