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22 Powerful Prayer For Positive Energy | Prayer for Positivity and Strength

A prayer is the sacred act done with wholeheartedly in front of God to communicate with him consciously. When you perform prayer for positive energy, It miraculously transforms your life.

Prayer is also the most powerful tool that can be used to receive all the blessings available in the universe. Whether you are asking your children to be better or to increase patience and strength, Prayer is the most effective way. 

A morning communication with God not only bring blessings in your life but prepare you to make your rest of the day to be the best of the day.

When you open your heart In front of God, you open the divine portal to walk into growth, change, and eternal life. Whether you seek love, light, peace, abundance, or relationships, prayer is the ultimate way to bring your desire into reality.

Prayer time is also the most auspicious and vital time of your day because its the moment when you spend time with the divine that builds the most profound relationship with God.

Most importantly, prayer for positive energy makes you create a better and peaceful world around you. Lets see how to pray for positive energy. 

Prayer For Positive Energy and Thinking

“Dear Lord, provide me with the strength to focus on things I can change to manifest my dreams and help me to develop faith in myself to become the best version of me.”

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No matter how positive or optimistic we are, sometimes situations get over our heads and lower our vibrations. Low vibration makes us look dull and sometimes negative.

In order to develop positive thinking, you must practice using power words in your daily communication. Write a daily prayer script in your own words using those power words and Share the results with us in the comment box after a few days.

Remember, When you Pray with the belief that prayers reach God, It increases your energy level. Therefore, always use positive, inspiring, and powerful words in your prayer. Always Start a day with some morning prayer for protection and positivity.

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“Dear God, Supervise my decisions to become more positive, to enhance my enthusiasm and create endless potentialities that make me gratified to be myself.”

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Prayer for Motivation and Success

“Dear Lord, impart me the command to control my thoughts, action and become more positive, Kind and passionate toward life.”

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The most powerful prayer I have ever read is “When God is with me, Who can be against me.” After affirming a few days, I realized that I could easily manifest anything if God is with me. I started writing my desire in my own words, in my own way and started affirming in the form of prayers.

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“Dear God, I know I am the most beloved child of you, I obey all your words, and I believe in you. You send me into this world to Be the most successful being in the entire humanity. Guide me, Bless me and Be with me!”

Believe me, when you pray in your own words, It reaches faster to Him, He likes his children talking to him in their own words. When you speak in your own word, It’s not the only word that reaches, but also the emotions that you create. Emotions are more powerful than any other word.

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“Dear God, Be with me when I lose all the hope. Hold my hand when I am falling and guide me to walk when there is darkness. You are the one whom I trust and surrender my life to.”

Here are some powerful Prayer For Positive Energy, Motivation and Success you may use for your benefits. 

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“Dear Lord, I surrender myself to you, Raise my wisdom and Karma to be the best of me. Please give me the strength to overcome all the challenges and achieve the success I desire to.”

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Prayers For Good News

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Father, I am waiting for the news that can change my life in many ways. I have been worried, but I am feeling much better since I left my health up to you. I know it’s you who is inspiring me to hope positively. Let me hear the good news about my health Lord, Amen.”

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“Heavenly Father, Thank you for the excellent news about my health. Forgive me for my past actions, but grant me the wisdom to properly take care of my health. Please accept my heartful gratitude Lord, all the Glory goes to, Amen.”

Prayer For Positive Energy and Healing

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” Dear God, comfort my heart and soul when I am going through my worst days. Heal the pain I am carrying in my heart and make me Whole again.”

In life, many times, you may get mentally, emotionally, and physically hurt. If you don’t heal it on time, you carry that hurt with you every day. If it can affect your soul, Productivity, most importantly, drains your energy and makes you feel sick.

The best way to heal the deepest wound is to ask God. He is the source of energy Who can heal any wound. When you keep yourself in His hand, Miraculous Healing happens.

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“Dear God, Give me the strength to trust and love again. Heal my Past and make my heart whole again.”

Be it you, your family, friends, or the entire world, add one line and pray for everyone’s healing energy. This is how you can contribute to making a happy and healthy world.

When you connect your heart to God, The energy gets to start healing your heart and soul. That’s The magic of connecting higher source.

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“Dear God, Heal my mind, body soul, and make me whole to feel the breath again. Protect me and guide me to walk on your path.”

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Prayer for A Positive Outcome | Prayer For Positive Energy

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“Dear God, I surrender my performance to you. Please provide me the result I am asking you for. Please guide me to Have patience, stay positive, and Live in the present.”

Many of you might have been working hard but not getting outcomes on time. You may get frustrated, lose hope, and get disappointed. The worst happens when you stop believing in yourself or your potential.

Bhagwat Gita says, Perform your Karma and Don’t wait for fruits. People Work hard and expect results. Those waiting periods create many negative emotions, such as worry, confusion, distrust, etc.

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“Heavenly Father, Send me the news I am eagerly waiting for. I believe in you, and I put all my heart and soul in front of you. I know that I Have found the most incredible source which fulfills all my desires and keeps me happy.”

Prayer for Good Outcome in Court

Many times we, unfortunately, have to face court cases, and that is heartbreaking. Courte cases doesn’t get solved quickly, and sometimes because of lack of visible proof, the innocent has to suffer.

Here I will say, No matter how challenging a situation or lack of evidence you are going through, believe in the judgment of the Lord. In His court, No innocent get punishment. For all you have to do is, ask him to protect and guide you, also bring the Truth out.

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Your prayer must include words that hit your soul to wake up and do better than before. Life is easy if you stay inspired and aggressive towards acting upon your Dreams and Desires.

