Signs of Reunion with Twin Flame

Signs of Reunion with Twin Flame: Embracing the Cosmic Connection

Twin Flame, the popular term used in the spiritual world for those who seem deeply romantically connected in the beginning. If you have been separated from your twin flame and looking for Signs of Reunion With Twin Flame, this article is for you.

Encountering your twin flame, connecting with them in the beginning is never less than a heavenly experience. However, unlike every good and bad of life, this honeymoon phase also ends.

The best part of twin flame chasing, running journey is that they definitely meet again, and live a blissful life. Let me remind you that, reunion might not be as a romantic partner but it can be a pure belonging for both of them.

In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share some of the major Signs of Reunion With Twin Flame.

Signs of Reunion With Twin Flame

1- Intense Inner Awakening

One of the most common events before reconnecting with your twin flame is spiritual awakening. During this phase you might feel lost and looking for meaning to life. It happens because now you are leveling yourself up.

Twin flames often help in finding meaning or fulfill life purpose in our life. It’s because meeting them, clearing previous life karma means you are ready to move to the next chapter of your life.

This self searching event happens when you find yourself drawn towards spiritual practices. One of the first Signs of Reunion With Twin Flame is that you are drawn towards meditation, traveling or learning healing methods. It’s how the universe prepares you for a better future.

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2- Synchronicities and Signs

It’s no more secret that the universe itself guides and presents many signs to those who are looking for it. Seeing angel numbers, spiritual bids, meeting certain people are simple yet hidden signs of the next event of your life.

You may encounter numbers of signs floating all over indicating that you are going to reunite with your twin flame. These synchronicities are the way the universe brings things together to let the right event happen in the right time.

You may say that unconsciously you manifested this event. In fact if you are aware about these signs, you may manifest your desires. One of the Signs of Reunion With Twin Flame is that you feel guided and supported from the universe itself.

3- Dreams and Astral Encounters

When it comes to the twin flame journey, dreams and imagination play crucial roles. When you reunite with your twin flame it can be peaceful or some turbulent as well. In such a time, not necessarily but you may feel overwhelmed.

Experiencing vivid dreams, or astral encounters are normal in the journey of twin flame reunion. Dreams and astrals, both are the higher consciousness experiences so its one of the Signs of Reunion With Twin Flame.

Not to mention these experiences will surely be intense and will heavily impact your current state of mind. Rest assured, you will walk towards higher consciousness into the realm.

4- Emotional Rollercoaster

Let me clear one thing, reunion with your twin flame is always a roller coaster as you feel loved, unloved, cared, not cared simultenously. Before the actual reunion happens, the journey is always full of emotional ups and downs.

It’s the phase when the actual cleansing and healing happens. It’s the time when all the unresolved issues will appear in many forms and you will be confused. The good thing about this stage is that you won’t give up.

All the trauma and karma comes in front and gets resolved with an understanding before reunion. Therefore one of the Signs of Reunion With Twin Flame you may experience is an immense emotional roller coaster.

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5- Feeling Their Presence

When two souls are connected, one of the mystical things is that they can sense each other. You will be able to sense your twins’ presence all around you. It’s because the energy you both carry deep in your spirit.

When it comes to soul connection, physical presence or physical connection doesn’t matter. It’s the emotions the soul carries within that get triggered and reach to you in the most mystical ways.

One of the Signs of Reunion With Twin Flame is that you may be able to read their mind, thoughts and emotions. Most importantly, you will be able to feel a sense of peace knowing about your twin flames.

6- Heightened Empathy and Intuition

As you are aware that recognizing or reuniting with your twin flame means you are on your spiritual path. Otherwise, it would have been a normal encounter with someone on the life journey.

The twin flames are beyond physical barriers and they both are spiritually heightened. Having a high level of empathy, intuition and sense of recognition is some of the Signs of Reunion With Twin Flame.

You might feel more sensitive, more energy flowing especially from your heart chakra. On the other side you might behave more mature, understanding and innocent around your twin flame.

Most importantly, all of the above changes take place in a very organic way, there is nothing artificial.

7- Letting Go of Attachments

One of the best things about the twin flames reunion journey is that it happens when all the attachments melt away. Attachment is the root cause of all the suffering, no matter if it’s mental or emotional.

When you are actually about to reconnect to your twin flame, you naturally let go of all the past pain, regret, suffering and everything that was blocking your heart. It happens organically and you find a deep sense of peace within you.

The process involved releasing all the past relationships, unhealthy behaviors that are unhealthy for your self growth. One of the Signs of Reunion With Twin Flame is that you find the inner completeness and feel immense love within yourself.

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8- Inner Alignment and Healing

Last but not the least experience you will have before reconnecting with your twin flame is the sense of inner alignment and healing. All the roller coaster, emotional turbulence you have been going through will stop now.

The power of inner alignment will provide you with so much strength and courage that will allow you to be you around your twin. The healing makes you stronger and authentic which is crucial when it comes to walking of the right path.

You will be able to accept all the vulnerability and differences between you and your twin. One of the Signs of Reunion With Twin Flame is that you grow spiritually and forgive each other and accept each other as you both are.


1- How do you know if you have already met your twin flame?

There are many signs that you can experience when you meet with your twin flame. However, feeling calm, easy and happy with the person is a major sign that you are with your twin flame.

Just a reminder that a twin flame might be your best friend, it’s not necessary that you are romantically involved. If you are being authentic, non judgemental and peaceful, you are already met with your twin flame.

2- What is the twin flame myth?

The myth about twin flames is that they are meant to be romantically involved or they complete each other. I believe it’s all about the Karma we have created with one another in past life.

The karma that needs to resolve and create better memories, is called a twin flame journey.

Final Words: I am confident that if you are reading this article about Signs of Reunion With Twin Flame before meeting your twin, your journey is going to be smooth. Many people walk on painful roads as they are not aware of it.

Basically, no matter how painful the journey is, know that you have cleansed the past and cleared your future path for a better life. If you found this article informative and helpful, share it with some of your friends as well.

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