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9 Solid Reasons to Keep Your Circle Small and Your Mind at Peace

How to Keep Your Circle Small | Reasons to Keep Your Circle Small | Why I Keep My Circle Small

Having a few genuine friends is better than surrounded by people who need to be managed. Often It’s an unpleasant to lose those who were using a mask to hide their true identity but favorable situation for us.

I remember the sentence my mentor told me once “keep your circle small and be careful who you trust.”

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share 9 reasons why you should keep your circle small. 

Friends have a substantial impact on our mental health unless trapped in a large circle of so-called friends.

The well-known quote, “You become like those five people you hang out with the most,” is a life-altering truth. Undoubtedly, there are some pros and cons in having a closed circle or overflowing circle.

However, the numbers are nothing when it comes to mental well being. In this article, I am going to share nine surprising benefits of hanging out with limited people.

Let’s understand what does keep your circle small mean?

Meaning of Keep Your Circle Small

Keeping your circle small clearly means less friends, less drama; keep your circle small also means being picky and very particular in life which is damn essential in modern days.

The most tempting meaning of the above Phrase I conceded is, “The lesser people you interact with, the lesser drama you face.”

Many friends chose to be there for each other in every good or situation, but very few prove their authenticity. Friendship is Not only about sharing precious times but emotions and special events together.

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9 Reasons to Keep Your Circle Small and Your Mind at Peace

1- Acceptance Boosts Confidence

Being a part of a larger group of people seems most of the time adjusting and trying to impress others. Hanging out with someone means relaxing, enjoying, and Being Yourself.

A variety of people carry different thoughts, cultures, and lifestyle patterns. I always observed everyone was trying to appear the best and beat the other person in the name of enjoyment.

Other than the workplace, I like to wear clothes that make me feel comfortable and cozy. Commenting about appearance, thinking, lifestyle, or pulling each other’s leg was fun for them, but me? I was losing myself gradually.

On the other hand, my limited friends made me think that I am accepted and valued. They appreciated my habit of being punctual, open heart, Kindness, problem-solving skills, etc.

Most Importantly, They liked my choices and showed real happiness spending time with me. one of the reasons behind the statement always keep your circle small is that you are truly accepted.

2- Trusting Each-other Promotes Self- Betterment

A Friend is someone with whom you can share your darkest secret or reveals something you are afraid of. It’s not wise to share your Emotions with a larger friend circle, and you never know who will find it funny.

With a closed circle of friends, you know everyone to such an extent that you share everything blindly. Trust, In any relationship, is like music that removes all the stress and relaxes your mind.

Fear, In general, generates many mental and physical pain in a long duration. While participating with trustworthy friends promotes happiness and better mental health.
Trust also helps in balancing things accurately yet straightforward. In other words, small circle private life happy heart clear mind peaceful life.

One of the best reasons I believe in “keep your circle small” is becoming trustworthy in such a manipulative world.

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3- Absence of Unnecessary Drama makes Life Amazing

The larger your circle, the more Unnecessary drama gets included unknowingly. Whether you want to participate or not, you will be a part of that happening.

Sometimes, small matters become a notable concern, and everyone gets hit by that. Soft-hearten, kind, and introverts are sensitive to such events; they suffer more mentally than people think.

At this point, I am not recommended not to participate in vital issues, but unnecessary things can be avoided. On the other hand, the circle of close friends respect each other, never create drama, and supports in a better way when needed.

I am a firm believer in stay alone rather than participating in a group that negatively affects your mental well-being. To withdraw not required drama; I think it’s best to keep your circle small and your mind at peace.

4- Keep Your Circle Small Provide Freedom to Express

Even in any situation, fewer people are easy to convince and make peace with each other. However, a larger number of people can be tolerated by politicians and celebrities only.

When a person is allowed to express, he or she discovers his true potential. Expressing yourself is one of the essential factors of self-growth; some people find it challenging in front of a large gathering.

While having very few but real friends allow you to express your view without any fear of rejection. Mental health is common gets affected when a person suppresses his strong emotions that demand to come out.

Sometimes, a true friend can not help you but is there for you and listen to you with patience. The comfort of sharing to someone who cares for you is rare in this competitive world.

Another critical aspect of a healthy well being that made me commit to adopting the phrase “keep your circle small”.

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5- Genuine Love and Care Helps to Bloom

The human mind is not different than a garden full of flowers where Emotions affects those plants. In larger groups of people, it’s expected that not everyone found you loving or adorable.

They might be right, but not Everyone finds it in favour of their well being. Every criticism, sarcastic response, contrary remarks influence and lower our mood.

Everyone has some painful story behind happy faces, and friends, I believe, are supposed to promote well being not to crash it. Often I have observed that the bigger friend circle lacks empathy, and everyone end up chilling with the preferred one.

Few but real friends, their care, support, and honesty help heal the past and bloom, just like the roses in the garden. So I suggest keeping your circle small with less but genuine friends.

