Prayer To Remove Evil Spirits

11+ Powerful Prayer To Remove Evil Spirits From Your Home

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The world is beautiful, and life is full of blessings; yes, that’s the truth. However, the universe operates with positive and negative altogether. Unfortunately, when negative energy attacks, life becomes challenging. The best way is using prayer to remove evil spirits and allow God to protect you and your loved ones.

Dealing with a powerful unclean spirit is not at all easy. They suck all the life force energy, including the happiness of the family. 

If that’s the situation, I can understand the sufferings you might be going through. People who leave their body before time, are roaming around as a form of negative energy. It’s essential, these days, to protect yourself and your house from such evil spirits.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share some powerful prayers to remove evil spirits from your home.

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Before we jump to the Prayers, Let’s see what the Bible says about Evil and harmful spirits.

Bible Prayer to Remove Evil Spirits

2 Thessalonians 3:3 “But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.”

The above scripture confirms that uncleansed spirits are around us, but they are harmless if you keep yourself around God. While using a Prayer To Remove Evil Spirits away from your home or family, do not forget to be fearless.

Fear is a weak emotion that attracts harmful events and evil spirits. Prayer and reading Bible will strengthen your inner self. Here is a short catholic prayer for protection from evil spirits you may use daily as affirmation.

“I am surrounded by angels God have directed them to be around me. I always feel protected and strong enough to stay above all the world’s evils. My words, intentions and actions are so holy that no evil spirit can stay around me.”

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Here are some prayers to cleanse your home from evil spirit, remove evil people from your space and protect home from negative energy. 

Prayer To Remove Evil Spirits From Your Home

Cleansing Prayer for Negative Energy

“Lord, Our protector and healer, cleanse my spirit, home and other family members by flowing your cleansing, white light upon us. Let it cleanse and create powerful boundaries to keep the evils away from us. Help us to purify ourselves and our home Lord, Amen.”

It’s crucial to know that along with prayer for protection from evil, it’s necessary to cleanse your home and surrounding from time to time. You may use cleansing incense, smudging products, crystals or Himalayan Rock salt to wash your surrounding once a week.

Healing or protection works more effectively if the negative energy is washed away before healing the space. In order to let your prayer work, you may sit with closed eyes and invite God to walk around your home and spread his protection shield.

You may use this prayer to remove the evil spirit from your home and protect your family by Inviting God to your home on a daily basis.

“Heavenly Father, I pray you to provide us with your wisdom and cleansing capacity to clear all the negativity around my home. Help me increase the positivity of my home Lord, have mercy upon us by protecting us from any harmful energy. Amen.”

Evil Spirits Meaning and Their Intentions

An evil spirit’s someone who left the body before time and trying to find a way of liberation. As we all know, suffering makes everyone a little selfish and frustrated; similarly, they are frustrated with their situation and attack us.

Those negative spirits need to be blocked or removed to make our home more peaceful and energetic. The evil spirit also attacks our mood and pollutes our aura, which is human protection shield.

In this article, I will share my proven method to protect our home along with prayer to remove evil spirits.

Before we go to the spiritual cleansing prayer, let’s understand how to know it’s time to clean and protect your home or aura.

Where negative energy makes you feel drawn and heavy, positivity makes us feel light and enthusiastic. Prayer To Remove Evil Spirits will help you to raise your energy and bring back to life. 

If you are constantly feeling low, and everything that goes wrong affects you despite your hard work. Most, your belief, action, result, and feeling does matching are significant signs of looking at another side of the situation.

There may be some evil spirit or dark energy blocking your progress and happiness. A little spiritual effort and a short prayer for protection from evil spirits will bring back harmony.

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Protection Prayer to Remove An Evil Person From Your Life

“Dear God, I Pray You to fill (Person’s name) life with all the happiness and fulfilment, So that he/she can live with satisfaction. Please Heal (Person’s name) wounds and set (Person’s name) from the trap of hatred and enemy. Amen.”

Yes, you read correctly; Even a person you are close to can also destroy your happiness by their evil eye. Sometimes we share all of our life plan with someone who pretends to be in our support. Secretly, they are jealous of our progress or don’t want our happiness.

The most challenging part of such a situation is that they are so close that we can’t get separated from them. In such a case, protection prayer to remove an evil person from your life is the right way.

Here are some of the most powerful Prayer To Remove Evil Spirits and prayers to protect your house, happiness, and yourself.

Dear God, I recognize You as provider of all my blessings. Some evil eyes are harming my happiness. I ray to you for rendering all (Person’s name) needs to live in Peace and harmony with my family and me.

Catholic Prayer to Remove Evil from My Home

“Lord, I pray to stop the Evil, seen and unseen, fighting against me. I want more happiness and Peace in our home and our Heart. Please eliminate all evil forces from my house. Amen.”

Bible has been the most significant way of my protection till date and will be forever. Sometimes these evil spirits make our home  finance and happiness which sucks our Mental Peace.

Once you recognize the evil spirit, Prayers are the easiest way to send them away from your joy. Some negative energies are so stubborn and strong that nothing feels capable of removing them, but God does.

Putting your home and happiness in Gods’ hand is the easiest way to protect your house and abundance. Prayer To Remove Evil Spirits will help you miraculously ad instantly. 

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Here is some house cleansing prayer from the bible you must use to invite happiness and Peace.

“Dear God, I pray you to Protect my home, work, and family from harmful and negative energy and fill it with more light. Be with my family and protect us always. Thank you, Lord. Amen.”

Prayer to Cancel Evil Plan of The Enemy | Prayer To Remove Evil Spirits

“Dear God, I pray to you to destroy all the evil plans of my enemy and fill their hearts with love and kindness. I have only You to ask me to protect my work, home, and happiness. Amen.”

The world seems full of hatred and pain these days. It’s challenging to recognize real friends and enemies. However, another dimension of life is filled with good people who genuinely seem protective and wish you the best.

If you feel someone is sending harmful and negative energy to you, learn to block those energies and It’s God to provide them Peace. When it comes to using some spiritual techniques to block evil eyes, you need to be eligible for that.

In such a case, Prayer to Cancel Evil Plan of The Enemy is the easiest way to protect your home and work. Here are some solid prayers for you.

“Heavenly Father, Please bless those who pray for my happiness but protect me from those who wish me bad. Please keep those people away from me and be my savior. I love you, and I surrender myself in your protective shield. Amen”

Spiritual Warfare Prayers to Remove Evil Spirits

“Father, protect my home from the evil spirits trying to harm my family. Provide them Peace and guide me to walk with you always. Amen”

No matter how positive you are and how much secure you feel, there is always some evil eyes trying to harm you. I have been in the healing field for the past six years but still experience evil attacks frequently.

Recently, I have been browsing the internet about spiritual warfare experiences and found some fantastic reviews. Those Prayer To Remove Evil Spirits helped me a lot. 

I decided to perform some short prayer for protection from evil spirits, and the results were mind-blowing. If you are experiencing any trouble in your home, here are Spiritual Warfare Prayers to Remove Evil Spirits.

“Heavenly Father, if any evil eye is troubling my family, I ask you to cast them out and protect my family and home from the evil one. Amen.”

Smudging Prayer for Protection 

“Holy plant, Accept my gratitude for the cleansing and healing you always does. I pray you to Cleanse and protect this family from any evil or harmful energy. Let this house be full of peace, harmony and family member, loving, kind and supportive to each other.”

Nature has presented us with many sacred plants whose different plants has mystical powers. One of these sacred plants is Sage, and Sage is a popular plant between healers, meditators and spiritual seekers.

While using sage so you say a powerful smudging prayer to remove negative energy from home. Using Catholic prayers for cleansing and protection while using the holy sage can give your double benefits in the long term.

While smudging your hoe Home with Sage or any other leaves, use this short prayer to remove evil spirits from your home and surroundings.

“Smoke, air, fire, and earth, cleanse and fill this home with your holiness.
Driveaway all the negativity, pain, fear, and let only positive energy enter in this space.”

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Powerful Prayer to Keep Evil Away | Prayer To Remove Evil Spirits

“Good Lord, You are my Hope, Savior and only Hope I rely on. Let my faith stay forever by protecting my family and me from any evil source trying to hit us. Let your light circle us and keep us healthy, happy and safe. Amen.”

No matter how your days are passing, its essential of using a prayer to remove toxic person from your life and protect yourself on a daily basis. Negativity is overgrowing these days like a plague. 

The best way to stay safe and sound is to keep yourself under the eye of God. God is the only power source these days that can protect you from evils. Here is a short Powerful Prayer To Remove Evil Spirits or prayer to cancel evil plans of the enemy. 

“Heavenly Father, the light of all the creation, I pray you to accept my prayer, provide enough wisdom to walk straight and stay away from evils. Let your angles stay beside my family and me ensuring that we don’t get entangled with anything harmful. Amen.”

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Night Prayer for Protection Against Evil Spirits

“Heavenly Father, Thank you for being around and protecting my family and me. Tonight when I go to bed, I pray to you to keep my family and me safe and let us have a sound sleep. Amen.”

I am sure you believe in the power of prayer for protection against negative forces. If you do, do not forget to express your gratitude to God. It’s necessary to Give Thanks to Lord God for his protection and Guidance by using some prayer to get rid of negative energy. 

If you have been haunted by negative energy, expressing your gratitude creates a powerful aura that keeps you safe from evils. Here is a short Night Prayer for Protection Against Evil Spirits that you must use before bed.

“Dear God, accept my heartfelt gratitude for keeping me safe throughout the day. Let your protection shield stay around my family and me while we go to bed until the next morning. Amen.”

Prayer to Remove Someone From Your Home

“Lord God, I am blessed to have people who love me and contribute to my growth positively. I am feeling drained and tired of some unwanted people living in my Home. I pray you to please guide him to leave my house and move to another place. Blessed them with happiness and peace, Lord. Amen.”

Sometimes, out of courtesy you allow people to stay in your home for their good. Not knowing that they can suck away all of your happiness and peace. If you are living in such circumstances. Here is Prayer to Protect Home from Evil and then remove the person from your home.

“Heavenly Father, Today I pray to you to cleanse my home and make space for more love, compassion and happiness. Let the people who are not part of my family and disturbing our health, wealth and happiness go away. Amen”


1- What are the evil spirits in Hinduism?

Evil spirits in Hinduism are called as Bhutas or Asuras. According to Hinduism, earlier there were Gods who were pure and natural in nature. Asuras were unclean and demons who were known to create problems in the life of devas.

Similarly, in the current time, evil spirits or those who are impure and do no good to others’ life.

Final words: I hope these short prayer to remove evil spirits will help you guide you to walk with God and stay protected. If you had any such experiences with prayers, share with us in the comment box.

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