7 Signs of a Toxic Person at workplace

7 Signs of a Toxic Person at workplace | Toxic Personality Symptoms

7 Signs of a Toxic Person | Toxic Personality Symptoms | How can you tell when someone is toxic

Your workplace is a place where you use all of your strength and knowledge to contribute. Sometimes you might feel drained as it’s the place where you only give throughout the time.

However, constantly feeling drained in your workplace or around someone specifically is a matter of concern. Do you know people carry an aura around them which is basically the outcome energy of their inner thoughts or intention.

If someone is negative by nature or jealous of you but pretends to be your well wisher, can drain you within a few minutes. If you have not recognized the toxic person yet, you will be able to do once you finish reading this article.

In this article I will share 7 Signs of a Toxic Person at the Workplace which will help you realize whom not to hang out with in the office. Before jumping to the topic, I would like to share my view upon the word “Toxic” or what makes a person toxic.

What is the Meaning of Toxic

The word Toxic, in general, is known as something that can harm a person or living thing. It can be a substance which is Harmful, poisonous and dangerous such as pollution. When it comes to a toxic person it does the same.

However, Toxic person might look sweet and empathetic but their behavior or intention which is their energy can be harmful for you.

It can damage your creative energy, affect your mental health and if not taken care of at the right time, it can disturb psychologically as well. I am confident that now you are very keen to know about the 7 Signs of a Toxic Person at the workplace.

Let’s find out the behavior traits of a toxic person at the workplace which can be a warning sign for you.

7 Signs of A Toxic Person at Work

1- Constantly Negative

7 Signs of a Toxic Person at workplace

One of the most behavioral traits of a negative person is looking at the negative side of everything. They don’t feel happy or satisfied with anything, at all. They continuously complain about their employer, workplace, system and their own workload.

If you have someone who keeps complaining but never seems to leave or change their workplace, know they are unhealthy for you. They will drain your energy and might affect your positive perspective and make you negative.

The negative outlook in everything is one of the 7 Signs of a Toxic Person at the workplace. The best way to protect yourself from such a negative person is to avoid having extra conversations and keep a work to work type relationship.

Such toxic people can disturb the morals and make someone forget their life ethics.

2- Gossip Lovers

Gossips, talking ill about other people is one the habit which makes a person negative as it’s unhealthy. When you talk positive or look at the brighter side, you gain energy but when you think or talk negative, you drain.

One of the 7 Signs of a Toxic Person at the workplace is they like gossip and spread rumors around. Gossip is one of the habits which creates many issues among other employees and having a healthy bond is crucial at the workplace.

It’s Your responsibility to recognize and avoid getting entangled with such people. The best way to do it, limit your workplace to work only. Avoid having any conversation which is not about you or the person talking to you.

In other words, Let them know you don’t take interest in knowing or talking about others. Once you leave that impression, a toxic person will not dare to come near you.

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3- Un Cooperative

People who like being interested in talking about others but never participate in helping others are toxic. Such people are very keen to know about every problem you are going through but never have a solution to get you out of problems.

In order to protect yourself from such negative, unhealthy and non cooperative people, follow the golden rule, “Neither friends, nor Enemy.” You spend 8-10 hours at your place making sure to draw boundaries with people, especially toxic ones.

A person’s helping or not helping attitude is one of the 7 Signs of a Toxic Person at the workplace. Unfortunately, such people are everywhere so you need to take care of your mental health. 

4- Overly Competitive

7 Signs of a Toxic Person at workplace

Competition is one of the things which is essential in order to grow, be it personal life or professional. However, It should be healthy and in order to keep it healthy, it varies from person to person.

People who seem over competitive and they go to any extent to grow are toxic as they affect others negatively. Such people create a cut throat atmosphere around the workplace which is super unhealthy.

Let them be as they are as no one can change others and no one should try as well. However, hanging out with such people or sharing about you or getting help from such people might be unhealthy for you.

Over ambitiousness is one of the 7 Signs of a Toxic Person at the workplace you must learn to balance with such people. Your level of connection with Such toxic people might take away your peace of mind and take away interest in your work.

5- Untrustworthy

People who are toxic by nature don’t find it hard to lie. Telling lies if it helps them to look nice is no big deal for them. They love to share wrong information with others and the worst thing is when the truth comes out they try to be funny.

Getting into the trap of lies is one of the most common challenges people experience at the workplace. One person can make their entire workplace toxic by their behavior and nature of sharing unhealthy and negative information.

Such people can develop misunderstandings with others and can take away all the peace and happiness you feel at your workplace. No moral or nature of lying is one of the 7 Signs of a Toxic Person at the workplace you must avoid.

In order to protect yourself from such a situation, have direct conversation with people you need to do it.

6- Bully or Intimidating Behavior

Toxic people are often seen bullying others, either try to make fun of them or demotivate them by pointing out mistakes. Such people easily touch others’ hearts and make them feel worse and over conscious.

If someone is weak or easily gets affected by such a negative person it can be painful and intimidating. One toxic person can create a hostile atmosphere and create stress in other fellow workers.

As I mentioned earlier, try to adopt the rule of no friendship and less contact with such people. Also, You need to know how not to let them affect your mood. Being bullied is one of the 7 Signs of a Toxic Person at the workplace.

Notice other co-workers’ behavior and choose wisely to connect or disconnect with them.

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7- Lack of Accountability

Those who are healthy for other people know their responsibility and do their work on time. In addition they maintain a healthy relation with others by supporting as much as they can. On the other hand, toxic people don’t know the true meaning of accountability.

Negative or toxic people don’t fulfill their responsibility and often blame others for their failure. Blame game is one of the 7 Signs of a Toxic Person at the workplace. Blame game is their regular habit which they never fail to express.

Such negative people and their behavior can create a toxic and unhealthy work atmosphere and Make it challenging for sincere people. In order to protect yourself from such people, try not to take help or depend upon them for anything.

Final Words: Workplace, family or friend circle, you need to check before sharing yourself with anyone. One small checklist might help you save from heavy emotional and mental damage in the long term.

If you read the complete article, now you know who they are so deal with them carefully and wisely. It’s your own responsibility to protect yourself from such harmful people. If you found this article Guiding and informative, please comment and share with someone who might benefit from it.

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