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If you have been trying to connect with your twin flame and no efforts are succeeding, try using a Twin Flame Prayer. Sometimes, something is blocking your way; it might be any thought, past person, or any event or person.

There is no doubt that God has made someone for every one of us, and we are meant to meet. The only difference is some people connect instantly; some of us struggle.

Yes, The fray you are experiencing is also a part of your journey to meet your twin flame. Therefore learn to enjoy your present while searching for your twin flame.

There are many ways to cleanse blockages, such as using crystals, prayers, or other intentional healing methods. This article will share a few powerful Twin Flame Prayer that will bring your soulmate closer to you.

Before we go to the various Soulmate Prayers, let’s see “whats a twin flame” through Bible evidence.

Bible Verses about Twin Flames

Deuteronomy 13:6 “If your brother, your mother’s son, or your son or daughter, or the wife you cherish, or your friend who is as your own soul.”

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You must clear one thing in your mind that twin flame does not mean only Love relationship. However, someone who accepts, loves, cares, and supports you in all life circumstances, Good or Bad, is your twin flame.

There are chances that you may have more than one twin flame, so don’t confuse and wait for others. Be fully in the present with the one who makes you feel whole, happy, peaceful, and worthy.

Your twin flame can be your love partner, a friend, someone random you just met; try to know your feeling in depth. You are not meant to live alone, that’s for sure; even Bible has evidence.

1 Samuel 18:1 “Now it came about when he had finished speaking to Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as himself.”

Archangel Michael Twin Flame Prayer

“Beloved, Saint Michael the Archangel, Eliminate all the barriers stopping my twin flame from meeting me. I pray you to strengthen me, guide me, and let my twin flame meet me most divinely. In the name of Devine soul, Amen.”

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St. Archangel Michael protects those who believe in him and provides everything if you have faith in Him. Before using this Twin Flame Prayer, sit in the silence and imagine him with his bright sword.

Bow and ask him to cut all the blockages and clear your path where your twin flame is waiting for you. It’s crucial to have a clear image of you meeting your soulmate or they meeting you. Show you humble gratitude and pray to him for his blessings.

Allow this Twin flame Prayer Archangel Michael to take care of your desperate heart and guide you in the best way.

“Beloved Archangel Michael, Angle of love, I pray you to bring my twin flame in my life and protect our love forever. I put my faith in you pray you to remove all the blockage my heart or spirit has. Guide me to become worthy of someone I have been waiting for so long. Amen.”

Archangel Chamuel Twin Flame Prayer

“Devine, Archangel Chamuel, I pray you to lead me to walk on the right path and meet my soulmate as soon as possible. Bless me with the right mindset, values, and patience to have the best experience with him/her for a lifetime. Amen”

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Archangel Chamuel is the angel of unconditional love and togetherness. No matter how long you have been waiting to mee to your love, praying to Archangel Chamuel will surely guide you.

Before praying to him, try to find out the reason for your distance from your soulmate. Often people don’t look within and keep waiting for years. So, find and accept the reason holding you back to meet your twin flame.

Before praying to Archangel Chamuel, imagine pink light coming to you and healing all the emotional pain attached to you.

You may use this Twin Flame Prayer to Archangel Chamuel, heal all of your previous wounds, and clear the path to your soulmate.

“Precious Archangel Chamuel, I pray you to heal my past and fill my life with unconditional love and fulfillment. Let my spirit be free from the wounded past and be ready to meet my twin flame. Bless me with the togetherness of my soulmate. Amen.”

Violet Flame Twin Flame Prayer

“Beloved Archangel, Clear my pathway and guide me go closer to my twin. Enhance my aura and fill my heart with the love and protection my twin flame deserves. Amen.”

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Violet is the color that allows the spirit to vibrate high. If you feel lonely and desire to meet your soulmate urgently, you must try Violet Flame Twin Flame Prayer.

In order to attract your love, increase the violet in yourself as much as you can. You may meditate with violet and clear your crown chakra to heal your heart and make a pathway.

In order to connect to Violate flame, you must cleanse, heal and restore the energy to connect to your authentic self. Violet flame Meditation is the most powerful meditation, So use it to meet your twin flame.

“Brightest Light, the greatest healer, and purifier Cleanse me, heal me, and let me be my true self. Let me vibrate the energy that attracts my twin flame and connect us as soon as possible. Amen.”

Prayer for Twin Flame Reunion

“Highest of high archangels, I pray you to let my twin flame recognize my true self and connect with me again. Resolve all the issues and clear all the mistrusts we have created for each other. Le our bond be greater the circumstances, and we stand by each other in good or bad. Amen.”

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If you have already met your twin flame but couldn’t recognize and messed everything up. I believe you can turn things in your favor if you try for it.

You can use this Twin Flame Prayer to clear the doubts, future path and have your love back in your life. Prayer has the power to turn to circumstances unexpectedly.

“The brightest Healer, Violet Flame, Cleanse my spirits, Life journey and forgive me for the wrong I did in the past. I ask you to eliminate all the differences between my soulmate and me. Bring us closer and let our love flourish under your protection. Amen.”

