What are The 3 Keys to Happiness | What is The Key to True Happiness

What are The 3 Keys to Happiness | What is The Key to True Happiness | Three Keys to a Happy Life Essay

Everyone, in today’s world is looking for some source of happiness as their inner solitude is lost. You may take the help of another source to reconnect with your inner world of solitude again. However, accept that happiness is the emotion which is already within you.

Even if you like something that gives you pleasure, know that it’s just a trigger that might be hitting your happiness point. There is nothing wrong with finding your source of happiness to create a peaceful and happy world around you.

To those who are looking for the answer to What are The 3 Keys to Happiness This article is an eye opening road map. Read it, understand it and then find it within you. The reason I am saying this is that one must not depend upon the outer world to stay happy but find everlasting happiness.

Before I jump to the 3 keys of happiness, let’s understand the true meaning of happiness first.

What is Happiness?

Happiness in my opinion is an emotion that is generated from various feelings such as a satisfied or fulfilled life. Generally happiness is described as a state of well being of every aspect of life and having a positive outlook with pleasure.

Although happiness has a different meaning to individuals depending upon their dreams, desires, circumstances and values. Some people find it in their material achievement, some find it in their spiritual growth and for some like me, it’s a balanced life.

For me happiness is when I finish my to-do list of the day which is a contribution to the world and then focus on personal growth. It’s scientifically accepted that some external source can be a trigger to happiness so let’s find out those specific triggers in the short.

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What are The 3 Keys to Happiness?

As you read above, happiness is subjective and can be different for individuals. However, according to various experiments and research, here are three most common factors that generate happiness in every individual.

1- Positive Relationships

What are The 3 Keys to Happiness.

Humans are social creatures who essentially requires the human’s connection. Having friends or family with different perspectives add colors to life. A relationship which allows you to be you , learn something new and make you positive definitely makes someone happy.

The world is filled with a variety of people and a variety of opinions. I believe it’s crucial to gain a consciousness with a different perspective which makes a person wise as well. A positive relationship also generates many positive emotions within a person.

For instance, having a loving partner gives you a feeling of love, care and belonging. Having friends who work in different areas of life can give you a feeling of support. All of the positive emotions are connected to the people you have in your life.

Therefore, a relationship which adds value to your character is an answer to What are The 3 Keys to Happiness.

2- Personal Growth

We all are here, in this world to contribute to the world which gives a purpose to life. In the process of doing your work, managing your friends and family personal growth is crucial. If a person remains the same for the entire life, life might not be very exciting for them.

Personal growth such as learning new languages, skills, meeting new people, enhancing your personality and having a feeling of satisfaction is crucial. When you do your personality get enhanced, you feel satisfied, confident and more valuable than others.

One of the very important answers to What are The 3 Keys to Happiness is personality enhancement. Life is all about, experimenting, learning and growing. The day you stops all three, life is like stable water it can become stinky some day.

Therefore, remind yourself everyday to learn something, do something different and be something different, positively.

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3- Gratitude and Mindfulness

What are The 3 Keys to Happiness.

Growing in life sometimes can develop some negative emotions such as arrogance, ego or “Me” feeling unknowingly. Accepting that there is something invisible and controlling power over the human mind gives a sense of gratitude and grounding.

In addition, personal growth activities such as meditation, mindfulness help gain wisdom to stay grounded and feel grateful. Being in the present moment is crucial as it helps eliminate stress and other negative emotions that are caused by outer circumstances.

So if you are looking for an answer to What are The 3 Keys to Happiness, make sure to keep this answer in mind as it’s the most important factor. Even if you are confused right now, practicing these activities for a few weeks can give you a miracle experience for the rest of your life.

Final Words: Happiness is crucial as it is a source of creative energy which is essential for human life. I hope you got the right answer to What are The 3 Keys to Happiness. Even if you connect to one aspect, you have got your trigger.

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