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How do I Stop Thinking About Someone | How to Not Overthink in A Relationship | How to Stop Overthinking About Someone

Thoughts are not just thoughts but our creative energy so one must use it wisely. If you have been feeling drained and looking for an answer to How to Stop overthinking About Someone, this article is for you.

Romantically or not romantically, obsessing about someone is always harmful for your own mental health. Your creative energy needs to be used in such a way that it inspires you to do more.

If you are feeling trapped into someone’s thoughts, and finding it difficult to focus on important things, don’t worry. In this article of BigBrainCoach, I will share practical and effective tips to break the chain of overthinking about other people.

It will surely help you divert your attention and use your energy for your growth.

How to Stop overthinking About Someone You Like

1- Acknowledge Your Feelings

Liking someone, loving someone, or thinking about someone is okay, until it becomes an obsession. I am confident that you have some goals and dreams that you definitely wish to fulfill.

If you find you are distracted from your authentic life purpose and overthink about someone, you need to reset your thinking. Running away from your emotions and feelings won’t help you in any way.

Acknowledge and accept your feelings and emotions for the person you like. This is the first step or answer to How to Stop overthinking About Someone. When you accept the things, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Resisting your feeling, or thought means troubling yourself more for the same reason. When you accept, you allow yourself to let go of that thought or person. Embrace yourself that you are kind, loving and caring for someone.

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2- Limit Social Media Stalking

One of the main reasons behind obsessing about someone you love or like is constantly tracking them. In the time of the internet, everyone likes to share their activities, and location which is super distracting.

Limit your social media uses and keep your attention on track, on your own life purpose and daily activities. You don’t need to control or know everything about the person you like or love.

Focus on your life, and allow them to live there because ultimately your life goals require your most attention, not them. The more you stalk them, the more you are entangling yourself into their thoughts and damaging yourself emotionally.

Therefore, the next step or answer to How to Stop overthinking About Someone is limit your social media uses. Decide a time and only log at that time to check updates. Don’t spend much time on the internet, especially someone’s profile.

3- Distract Yourself

Distracting yourself doesn’t mean simply watching a movie or series or exploring new shows using Netflix. Distracting your attention means realizing that you need your attention to focus on something that’s more fruitful for you.

In other words, you need to make your mind and heart understand that overthinking about someone isn’t healthy. Instead think about a person who inspires and pushes you to grow in life’s every dimension.

You may do something more result oriented activities like reading, working out, playing games or learning something you have wanted to since childhood. By shifting your attention to other aspects of life you can not only protect yourself from obsessing about someone but simply grow in life.

Focusing on more important things is another answer to How to Stop overthinking About Someone and better yourself.

4- Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Mediation is one of the most trending topics when it comes to self love, self care and self growth. People are at least searching, trying and some of them are getting amazing results as well.

Meditation works better when you start practicing with a hope of significant results. Practice mindfulness or any other meditation, which ultimately keeps your attention in the present moment.

Mediation also makes you realize that overthinking about other people is simply a waste of time and energy. It also helps you channelize your energy at the right thing and keep your emotions in align.

Therefore meditation is one of the very effective ways to stop obsessing about someone. Or answer to How to Stop overthinking About Someone.

5- Set Healthy Boundaries

In my experience overthinking about someone is caused by spending too much time with them. When you spend too much time talking about yourself and them, you organically get attached to them.

Set some boundaries and time to spend time, talk about significant things and avoid unnecessary conversations. Make sure to not continue the conversation in your mind as it’s more harmful than physical conversation.

Also, if the person is important to you, make sure to set healthy boundaries, cutting them totally can damage you in various ways. In your free time, try to reflect, learn and let go of things and memories that are pulling you towards them.

Setting boundaries is one of the crucial steps and answer to How to Stop overthinking About Someone and stay focused on your life.

