Tips to Protect Mental Health

Top 10 Tips to Protect Mental Health | Solutions For Mental Health Issues

Top 10 Tips to Protect Mental Health| Solutions For Mental Health Issues | Solutions for Mental Health | Activities to Improve Mental Health

In the time when everything is getting automated, Human mental health is getting affected negatively. It’s such an unfortunate fact that while things are getting easy, it’s becoming harder to keep well being in the align.

It’s crucial for individuals to prioritize mental health along with physical health. Mental and physical health are connected as you use them both at the same times. The fact about mental well being is, the more you keep your mind engaged in healthy activities, it stays healthier.

It’s essential to prepare some interesting and easy Strategies to Protect Mental Health along with physical well being. In this blogpost of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the easiest tips to Protect Mental Health effectively.

Top 10 Tips to Maintain Your Mental Health

1- Prioritize Self-Care

First and foremost answer to how to improve mental health is keeping yourself on top of your priority list. YOU means not only doing things that keeps you engaged but tires you at the end of the day.

The true meaning of self care is doing things that pump your energy and keep your mind calm at the same time. For example, learn mental health activities such as painting or sitting at the beach.

Plan your day in such a way that you get some time to be with yourself, think about yourself, keep yourself busy with yourself. Even if you are not a loner, develop a habit that helps you spend time with yourself. It’s one of the most essential strategies to Protect Mental Health for the rest of your future.

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2- Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

In order to have good mental health, one must take care of their physical health in the first place. As the physical body has a heavy impact on the mind and ultimately, overall health.

Physical health starts with your gut so include types of food which are good for your gut. Make sure to workout, do the activities that make you sweat for sometimes. Cycling, zumba, cardio or simply running or walking for half an hour can bring great change.

Eating a healthy diet, including more veggies and fruits are crucial as fast food and non vegs are heavy to digest and in most of the cases unhealthy. Therefore, One of the important strategies to Protect Mental Health is to start caring for your [physical health properly.

3- Practice Stress Management

Getting stressed during your office work or around other people is one of the most common causes affecting mental health. However, mental strength is the secret that can eliminate stress by providing you solutions immediately.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to eliminate stress from the mind for a lifetime. If you are truly looking for tips to Protect Mental Health, take out some time to sit in the silence with yourself.

Spending 30 minutes every morning can bring a miracle to your mental health. Meditation will not only help you Protect Mental Health but emotional and physical health as well.

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4- Establish Boundaries

In life, disciplines and boundaries are crucial as life gets harder and things get messy easily. Time is crucial and it’s wise to set your time table and make every second useful as not having a schedule can distract you from your life purpose.

Learn to say “NO” to the things and people that doesn’t fit in your time table or the outcome is nothing or useless. The best way to recognize unhealthy things or action is when you don’t feel energized inside.

In other words, things or actions that don’t add value to your life, to your principles, let them pass. Align your actions and values so that you can feel happy in your mind and soul.

Prioritizing your actions, following your values and balancing your work and values is the great way to Protect Mental Health.

5- Build A Support System

Life is unpredictable and things are certain so preparing yourself for the worst while working for the best is great ways to deal with life. Therefore, have people in life who are healthy to your mind and share a positive mindset.

People who are positive, understanding and supportive, they will never allow you to feel low, even when things are against you. Invest in relationships that inspire you, protect you emotionally and don’t create drama in life.

Social connections, personal relationships and some close friends can boost your mental health. Therefore cultivate relationships that match your value, It’s one of the pleasant strategies to Protect Mental Health.

6- Limit Exposure to Negativity

We are living in an atmosphere where negativity is at its peak so protecting yourself is our responsibility. There are many occasions where we don’t feel good or feel negatively but keep visiting there.

Find out the areas and occasions or people where you feel drained, negative or down and avoid visiting there. Cut out the people and places who are not healthy for your mental or emotional health.

Also, avoid scrolling Instagram or YouTube if you don’t have any specific search idea. Social media has become junk these days so avoiding social media is one of the most helpful strategies to Protect Mental Health.