Twin Flame Surrender Prayer

“Holy Spirit, The divine of unconditional love, I willingly surrender our love life to you and ask you to guide us in the best way. I have complete faith in the way the universe operates, so let our lives become worth living. Amen.”

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Often, we as human minds get into conflicts and find ourselves unable to decide what’s wrong or right? Or what to do in a particular situation. Most importantly, when it comes to love life, we often become helpless.

Love is a core quality and the most robust string to connect two people. The most effective way to protect this string and strengthen it with time is to use a Twin Flame Prayer and Let angels do it for you.

Sometimes, the fear of losing them leads us to take a few harmful steps to ruin a relationship. Let God direct your path and strengthen your love life as it’s meant to be.

“The holy spirit of unconditional love, I surrender my love to you and ask you to strengthen and protect it. Eliminate the fear of getting separated or feeling of over-protection. I pray you to keep our relationship as beautiful as it’s new and let it be forever. Amen.”

Prayer for Twin Flame Runner

“Lord, I have been running away from everybody who cared for me; I feel ashamed of my actions and ask you to forgive me for avoiding my responsibilities. Please help me to connect my twin flame and spend the rest of my life along with all my responsibilities. Amen.”

Previous, painful experiences with the wrong person break people to the extent that they swear not to allow anybody in their lives. Unfortunately, it leads to loneliness and sometimes deep depression.

If you have been in the wrong relationship and are afraid of getting involved again, Seek help directly from God. Surrender your love life to God and use this Twin Flame Prayer to find the right one to connect with again.

Life is precious, and we must learn to leave people behind who hurt our souls and made us feel unworthy. Believe me, You were never unworthy, but you wasted yourself on the wrong person. The right one will see your worth and help you bring out the best in you.

“Beloved Archangels, Awake the love within me and allow my heart to connect my twin flame. I am tired of being alone, so please help me become a better myself and connect with my twin flame. Connect me with the one who accelerates our life and stays with me forever. Amen.”

Twin Flame Victory Prayer

“Lord, The source of unconditional Love, Thank you for settling all the entangled strings and clearing my future path. I pray you to connect me with my twin flame to fulfill our higher purpose. Let our heart lead us to our divine path and live a purpose-filled life. Amen.”

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Meeting your twin flame, at last, seems the end of an aching search. Not everyone experiences this divine bond after many broken relationships. If you have been the blessed one to live with your twin flame, Let the angels lead your path and make it more stunning.

You may use this Twin Flame Prayer to express your gratitude for meeting your soulmate and seeking guidance for the future. Even if you are struggling and your soulmate is unable to connect, prayer will guide and connect you both.

“In the name of my higher self and my twin flame, I call upon the angels to seal our hearts and let us recognize each other’s soul purpose. I invoke the divine healing violet light to clear our past karma and unite us in this physical universe. Amen”.


#1 Do twin flame prayers work?

Well, Have you ever prayed, and your prayer has been answered? I am sure your answer is Yes; it’s because when you pray with wholehearted and pure intention, it works. Prayers are nothing but words filled with genuine emotions, which is the core of emotions.

I am sure you have heard about the phrase, you attract what you radiate; so, Yes, Twin flame prayers can bring your twin around you. However, inion requires the same level of desires in both of you. You may feel your search is over when you get a chance to feel the energy of your soulmate.

#2 What is the symbol for twin flames?

Twin flames, in simple words, are two souls with the same shape, uniting together at the same times, having their own unique identity. The image was illustrated by The Ascended Master Saint Germain when he started to remember his journey.

He presented an image of the infinity symbol, which was considered ad twin flame symbol.

#3 Can my twin flame feel my energy?

Twin flames are naturally connected at the energy level, such as the same intensity of their chakras. So, when they come around, they both feel the difference.

The one in search of the twin flame instantly feels the connection; the other one, if not ready, also feels an attraction, longing. So, the answer to your doubt is a big Yes; twin flames can sense each other’s energy at some levels.

#4 How do twin flames come back together?

If you are wondering that if twin flames can unite after separation, the answer is yes, there are possibilities. However, The will to be together must be from both sides.

If both grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, the reunion will flourish like heaven. It may take time to grow inward, but they can come back together if they desire and work on themselves.

#5 How do you tell your twin flame you are twin flames?

The soul connection between two individuals doesn’t require acknowledging their fate. The twin flame connection is a divine happening that makes them both be themselves.

One needs to express when one needs to make the other one feel loved or important. In this divine union, they both feel like home and infinite belonging.

More importantly, Your action will let them know that they are your twin flame more than expressing in words.

Final Words About Twin Flame Prayer: Connecting with your twin flame is genuinely not so easy and instant; sometimes, it may feel chaotic. In order to connect with your soulmate, you must connect to your core in the first place.

Connection to self ultimately leads to peace and increase the wisdom to allow your twin flame to recognize you in time. Let your prayer and divine angels help you bring your love closer to you.

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