what really matters in life gives a meaning to life!- bigbraincoach

Knowing What Really Matters in Life is Doorway To Abundant Life

Do you ever feel lost or confused? Thinking about what really matters in life and searching for something you don’t even know?

Well, this is the moment to find out what the real meaning of life is?

I believe life is an unsolved mysterious question. Everyone defines it as they feel right for them. Maybe it’s just a journey Precisely where birth is the first stop.

You can consider the logical answer: to study, have a job, marry someone, have children, and so on! For some of you, it can be unsatisfying, and that’s perfectly normal.

For me, life’s real meaning is to have some wild purpose in life and accomplish your goals.

I mean, Not everyone asks about why they are living. Therefore, If you are asking, then you are expected to do something bigger.

When I asked myself what really matters in life, I got these answers; maybe you can relate!

1- What Really Matters in Life is A Purpose

Most of the people struggle to recognize their life purpose. The main reason behind this is that they are so connected to the world that they have forgotten their true self.

If you want to know your purpose in life, the first step is, learn everything about who you are.

Here is a tip: connect the dots. Everything you can remember since childhood, good or bad, look at the positive side. Connect it all; you will get something.

Life purpose really matters in life because it can be the main reason behind waking up in the morning. Purpose can guide, influence your behavior, helps in creating goals. Most importantly, it gives a sense of direction and creates meaning in life.

Knowing your life purpose helps you to go in a direction and live with integrity. When you know who you are and where you are going, It becomes more comfortable to live a life that’s true to your core values.

Having a Purpose in life gives us a sense of what really matters in life!

2- Present Moment

Life is beautiful and complete only in the present moment. This is the only time that actually exists. Therefore, It’s essential to have an awareness of the present moment.

It’s unfortunate to see people struggling with their past. Most of the people have gone to an automated way, doing work at the moment but thinking about the past.

In other words, we are living in the past. The past is stealing the present moment and the happiness people deserve.

Being in the present moment means being aware of what is happening at the moment.

The present moment is the only time we have got to act and create meaning full life. Living in the present means letting go of the past, Not thinking about the future, and being your best at the moment.

Most importantly, living life with awareness means realizing that every second we are alive is a gift. The present moment allows us to understand what really matters in life!

3- Love

Love is what really matters in life gives a meaning to life!- bigbraincoach

Love is a mixture of emotions, behavior, affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.

To love or to be loved, is the most beautiful feeling one ever experience in life.

Loving someone means caring, protecting, and understanding other people. To love someone also means to be there, to support and make a difference in their life.

In other words, contributing to human existence and spreading Love and togetherness.

I believe Love is more important than any other material thing. If you wish to live a fulfilled and happy life, it is vital to have someone to share your experience with. Its human nature to give whether its Love, kindness, or protection.

Love provides a sense of responsibility for other people and makes us understand what really matters in life.

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4- What Really Matters in Life is Relationship With God

We are living in the 21st century, where science has taken over “God.” But having the realization that there is higher consciousness, helps us to stay grounded.

Religion or Community doesn’t matter; what really matters is that having faith in the source of energy.

Connecting yourself to a higher source (God) helps empower, enlighten you, and fight your battles.

When you develop a personal relationship with God, He gives all his power to you and guides you throughout your life journey.

Overall, having a personal relationship with God helps you grow with integrity and satisfaction. I can tell you about my experience that developing a relationship with God is the best relationship you will experience.

If you want to experience miracles in life, build a relationship with him. You will understand what really matters in life!

5- Stay Real

You might face some consequences by being your authentic self completely, but you will feel satisfied and peaceful in the end.

It’s really challenging to be true these days when everyone around is faking to make a place in the world. Let me tell you; you might find it hard initially, which is okay.

However, lie doesn’t last long. Everyone likes the truth, so for the long term, everything will be in your favor.

Being real means you don’t need to worry about entertaining other people or ding things you don’t like to do.

Not being true to yourself clearly means living in someone else’s shoes. In other words, not living the life you are given to live.

On the other hand, When you are genuine, You don’t care what others think of you. You live the way you are, your natural self, without any compromise.

Build a life based on your true nature because, in the end, being true to yourself is what really matters in life!

6- What Really Matters in Life is Gratitude Feelings

Do you know the most potent expression you will ever experience is gratitude? Whether you are thankful for others or to the universe, It always works in your favor.

Psychology says gratitude is wholly connected with inner happiness. When you are grateful, you feel more energetic, emotionally positive, and healthy.

Most importantly, gratitude help and build and maintain healthy and strong relationships.

If you have read The Secret or experienced The Law of attraction, you know the effect of gratitude in life.

You might feel not to be thankful in some situations, but trust me, the moment you express your gratitude, the situation changes.

Sometimes challenges provide us more courage to understand our potential, so always be thankful in life.

Be it hard people or situations; All are here to teach us something, therefore, develop a habit of thankfulness to the universe.

At the end of life, everyone realizes that showing gratitude is what really matters in life!

7- Family And Friends

Family is what really matters in life gives a meaning to life!- bigbraincoach

No matter how busy or free you are, it would be best if you had someone to share your day with or spend your time with.

Your family is an essential part of your life because you live with them. No matter what kind of bond you share with your siblings or parents, they are always going there for you.

Therefore, it’s essential to maintain a good relationship and understanding with each other.

Friends are those family members with whom You chose to build your life. Friends are a real lifeline.

The journey of life becomes more comfortable and beautiful when you maintain these two relationships in harmony.

Most importantly, family and friends support in both times of joy and sorrow. Research says that having supportive relationships is a reliable safeguard against mental illnesses.

These two relationships affect your mental, emotional, and physical health most.

Having such people around you is what really matters in life!

Final Words: Life is short; therefore, it’s essential to focus on only those things or people what really matters in life. Wasting your time and energy is something no one can afford.

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