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“O, My Beloved Father, You wake me up every morning and force me to see the future vision with open eyes. My heart is pounding in gratitude and love for you. Grant me the strength and courage to go through the challenges I will face today. Amen”

Using prayer for positive energy and uplifting Prayers for Love on a daily basis keeps us connected to the divine and receives all of his strength.

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“Dear God, Your presence in my Heart, In my words, and my conscience boosts my confidence to take the risk I am always afraid of. You are my Strength, Teacher, and Most beloved who has been guided and supported me. Please do it Forever. Amen.”

Prayer for Jail Release

“Dear God, I have done a lot wrong in the past, and I regret every act. I am humbly requesting you to forgive me for my sin and grant me one chance to become your ideal child for once. Please let me out of this cell and serve in your guidance. Amen.”

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Being punished for harming someone or spreading violence in society definitely have some consequences. However, realizing your mistake and willingness to change yourself is one of the most remarkable steps.

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“Father, My heart has been polluted, and I lost my way to you. Guide me, Lord, clean my heart, mind and give me another chance to pay for my sin. Change the situation and release me into society to serve them in a better way and become a better person. Amen.”

If someone innocent lives the life he doesn’t deserve or is punished, praying for them will help them get justice.

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“Lord, [Name] is being punished for the crime he/she never did. You are the only hope to give justice. Please have mercy upon her/him and release them so that he/she can live the life you have planned for them. Amen.”

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Prayer for Positive Outcome in Court

“Heavenly Father, Forgive me for my past sins and bless me with your strength and courage to represent my truth in the court. Help me clear my previous mistakes and move on in life. Amen.”

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Court cases are not only energy sucker, but the dates often consume our hope. If you are fighting a court case and experiencing a delayed result, the prayer for positive energy will help you stay positive and hope for the best.

When you stay positive and put your faith in God s will, things will undoubtedly end up in your favor. Pray after waking up and before bed and ask God to turn the things in your favor.

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“Lord, My only hope, I pray you to enhance my hope and positivity about the court case I have been fighting for a long time. Please stop this fight by resulting in my favor. Amen”

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“Help me, Lord, encourage me, touch me with your bright light and show me the path to you. I am tired of hoping for the best and asking you to have mercy on me. Please Heal my pain and fill the emptiness with your energy and strength. Amen.”

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When going through a challenging time and finding no hope, remember, “This too shall pass.” Keep praying, hoping, and receiving positive energy from God.

You may use this Prayer for Positive energy and strength; it will surely uplift you and enlighten your day. It would be best to keep your hope consistently high because that’s what keeps a human being moving on.

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“Father, Help me to get out of these negative and hurtful thoughts. I am Tired of feeling low and helpless. Please save me from this situation Lord, Forgive my sin and provide me enough strength to stand again in life. Amen.”

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“Dear God, I admit all of my previous mistakes and beg you to forgive me for them. Give me another chance and enough strength to make myself a worthy and better human being. Amen.”

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It’s tough to accept that the challenges we experience are the result of our previous Karma. However, accepting lifts the heaviness from our spirit and strengthens us to move one.

The current situation world is going through is hitting most of the living life, financially, mentally, and emotionally. Prayer is the only answer to bring change in society or personal life. You may use this prayer for positive energy, better health, and financial need.

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“Devine Father, Please heal my spirit and lift the burden that is pulling me down. Please forgive me for my sins and strengthen me to overcome the Financial challenges I am experiencing. Amen.”

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Prayer for A Positive Attitude and Happiness


“Dear God, Thank you for providing all the essentials to me and encouraging me to do the better. I pray you give me more strength to keep my attitude uplifting and positive. Amen.”

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“Happiness lies in an attitude that believes in that” the quote is correct because a wrong attitude will never find peace in anything. We, as humans, experience many downgrading moments throughout the day, but praying and meditating help overcome them.

Use a prayer for positive energy, uplifting energy that will keep your attitude hopeful for the future. The positive insights during hostile surroundings are the way to invite Happiness in life.

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“Heavenly Father, I am grateful for keeping my health in better shape. I am working to have a more healthy and happy life. Please bless me with your pure, healing and uplifting light Lord, amen.”

Books for Those Like Prayer and Positive Energy

For those who believe in God, God provides his best. He not only gives you courage, love, light, and blessings, but he gives you the wisdom that the only prayer has.

There are many books available online and offline That can enhance your strength and relationship with God.

Some of The best books are written by Francis Chan and Alan Watts books. You can visit the link and see the list of books.

These books provide the most powerful and beautiful words and guide you by creating your Prayer For Positive Energy and to strengthen your relationship with God.


1- Does prayer create energy?

Prayers, in any language, are a group of some of the powerful words mixed with true emotions. When you say these combinations of words and emotions, it generates energy around you.

The energy creates an aura around you and makes you stronger and powerful than before. Your aura affects your mood, the next task you do and makes you feel more positive. So, Yes, prayers do create energy and powerful ones.

2- What happens when you pray everyday?

There are many mental, physical and emotional benefits of praying on a daily basis, at the same time. Discipline in anything you do creates a magical energy and surprises you with other benefits.

When you pray regularly, you feel positive, enhance your mental and emotional health, and invite more happiness in life. Most importantly the outcome enhances your faith in God.

Final Words: When you intend using prayer for positive energy, God provides you a complete package of health wealth happiness. May you achieve your desired health and success in life.

My prayers are always with you, and I wish you the best of life. If you liked this article, share it on your social media and help others. 

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed