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10 Serious Signs You are on The Wrong Path in Life | Signs from God You are on The Wrong Path | Signs from the Universe That You are on the Wrong Path

Life is a complex thing which keeps bringing ups and downs every once in a while. The worst part is, often we don’t realize that we are moving in the wrong direction. There are some spiritual Signs that indicate that You are moving in the wrong direction.

Walking in the right path can be difficult but it’s fruitful, while the wrong path is constantly painful. It’s crucial to spend some time looking back and analyzing if the path is taking you to the right destination or not.

When you have a purpose and do everything to walk on that path, it organically gives you a sense of right or wrong. Therefore, the question arises is how do you know if you are on the wrong path in life.

In this article I will share my experience that comes with some Signs You are on The Wrong Path. Consider it from life, universe or God, whomever you believe in.

Before jumping to the main topic, allow me to explain wrong path meaning in brief.

Walking Down the Wrong Path Meaning

In general “Wrong Path” is referred to as the way which leads you in the wrong direction or misguides you from your real destination. In spiritual reference walking down on the wrong path means not balancing your mind, body and spirit.

In my opinion anything that creates imbalance between the connection of your mind, body and spirit is the wrong path of life. The right path creates peace and invites abundance in your life. Therefore, the path which lead you to unhealthy, unethical habits and is harmful for your well-being, is the “Wrong Path.”

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10 Spiritual Signs You are on The Wrong Path

1- Sense of Disconnection

There are people who like being surrounded by others, then there are people who like solitude. However, some of us don’t feel like connecting to others physically yet sense a connection within their heart and mind.

In my opinion, physical connection doesn’t matter much because mental or emotional connection is the most powerful one. Even if you are a yogi and detached from the world, you are definitely connected to the divine.

Detachment from everything, including God is one of the Signs You are on The Wrong Path. Find your life purpose and at least connect yourself to it as being a human being itself says you have a purpose to fill here.

2- Attraction Towards Unethical and Unhealthy Activities

A person who is on the right path, the walk towards the destination is enough to keep you high. Unethical activities or habits are there to distract you. Even if you are trying hard to do the right thing and do unethical activities, you are slowing down the process.

In addition, you never know when you can be totally turned in the wrong direction. As you know habits can either make you win or it can destroy you. If you are attracted to unhealthy substances or already doing it, know you are walking on the wrong road of life.

If you are aware about your life goal and the thing that makes you feel ashamed or guilty later, it’s one of the Signs You are on The Wrong Path. In order to stay on your true life path, you need to recognize and eliminate all the habits and actions that make you feel guilty or ashamed.

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3- Dissatisfaction after Achievements

Everyone on this planet has some material requirements and dreams to fulfill. Whether we achieve everything or not, working upon it must either teach us something or make it happen with time.

In other words, you either fulfill your dreams or realize that it’s not meant for you. If you fail to achieve, you learn something from it and move on to the next thing. If you win, yet don’t feel happiness or satisfaction in your heart. It’s one of the spiritual Signs You are on The Wrong Path.

Doing the right thing to achieve your goals, fulfill your dreams gives an immense amount of pleasure and motivation. If you don’t feel the same, you need to analyze yourself in the first place.

4- Sense of Constant Struggle

There is no other opinion than Life is shaped by challenges. However, the constant feeling of a struggle in life is not the truth of life. After every storm there comes silence and peace within the heart and mind.

Constant struggle means that your first and last thoughts of the day gives you unhappy feelings. In such cases you need to evaluate your life once again to invite changes in life. If you have been struggling to change your perspective and have continued feeling tiring it’s one of the Signs You are on The Wrong Path.

There is a natural way to live your life which does not make you feel struggling, which is called “Go with the Flow.” If you are struggling with anything, make a simple change, give your struggle to God and let Him take care of it. All you need to do is take life day by day and live as it appears to you, do not force things to happen.

5- Feeling of Constant Anxiety

Anxiety is nothing but the result of unfavorable situations and overthinking about it. Whenever you feel struggling, stressed and anxious, make sure to release your emotions as it’s harmful to your well being.

There is joy hidden in small things such as eating your homemade food, visiting your zoo or temple, spending time with your pet and so on. If you struggle to change your energy and find happiness in your routine, it’s one of the spiritual Signs You are on The Wrong Path.

Worry and stress is also a result of living or thinking about the past, letting it go and learning to live in the present moment. That’s all you need to feel relaxed and allow your creative energy to do things for you.

