How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home Images

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How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home Images

Do you feel an evil spirit has attacked you? Or do you sense something heavy or negative energy is around you? Do not panic; I will share a few effective ways to “how to remove evil spirits from your home.”

Before I get to the solution to remove negative energy from you, you need to check whether you personally feel affected or your entire family. If you think you are the only one suffering, read my previous article and get the solution to get rid of the demon attached you.

Let’s be very practical here; Many don’t even accept that unclean spirits can harm others. It’s not just an article I am writing, But I am writing because I have been there where you are right now.

Ignore those who don’t believe in you and focus on the solution to bring your life back to normal, happy, healthy, and peaceful.

Before we jump to the solution to “How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home,” let’s take a glance at what our Holy Books says about these evil spirits and Demons.

Bible Verses About Protection from Evil Spirits

1 John 5:18 “We know that God’s children do not make a practice of sinning, for God’s Son, holds them securely, and the evil one cannot touch them.”

How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home

The word “Evil” has crossed thousands of times if you study the Holy Bible regularly. I believe our Holy books have solutions” sometimes not directly but indirectly” for every problem.

Of course, prayer is one of the powerful answers to “How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home” and protect yourself from any harm. However, sometimes, A ritual, Along with prayer, can instantly get you out of trouble.

Matthew 6:13 “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”

The above verses confirm that evil sources roam around and trouble others, sometimes for no reason. Now, let’s explore a few simple and effective rituals that can remove negativity and protect your family and home.

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7 Effective Ways to Remove Evil Spirits From Your Home

1- Keep Your Home Clean

How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home Images

There is a famous quote that claims that cleanliness is equal to Godliness. Where there is cleanliness, God loves to be there. In other words, No evil can stay where God’s residence is.

Keep every corner of your house clean, avoid keeping unnecessary items in your home. Do you know electronic Items, if not used, generate heavy negative energy?

The simple and straight answer to “how to remove evil spirits from your home” is don’t let any negative things stay around you. At least not more than 24 hours.

Get rid of useless items such as broken mirrors, damaged and not-working electronic items. Also, keep your shoe corner clean and aside from the main door. Often negative energy enters the home with dirty shoes.

2 – Purify Your Home and Yourself

How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home Images

The cleaned house doesn’t allow any evil energy to find a home for them. However, Smugging is an effective way to remove left-out negativity too. Make a habit of using any purifying item after cleaning once a week.

Purifying with holy products such as Sage enhances the positive energy of your home and makes the surroundings more pleasant. Sage also drives any evil spirits away as they can’t tolerate its pure fragrance.

One of the most effective answers to “how to remove evil spirits from your home” is to keep cleaning and purifying your surrounding for a few days constantly.

You may also Use Holy water to cleanse and purify your surrounding. In order to remove stinky, negative energy from yourself, use salt water for the bath.

Either you can have water from holy places or take a bottle of water and meditate with it for a few days. Let the water bottle stay with you whenever you pray or meditate.

The water naturally receives your prayers, intention, and God’s protective energy. Use this water on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis in order to cleanse your home.

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3- Keep Iron Items Around Your Home

How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home Images

Iron is a substance that has been considered harmful to evil spirits since ancient times. The reason behind keeping iron items around a child’s bed and wrapping iron items around children’s waist or arm is this mystical fact.

Even elders who are sensitive and weak towards negative energies prefer to wear iron rings or amulets around their arms. Horse’s nails are considered a powerful tool to keep around your home and protect from evil spirits.

One of the popular ways and answers to “How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home” is keeping cold iron. Most importantly, hang a horse’s nail at the main gate of your home.

Also, don’t forget to clean and move things there from time to time. You may use anything made of iron as furniture and keep it secret or invisible from others.

4- Use Candle to Protect Your Home

How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home Images

Prayer and candles together at the same time can help you to get rid of evil spirits troubling you. I found this way amazingly vibrant, positive, and, of course, practical.

Decide a suitable place and time in the morning, afternoon and evening; yes, thrice a day is super efficacious. Burn a few candles (You may Use scented too) and make a circle of them.

Sit there, close your eyes, pray and imagine a growing energy ball of candle flams. Allow the ball to create a circle around your home, including all the family members inside it. Pray to God for removing evil spirits with very clear words and intentions.

See a clear picture of this protection shield around your home and Know that no evil spirit can break the circle and enter your home. It’s one of the easiest way and effective answers to “how to remove evil spirits from your home” you must try.

5 – Use Programmed Crystals to Protect Your Home and Family

How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home Images

Crystals own some mysterious powers which keep evil spirits away from them. It’s one of the reasons crystals and stones have been used since ancient times.

History has proven that crystals were used in the palace and around kings, queens, princes, and princes’ bodies. It protects a specific distance from any negative energy, and the space depends upon the purity of the crystals.

Different crystals work in different areas, such as rose quartz help clear heart chakra and balances love life.

Turquoise, lapis lazuli, hematite, and quartz protect against evil spirits. Therefore, you may use any of the above crystals to protect your home and family.

You may keep it either in the four corners of your home or at the entrance, and also, you can keep them in every room. So, the answer to your query “how to remove evil spirits from your home” and a powerful way to get rid of your problems is Crystals.

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6 – Mantra Chanting To Protect Your Family and Home

How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home Images

Words that are enchanted thousands of times become a powerful tool to manifest. Therefore select a word, small phrase, or a prayer and use it as a mantra to eliminate evils around your home or family.

Mantras, mixed with your emotions and chant repeatedly, generate powerful energy around you. It creates an unbreakable aura, and no evil can come around that energy.

Also, You may chant Gayatri Mantra or the Mahamritunjay Mantra 108 times twice on a daily basis. It has been used to get rid of negative energy since ancient times.

Mantras are another powerful way and the answer to “how to remove evil spirits from your home” and protect your family.

7- Keep Yourself Positive and Evil Spirit Out Of Your Home

How to Remove Evil Spirits from Your Home Images

Last but not least, keep your mind filled with positive thoughts because you are the one who made it a “home.” The house is affected most if the person who takes cares of it.

Remember, If you keep your and house energy high by cleaning, praying, performing rituals, there will be no place for evil sources. In order to invite more happiness and positivity, keep family pictures, Good quotes, Nature paintings around the walls.

Small things always make a bigger difference, and you alone can make it all. Keep yourself happy and do the things that uplift your mood instantly.

Also, stay surrounded by people who share the same spiritual mindset.

Being in your best mood is the answer to “how to remove evil spirits from your home,” and get rid of negativity around you.


1- How do I know if my house has bad energy?

House is the most comfortable and peaceful space. If there is any negative or harmful energy, all of the peace, happiness and fulfilling emotions will be gone.

Most importantly, if you and your spiritual practices are regular still something feels off in your home, it’s a sign your home needs purification and healing.

Final Words: If, after all this ritual, you find no effect, you may always ask for help. You don’t need to keep your unsolved problems for a long time; seek help and solve it.

I am sure one of the answers to “how to remove evil spirits from your home” will definitely work for you and bring peace and happiness around you.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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