Try to Limit exposure to negative or triggering material and Focus on positivity and seek uplifting people and inspiring content.

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7- Practice Gratitude

There are some of the habitual practices that either can drain you or can uplift you. Such as thinking about an old negative event can lower your energy but planning your exciting holidays can be uplifting.

Similarly, expressing your gratitude to God or the universe is one of the great ways to uplift yourself. Make it a habit to count your blessings every morning and Remind yourself that this day is a gift that God wants you to use for your own Goodness.

This one simple practice can shift your entire mindset and focus towards positivity and growth. Not to mention practicing gratitude is one of the best tips to Protect Mental Health one can suggest to anyone.

8- Seek Professional Help When Needed

Mental health isn’t any different than physical health so if things are out of control, do not hesitate to take professional help. Accepting that you are struggling is the first step towards taking care of your mental health.

I believe everyone must have a counselor or guide who can support them whenever I need help. No one needs to suffer alone when there are genuine people ready to help or support.

If you don’t have anyone, make sure to have someone professional with whom you can stay in touch on a regular basis. Never wait for things to go at its worst but whenever you feel things aren’t going well, do meet them.

Having someone to be there when you need is a strategy to Tips to Protect Mental Health before it gets wrong.

9- Take Breaks And Practice Relaxation

One of the main reasons behind unhealthy mental health is people don’t give themself time to relax. Whatever you do, wherever you live, make it a habit to relax every hour, at least for 2 minutes.

Learn some relaxing techniques and practice every morning and night before going to bed. Your mind needs to rest as it works tirelessly. When you give yourself a few minutes, it recharges and is healthier.

Deep breathing exercises progressive muscle relaxation, or taking a walk in nature are some of the best tips to Protect Mental Health regularly.

10 – Engage in Activities That Bring You Joy

Your mind is the greatest weapon that can help you achieve more than you have ever planned. Therefore it needs to be taken care of in the right way at the right time. Take out some time to do something that makes you feel joyful and your mind at peace.

Playing your favorite games, painting your favorite people in a place are some of the activities to be happy with yourself. These activities can boost your mood and emotional well being.

In addition, some of your passions can add value in your life by contributing to society or community. Engaging yourself in such activities is another tip to Protect Mental Health effectively.

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1- What are the 5 R’s of mental health?

There is a lesser known concept for mental health known as 5 R. The 5 R’s concept has five general strategies that can contribute to good mental health.

1- Recognize

Recognition simply means being aware of your own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. It helps to recognize the issue and find out the right solutions easily.


Relax means Practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, mindfulness to being at peace and promote mental well-being.

3- Reach out

The third R means Reach out to trusted friends, family members, or professionals whenever you need help. One of the easiest ways to take care of your mental well being.


Self-reflection suggests that you spare some time from your busy schedule and examine your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This simple habit can help you develop self-awareness, identify areas for personal growth, and make positive changes.

5- Restore

Prioritizing your mental health by practicing self-care and engaging activities helps restore your energy, so do it.

2- What are the 5 C’s of mental health?

As the Concept of 5Rs, The concept of the 5 C’s of mental health is not a widely popular idea. However, these five general areas are often considered important for maintaining good mental health.

1- Connection

Connection means Building and maintaining strong social connections is crucial for mental health.

2- Coping

Coping says Developing healthy coping mechanisms is crucial for managing stress, adversity, and challenges.

3- Control

Control means Recognizing and accepting the areas of life that are beyond your control and do not stress over that.

4- Confidence

This says developing self-confidence and self-esteem by recognizing your strengths and accomplishments.

5- Character

Character means Developing and nurturing positive character traits because it significantly impacts mental health.

Final Words: Prioritizing yourself is not selfish but essential in today’s time. If you are fine, healthy and in shape you can bring changes in others’ lives. It’s what the world is demanding today.

If you found this article helpful and informative, do let me know in the comment box, even your suggestions are welcome. Share the article with some of your friends and help them enhance their mental health.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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