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6- Constant Sense of Something Missing

I have seen many people around me having all the material luxuries, loving family, friends yet feel something is missing. The worst part, they represent themselves a s spiritual seekers still seem unhappy and unsatisfied with life.

Having every essential to live on this planet and staying unhappy, I believe is a lie. If you have been thinking in such ways for a long time, it’s one of the spiritual Signs You are on The Wrong Path.

Even if such thoughts occur once in a while in your mind, you need to pause and evaluate your life as it can be the beginning of a wrong direction. Walking on the wrong path, even after achieving everything, will always make you feel unhappy.

This detachment from your achievement, from happiness is caused by your true purpose. The more you are distant to your true purpose, the more “Missing” feeling your will experience.

7- Constant Feeling of Living a Lie

There are people who are afraid of being around people as they think others won’t like it. Such people are always doing something which they are not but they think is right for society. Such actions, for a long time, take them away from themselves.

Be who you are, do what your heart feels like doing even if others don’t like it. The only essential ingredient to do the right thing is it should not hurt others. If you have been living a lie, or trying hard to impress others like your boss, your friends, is one of the serious Signs You are on The Wrong Path.

In order to turn yourself to the right path, you need to heal your core and enhance your belief in yourself. Once you are strong enough to be you, it will be easy to live your true life purpose. If you have been entangling yourself into lies, stop, connect to yours and take an U turn to walk on the right path.

8- Sense of Spiritual Disconnection

There is much evidence you can see around you of people claiming to be their own senses and not believing in the higher power. You can also closely watch their life full of drama, pain and unhealthy habits.

There is pain around the world, however believing in God and keeping Him in life gives a level of peace. Those who don’t believe in God or don’t follow a spiritual path are struggling more than others.

If you are also tired of challenges and stop believing in God or higher power, it’s one of the most common and serious Signs You are on The Wrong Path. The truth is there is someone above all of us watching over us and testing our patience.

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9- Not Believing in Life Purpose

We all came to this planet with a strong purpose which we need to fill, either in positive or negative ways. However, those who are releasing are negative, they are meant to contribute positively.

Not to mention, there are people around the world who don’t even realize that they are negative, or walking on the wrong path. At any stage of life, if someone realizes that they are not meant to do the thing they are doing, they can restart and succeed.

If you don’t believe that you are one of God’s children who came to this world to do something unique, it’s one of the spiritual Signs You are on The Wrong Path.

Everything you do that generates peace , pleasure and satisfaction in your heart, you are meant to do it. Connect to yourself and find your purpose, you are gifted with something unique, do it. Your life purpose if you haven’t realized yet.

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10- No acceptance for Universal Power

The challenges, struggle and anxiety are stimulated by the resistance you have been doing for a long time. One of the easiest to live happily is to go with the flow and believe in magic. By magic, I meant there is something ruling over us who surprises us with something we never expect.

The surprise may be a happy one or a sad one, it depends upon our point of view. Some people find struggle as a lesson , some find it as if God is punishing them.

In other words, our perspective generates emotions within us, either pleasant or stressful. If you have been critical of those universal surprises and deny them, it’s one of the serious Signs You are on The Wrong Path.

Everything is connected and if we get a pleasant surprise it’s one of our Karma paying in good ways. Believing that the same happens with opposite Karma is accepting the truth. If you can change your perspective and believe in an unknown God Himself will lead your way.


1- Why do I feel like I am on the wrong path?

Everyone on this planet has a life purpose to fulfill and you too have the unique life purpose. In general, when you do against your free will and your conscience don’s accept your actions it feels wrong.

Choices that take you away from your life purpose, your conscience tells you that you are on the wrong path. Therefore don’t do things that your soul denies and make you feel unhappy.

2- What to do when you’re on the wrong path?

When you don’t feel happy and satisfied with life, it’s time to check and change the direction of your life. When you realize you’re walking on the wrong path, ask God to guide you and take you to the right path.

Follow God’s words, guidance, even if it feels challenging in the beginning, keep asking for His support and keep walking. Also, keep checking in your heart if you feel you are now on the right path. Keep checking your inner voice, it will lead you in the right direction.

Final Words: I am so glad for you that you are thinking to evaluate your actions and turn to the right path of life. In order to keep yourself on the path of your true life purpose, make a habit to follow some spiritual practices such as studying scriptures and practicing them in real life.

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