How to Test Your Home Air Quality | How Do You Check Air Quality in House

How to Test Your Home Air Quality | How Do You Check Air Quality in House

In the time when pollution is floating in the air, having a good quality of air experience is crucial. The prana you breathe by inhaling the air, not only provides you oxygen but heals you. Therefore home air quality must be in the purest form as you spend most of the time in your home.

If you have children, the air quality might affect your child’s health in many ways. Practicing some DIY home air quality tests from time to time will help you monitor the air quality. There are many of the best home air quality test kits available in the market, You can take help from them as well.

If you are looking for the answer to How to Test Your Home Air Quality, this article will help you decide the best and most effective ways. Before moving forward I would like to share an important question about the result of the air quality test.

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What Does an Air Quality Test Detect?

If you are still not convinced to check the air quality, here are some of the facts you must know. It will help you understand why the air quality test is important.

1- Particulate Matter which is also known as PM allows you to know about the tiny particles that are polluting the air. Particles such as dust, soot, and smoke can cause respiratory and some other health issues if you keep inhaling polluted air.

2- The chemical Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which can be easily found in every household product such as paints, cleaners, and disinfectants. Exposure to these products can cause irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat.

3- Carbon Monoxide, which is a harmful gas that is produced by the incomplete combustion of fuels such as gas, oil, and wood. CO, in general causes multiple uneasy healthy issues such as headaches, dizziness, and can be life threatening sometimes.

4- Nitrogen Dioxide, NO2 is a gas generated by the burning of fossil fuels, affects the respiratory system and creates other health issues.

5- Ozone is another harmful gas that is produced by the reaction of sunlight that is available in the air. The excess availability of ozone also causes breathing problems and many other health issues.

6- Radon is one of the radioactive gasses which is found in soil and rocks. It’s easily available in buildings and exposure to radon can cause lung cancer if not taken care of.

A simple air quality test can help you recognize the harmful component available in the air and warn you to protect yourself before any damage. Now let’s see how to test your home air quality?

How to Test Your Home Air Quality

To those who are aware about the effect of this polluted air, a simple DIY test can be easily accisible.

1- Purchase a Quality Monitor

First and most common answer I will give you is to purchase an air quality monitor to check the air quality at home. A good quality monitor that checks everything including all the present substances I shared earlier.

These monitors are built in that way which will help you recognize the exact air pollution and find the right solution for the same. It’s one of the simplest answers to How to Test Your Home Air Quality.

The best thing about these monitors is that it saves a lot of your time, efforts and provides you peace of mind and good health. If you cut some of your regular lifestyle spend, you will be easily able to own something that will enhance your health.

2- Conduct a DIY Test

The other cheap and easy way to test your home air quality is by experimenting with things available in your home. Take a cotton cloth and glass jar and find a place where it will be safe for the next few hours.

Open the jar, place the cloth upon the mouth of the jar and leave it for a few hours. After a few hours, check the cloth color as it collects all the harmful substances from the air, it might have been changed.

If it appears dull, dirty and the color of the original cloth is different, know that you need to cleanse the air in your home. Evaluate your health, if you find any symptoms related to air issues, make sure to treat yourself first.

I hope you got the answer to How to Test Your Home Air Quality by using a DIY method. Let’s move onto third way to check the air quality of your home.

3- Install an Air Purifier

As you know that fresh air is healthy for your lungs and mind as well. Unlike Having other lifestyle products such as refridgerator, Microwave, air purifier is crucial. Air and water are two substances that are not only crucial but its purity can affect your health instantly.

It doesn’t matter if you have much luxury in your home or not, make sure to have water and air purified to keep your health in alignment. Having a purifier is another easy and effective answer to How to Test Your Home Air Quality.

There are many branded products available in the market offering you various extra facilities. All you need is to get healthy air quality so having a simple one will do its work. It can protect you from many major health issues in future.

4- Take Help of a Professional

Last but not the least, the best way to cleanse air quality in your home is to find a professional with the right knowledge about this subject. In fact, if you are planning to buy an air purifier for yourself, take advice from someone expert.

If you are aware about the effect of air quality and are concerned about your family’s health, hire someone who can test and reveal the truth. They will not only test your home air but suggest to you the right thing which is essential right now.

When it comes to health and environmental effects upon your health, it’s crucial to keep balance in everything. Spending a few bucks on someone who specializes in a particular subject which is crucial for your health is a wise decision.

Therefore , I can say one of the most crucial answers to How to Test Your Home Air Quality is to always get advice from experts.

In addition, Keep the curtains cleanse, windows closed and use a net to protect your home from harmful chemicals or dust coming through air.

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Final Words: If you read the complete, I am glad to know that you are aware about your well being. As they say precaution is better than cure, thinking to protect yourself from chemicals by using protection is essential.

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