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Soulmate Meditation | How to Find my Soulmate Through Meditation in 30 Days

Are you tired of falling in love with the wrong one repeatedly Or someone who wants to attract perfect love for the first time? Well, Meditation is the only perfect way to attract what you desire. Therefore practicing Soulmate Meditation can be the best decision in attracting the right person for you.

Yes, It’s genuine that Meditation provides the most profound wisdom that no scripture can do. However, practicing it in the right way and with clear intention is the code.

In this article, I will share nine points to consider before attracting your soulmate through Meditation. You will also get an idea to develop your ideas to walk on the right path, along with some guided meditation.

Before Jumping to the topic, lets se what is Soulmate Meditation, and it’s going to help you search for a perfect person?

Meaning Soulmate Meditation

Let me be very straightforward; you attract what you are, not what you want! If you are falling for the not worthy person repeatedly, something is missing inside you.

Often people don’t think about what exactly they desire deeply. Instead, they look for materialism and misunderstands it with love.

Soulmate Meditation is a meditation method where you go to the core, find your actual wants, and attract the same. The best part of it is that it not only allows you to meet the best one but strengthens you to become the best one simultaneously.

Meditation clears all the traffic hiding your true self and reveals your true desires clearly. If you are trying to practice soulmate meditation, below are a few essential points you must keep in mind.

9  Tips to Attract Your Soulmate in 30 Days

1- Put Yourself Before Anyone Else

Soulmate Meditation Images

Most of the world is ready to give but expecting a lot and its the main reason for loneliness. You see, Humans have gone empty vessel yet they are trying to give each other which is not making any changes.

Think like this, If your glass is empty and you offer water to someone by providing empty glass (unknowingly), will that person feel filled? So, it’s crucial to fill your glass first, meaning keep yourself happy, take care of yourself, and become enough for yourself.

Self-betterment is the key to attracting health wealth happiness in no time. I have already shared 12 tips to take your life to the next level. You may go and get an idea by clicking here- Self-Betterment Tips.

When you Love yourself enough, your Aura becomes more Lovely and powerful enough to attract soul tribe. Therefore, Before practicing Soulmate Meditation, make sure you are filling your glass simultaneously.

2- Focus on Preparing Yourself

The better Preparation, The best results, Yes! This law operates in every domain of life. Let it be attracting your soulmate if you are ready to have someone special in your life; It’s essential to prepare for your future with that special one.

When you focus on self-betterment, you become an Ultimate Person every person wants you. Meditation helps in developing the right mindset in the right way and settle for your own best.

People often fall for wrong because they only see temporary impressions because of lack of right judgement. Before starting meditation to attract your soulmate, develop a sense to understand the right and wrong.

Let me tell you; Often, the soulmate appears when you stop the search for him or her. Wondering Why? Its because that’s when you no longer require someone else to love or protect you. For starters, Meditate to fill your soul and life by yourself, Prepare to welcome your soulmate for lifetime togetherness.

3- Don’t Wait, Just Live

Waiting for someone at the airport, bus stand, or going for a short trip is damn frustration. However, reading, listening to music or getting connected to people around while waiting is more fun and worth your time. Similarly, Waiting for your dream man or dream woman can be frustrating too.

I believe, Waiting is another word like tomorrow that never comes. Never wait. Keep moving forward because your soulmate isn’t where you are right now. Keep moving forward, engage yourself in the activities and work your love, and someday your soulmate will appear on the way.

The famous Quote,” Destination is never beautiful, but the journey is.” Make your journey before reaching out to your soulmate exciting and worth sharing. While practicing Soulmate Meditation develop a deeper connection to yourself and the universe. Advance your living and yourself, because life always pushes you to grow, no matter you recognize it or not.

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4- Empower Your Desire

I have encountered many people who gave up on soulmate after waiting for a specific period. While Filling your glass and preparing yourself for a better future, It’s crucial to empower your desires. If you practice Soulmate Meditation regularly and live in the present instead of waiting, your wish will get empowered effortlessly.

Often Universe test you and takes more time to fill your wish, that doesn’t mean it’s not for you. Delay simply means, maybe you are not ready enough to live your desires yet. So, Never get demotivated by the delay but strengthen your desire and prepare yourself more.

Schedule your day As if you are already living with your soulmate and show that enthusiasm to the universe. Your Action forces the universe to believe in you and bring your soulmate in front of you.

Yes! This is what practicing regular Soulmate Meditation does.

5- Set Clear Intention

Soulmate Meditation Images

Setting a clear intention is one of the most crucial steps in attracting a soulmate. The main hurdle in meeting your real Soulmate is that it isn’t clear what you want.

Wanting to buy a car isn’t enough to attract a vehicle; you need to be clear about color, brand, price range, other specifications, etc. Similarly, wanting to meet your soul tribe also need a clear image. The more clear vision you will set for your desire, the earlier you will meet your Soulmate.

The Universe only works on precise and accurate vision, so be very specific about your desire. Having clear intention generates Soulmate Meditation more authentic, profound and bring it into reality.