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6- Talk to a Friend or Therapist

Overthinking is one of the major reasons behind poor mental health these days. In order to keep your mind, body and soul in alignment, you must have someone with whom you can share your darkest secrets.

Sharing your feelings, emotions or thought needs direction and a real friend or therapist can help you stay on track. Especially, a therapist may be one of the most helpful people to share insights that can help you channelize your energy.

Know that while you are obsessing about someone, that person might be thinking to stay away from you. Forceful and heavy energy are always dangerous for both the person.

Expressing your emotions and feelings to someone trustworthy is another right answer to How to Stop overthinking About Someone . It will help you free your mind and inculcate healthy thoughts.

6- Reframing Your Thoughts is How to Stop Overthinking About Someone

In order to let someone go from your mind and you stop thinking about them, you must reset your thinking pattern. If you are truly obsessed about someone, sit with yourself and write down all the emotions and thoughts that arise while thinking about them.

Know the quality of thoughts and its effect on your life in depth. It will help you realize whether and why you need to move on and shift your attention from someone to yourself.

If you can do this simple exercise you can guide your mind to realize the right and wrong and give it a fresh, healthy and positive thought to work upon. Replace all those thoughts that are unhealthy and obsessive with healthy and focused life.

It’s one of the most important answers to How to Stop overthinking About Someone and a helpful step to stop your obsession about other people.

7- Focus on Personal Growth

If you are reading this article with full attention, in every step I am trying to shift your attention to self progress. Overthinking is not that bad, overthinking about the wrong thing can be worse.

You are in-charge of your life, creator of your destiny, so you must think about yourself instead of wasting your energy on someone. The time and energy you are wasting in thinking about someone, you can invest in personal growth.

If you can channelize your energy to self growth, believe me, the person or thing you are obsessed with, one day will come to you. You will not need to take any action or put any effort to be with them or have them in life.

Self- Improvement and personal growth are the areas that can not only make you a better person but can make you achieve everything you want. Shifting your focus to self growth is the most effective answer to How to Stop overthinking About Someone .

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8- Set Goals and Take Action

Lets understand how to shift your focus to self growth. Today, in fact, now, sit with a pen and paper, and write down every area of life that needs to be upgraded. If you are honest with yourself, there are many.

Set a priority to each one of them and decide the time frame to work upon those skills or areas of life. Be clear in your mind, set clear and achievable goals so start small, for the start up.

If you will go deeper into every aspect of life and start taking action to improve them, you will naturally engage your mind in productive things. If you stick to your plan for one day, it will grab your attention on the second day, then third and so on.

Let your own life, goals, dreams help you grow, inspire you to be better and answer you How to Stop overthinking About Someone .


1- Why do I keep thinking about someone?

Well, if I have to answer scientifically, according to Stewart “Bond with someone triggers and releases dopamine in the brain. It’s one of the chemical substances that create addiction, good or bad.”

Spiritually, If you connect with someone and feel good, the connection develops in the form of thread. If you don’t cut the cord, you keep thinking about the person which often drains your energy.

Therefore It’s crucial to cut the cord, even if you are over obsessed about your loved ones, to feel free and stay focused on your life purpose.

2- How do I stop checking on someone?

Asking this answer means you have that realization that checking someone constantly is unhealthy for you. Sometimes, it’s from both sides so you need to think about your energy and cut the connection that makes you check on them.

Limit your social media uses and shift your attention to yourself because if you can invest your energy in you, you will grow. Thinking or checking on someone only drains you and wastes all of your creative energy.

Final Words: One of the major reasons behind obsession about someone is lack of self love and life purpose. Know that every person, in the time of the internet, is suffering with the same mental health issues.

If you are reading this article, you now know the answer to How to Stop overthinking About Someone and stay focused on your life purpose. When you do that, you will fall in love with life as it has a lot to offer you.

If you found this article healthy, informative and guiding, share with someone who might find it worth reading. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for more informative articles like “How to Stop overthinking About Someone” for instant access in future.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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