6- Mental Supports Promotes Fighting Spirit

Know that Life is battle, and every individual has to fight and win it in their unique way. Not everyone expects proposals or any cooperation; however, being available enhances their fighting spirit.

I have often seen that on the broader group, everyone assume that the other one is helping and in reality no one does. Such situations make someone left out and unworthy and make the person more volurnable, lowering his fighting spirit.

Some times a closed friend, whom you are very much attached, can be toxins for mental health. To avoid such wrong judgement of choosing the right one its essential to keep your wisdom in alignment.

Keeping the friend circle small and robust leads to a healthy, more thoughtful and more generous mind. Therefore, I always guide my students to choose wisely and “keep your circle small”.

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7- Keep Your Circle Small Creates  Stronger Bond Make us Fearless

It’s not easy to tie a stronger bond with someone around the numbers of people. Many a time, it’s challenging to identify the right person to get along with.

Hanging out with fewer people are more comfortable to build a strong and lasting bond. It’s not just Team that signify to Together everyone achieves more, but best friends too gain.

When you are attached with a few trustworthy friends, you become more courageous. To become fearless, you don’t need others, but friends are more than any other booster.

Together you become more vital towards challenges, new adventures and unknown mystery of Life. Sharing fears and other emotions with the right person helps to remove weakness and replace with boldness.

One of the extra needed reason to “keep your circle small” is to help each other grow.

8- Extended Family is Extra Blessing

Real and Best friends eventually mature together and become part of the family. The marvelous thing about friends is that you can share the things you cant do with the family.

Not having someone to express your inner turbulence creates a space in Life, and most of the times it’s best friends that fill. Loneliness has become the most common reason behind mental sickness.

When you keep your circle small, they ultimately become your extended family whom you are comfortable to share everything. Who doesn’t like to spread their family with the right person, especially when they are the perfect friend?

9- Life is Meant for Growth and Happiness

Above all, Life is being given to you to explore, express, invent and live the way you dreamed about it. Too many people not only consume your too much time but distract you from your goals too.

Having fewer friends not only provide you more time for yourself but keeps you engaged in the things that really matter to you. It’s never worth spending too much time in a gathering and undergoes their drama.

Life becomes more precious and worthy to create when you have few but worthy people around you. People who don’t ask you to waste your time; instead, keep your circle small and create something bigger together.

Something that becomes your legacy and keeps you alive forever. Real friends experience the same vibes, thrive together and generates happiness in every moment.

Do you still need more reason to keep your circle small? Well, I assume that to enhance your Life and happiness, the number of friends is nothing but mental health is everything.

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One of the very common question people keep asking me is “How to Keep Your Circle Small”? Yes, it’s very confusing to select the right person and add them into the inner circle these days.

Keeping your circle small means you consciously choose to be around people who are healthy for your mind, body and spirit. Here are 8 ways to connect with the right person and keep your circle small.

Tips to Keep your Circle Small and Mind At Peace

1- First and foremost, know your own values and priorities that you practice on a daily basis and would love to strengthen it. Let only those enter in your circle who can align with your values and priorities.

2- Take time to evaluate your connections and relationships with those who add value to your life and those who don’t. This simple exercise will help you select the right person to add to your life.

3- No matter how close or distant the relationship is, boundaries are essential. Maybe in the future you would like to break it, but in the beginning set some boundaries.

4- While being around people, be very careful about the vibe they carry and the way they affect your mental health. There are energy vampires roaming around expressing fake love and care.

5- Look for deep connections as such connections last longer than casual connections. See if the person is interested in discussing the topic you love in detail and matches your values.

6- Keeping your circle small clearly says that having only a few, genuine and quality people in life. Avoid quantity and go for quality, genuine and deep connections.

7- Whenever meeting new people, be very selective in your mind. Take time to observe and understand them before allowing them into your inner circle.

8- Above all, the best way to recognize who is healthy is practice self care as much as you can. It will help you catch the vibe instantly.

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1- Why is your circle so important?

The circle is a place where you learn most things after your family members. Positive or negative, you are going to pick things from people who you surround yourself with. Therefore, it’s crucial to know your circle.

It’s crucial to know people before you become a regular person in that circle. I am saying it because once you get used to them, you won’t find any fault or you won’t be able to detach yourself from them.

2- How does your circle affect you?

The circle you live in affects your overall well being, including your thoughts. The type of conversation you do with your circle shapes your future silently. No matter how much time you spend with someone, they are going to affect your life, for sure.

From the food you eat, the type of thoughts you think and feel, and your physical health everything affects. Your circle affects your mental, physical, emotional and financial health as well.

Final Words: If you participate in a larger group and keep you happy, then it’s right for you. If you like to participate in the group, but deep in your heart, you know that something is not right, exit the group and spend time with yourself.

Keeping your circle small can be the wisest decision you will ever make as its never going to be wrong for your mental well being.

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