Write your desires on paper, select the place you want to celebrate, get the picture and stick it to your refrigerator. Creating A Vision Board is the best way to develop clarity in life.

6- Soulmate Meditation – Listen To Your Heart

When it comes to Soulmate, it’s essential to follow your heart instead of calculating with the mind. However, Following your intuition is crucial in the selection of someone special, like a soulmate.

In my experience, when you practice soulmate meditation regularly with clear intention, your heart speaks to you. Wondering How? Well, in the form of energy, profound attraction, telepathy, etc.

I have often seen two people meet every day but realize their true feelings for each other after many years. Such are the cases when you get lost in the chaos of the world. When you learn to calm your mind, you recognize your Soulmate sitting beside you for years.

If you practice all the tips you are reading here, it will help you calm the inner voice. Also, it will create a unique space for someone about to enter your life.

7- Vibrate at Higher Level

Do you know your thoughts are the reason behind your weak or strong aura? The weak aura may attract wrong or damaging people and influence your life negatively. If you are planning to perform soulmate meditation, then I assume you are a meditator.

If you don’t meditate daily, then add Meditation to your daily routine. Meditation not only cleanses, protects, or raises your vibration but creates a powerful aura according to your goal.

I will suggest before performing Meditation for attracting love, become love. As Law of Attraction says, like attract like, therefore become love to attract a soulmate.

Love is the highest form of energy that has the power to create a situation instantly. While meditating, fill yourself with universal Love, Care and togetherness. Ultimately, this intention will attract the right one you are waiting for.

8- Don’t Manipulate Your Thought

Let me clear my intention behind the word ” Manipulate.” When people are not clear intentionally, they change their requirements frequently. In such a scenario, they manipulate their own desire in front of the Universe.

Such jumbled or confused thoughts provide nothing but hopelessness, and people keep waiting.

Once you set your clear intention, It may take long enough time to figure out precisely what you want. That’s completely okay. However, after setting an intention and using it while practicing soulmate meditation, never get confused.

I believe those who have never practiced Meditation require a lot of time to be sure about their exact requirements. So before starting powerful soulmate meditation to attract the one, you love, clear your thoughts and work on your mind.

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9- Believe in the Universe

Soulmate Meditation Images


Have you ever noticed, You gain the trust of others by showing your trust in them? In the same way, energy or Universe operates. If you have faith, it works for you instantly.

If you follow all the above steps, you will attract soulmate in 30 days, and the Universe is bound to make it happen. Universe also looks for the strongest desire of a person, and faith in the Universe is the key to open the portal you want.

When you believe in the Universe, You become the owner of your life, and Universe follows your orders effortlessly. All you need to develop that faith in God or the Universe; it’s up to your belief.

To develop that relationship or faith in the Universe, you can practice open eye meditation or connection to the Universe. Both the Meditation will help you to Vibrate Higher, Attract your wishes and become a purer, robust and cheerful person.


1- How can I meditate my soulmate?

Set clear Intention, write down every specific requirement and Drop the seed deep in your subconscious mind. If you are looking for soulmate meditation guided commentary, you can try Dr Joe Dispenza or Abraham Hicks.

2- How do I spiritually attract my soulmate?

To Attract your soulmate spiritually, you need to focus on yourself, not others. When you become You purely, your soulmate will appear organically Instantly. It takes a long time in many cases, or you may not be recognizing instantly, but belief, and it will be done.

3- How do you meditate to manifest love?

Use Rose quartz Cristal and set a clear intention to manifest relationship meditation. You can also use soulmate meditation music frequency that helps to vibrate at a certain level to attract your love.

4- Can meditation attract love?

A big Yes! Meditation is the only way to become your best version, attract what you want and live a fulfilled life. All you require is practice it in the right way, have someone to guide you to manifest your love.

5- What does it mean if you feel a pain in your heart after soulmate meditation?

I have been in this situation to say that your heart needs a lot of healing Or you need to open your heart. If you feel pain while practicing Soulmate Meditation, change your Intention to open and heal your heart center/ chakra.

6- What does it mean if your sleepy after a soulmate meditation?

It means your soul or mind is feeling relaxed and need more relaxation. It’s not the right time to practice soulmate meditation. If you feel sleepy After meditation, Just take a break, sleep and let your mind be more precise.

7- What feelings do you get when you connect with your soulmate during meditation?

Its serene, speechless and need nothing else feeling occurs while meeting Soulmate during Meditation. However, I believe its the time to have a conversation and ask him/ her to appear in reality.

8- How should a person feel after doing a soulmate meditation?

Meditation always provides a feeling of fulfilled and peaceful and Pleasant. However, after Soulmate Meditation, it’s more exciting feeling towards life and meeting someone you have been waiting a long time.

Final Words: Performing Soulmate Meditation is easy; however, you, must set a clear intention and becoming love is essential. I wish you all the best for your future and hoping your meditation experience in the comment box.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed


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