14 +Miraculous Catholic Prayer For Fertility and Healthy Pregnancy

Babies are the greatest Gifts God presents to parents and a sense of purpose of responsibility. If you desire to have a baby but struggling in conceiving, Have faith in God and Pray. I will share a Miraculous Prayer For Fertility Catholic  way of fulfilling the desire.

If you are religious and have faith in God, it will work instantly for you; however, if you want to experience it the first time, give it a try; enhance trust in your words and God’s plan.

Desire, it’s the way God puts us into action and guides us to walk on that path without any confusion or frustration. Therefore, the passion of a baby, He only has dropped the seed into your heart so, Have Faith and Pray to Him.

In this article of bigbraincoach, I will share the most powerful catholic prayer to conceive twins or get pregnant. The only difference will be, Words may be more accessible, Regular rather than biblical.

If you want to know why I prefer using my own words, read the previous article about how to pray for effective results.

While Uttering a catholic prayer for fertility, have a clear intention and faith in your heart. Doubt is the biggest enemy stopping people from the manifest.

Here is some prayer for fertility catholic way of asking God to send a new member for the home, A child.

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Catholic Prayer For Pregnancy

“Holly Lord, I bow in front of you with faith in your blessing. I am asking you to bless us with a child and fill the empty space of my life. I promise you to do my duties towards your blessing with all my heart. Amen.”

Prayer For Fertility Catholic Images

“Dear Jesus, My desire to have a baby is making me and my family unhappy and frustrated. My faith in you has been the only savior of my life. Please, Lord, bless us with a child and guide us to be better parents. Amen.”

“Holly Father, My only desire in this life is left to become a mother of a baby and raise him/her under the guidance of you. Lord, I am praying you fulfill my wish and bless me as your beloved child. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

Prayer For Fertility Catholic /Catholic Prayer To Conceive Twins

If you desire to get blessed with twins, you must try novena prayer to get pregnant. Wanting to have twins come with double responsibility. Having God on your side to guide you to become better parents is one of the sacred acts you are doing.

“Dear God, Please Accept my prayer of wanting the only blessing to have a twin heart in my life. Lords, I am Thankful to you for making us worthy and dropping this desire in our hearts. We are ready to do our duty and become parents of twins. Please accept our prayers, In the name of Jesus. Amen”

“Holy Father, I waited for a long time to have a baby. Please forgive me for all my sins and clear the path to become a good mother. My heart is surrender to you, and I have faith in your blessings. God, I ask you to accept me as your beloved child and bless me to become the mother of twins soon. Amen”

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Catholic Prayer For Healthy Pregnancy

The feeling of becoming a new parent is extra blessed and sometimes scary too. Many mothers feel sick during pregnancy with morning sickness, weakness, sometimes fear of losing the child.


These Catholic Prayer For Healthy Pregnancy will remove all the obstacles and increase your faith in Lord.

“Dear God, Thank You for the most precious gift that is breathing in my womb. I surrender myself with her/him to you and asking you to keep us under your protection. Lord, Provide us comfort and let us strengthen our faith in you. Amen.”

“Father, I thank you for answering my prayer with this child growing inside me. Please remove all the challenges such as morning sickness, other alliances with fear. Please provide me more strength by keeping us both under your protection. Amen.”

“Dear God, I am thankful to you for extending my family with this tiny soul in my womb. Grant me wisdom, ensure me your protection and remove all my sickness and fear. Lord, Accept my prayer and let my child grow healthy under your protection. Amen.”

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Prayer For Fertility Catholic / Miracle Prayer Getting Pregnant

Prayer has such potential which the human mind can not scale. If you have been trying to conceive and looking for miracles, allow these prayers to bring your desire into reality.

Praying at least three times daily will open the miracle door to God’s Kingdom, and He will surely answer your prayers. Make sure you add all the troubles you went through in your prayers. God listens to those who open their hearts completely.

“Dear Father, The world is aware of your miracles, and so do I. I have been tired of trying to conceive and failed. I am accepting all my faults and sins. Please forgive me and shower your blessing upon me. Lord, I am praying you bless me with a child. I am expecting your miracle into my life. Amen.”


“Dear God, Although I have not been so loyal to you lately, I am asking for forgiveness for the ignorance. Please forgive me for being critical in not believing in you and your words. Today, I am praying with all my heart and asking you to bless me with a child. Father, I know you will forgive me, accept me as your honest child, and fulfill my desire. Amen.”

Catholic Prayer For Pregnancy To St. Gerard

St. Gerard has been the greatest saint in the catholic world who has done many miracles. Praying him for pregnancy is one of the ways to conceive miraculously.

All that matter while praying to him is your faith and desire to have a baby through his blessing. As his life was full of miraculous moments, He has the power to do miracles to you too.

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” O dear St. Gerard, I came here to pray for a child I desire to have for months. I believe in all the miracles you did and hoping for one for myself. O dearest son of God, hear my prayer and answer it as soon as possible. Amen.”

“Holy St. Gerard, Dearest son of the father, please accept my prayers and bless me with a child. My faith in you is undoubtedly and unshakable. The only desire I have to raise a child under your guidance to make this world a better place. Please bless me with a baby and allow me to become a better parent for once. Amen.”

Prayer For Fertility Catholic To St Philomena Novena

St. Philomena Novena has been such a powerful source to many couples for their twins or pregnancy. She is globally known as a patron of babies, infants, and youth.
Offering novena to St. Philomena with faith can do a miracle to you, so plan your day consciously and hope for the best.

Here is some Prayer For Fertility Catholic way in my words; you can add yours and start working towards a miracle.

“Dearest St. Philomena, You have been a blessing to countless people. Now it’s time to bless me with a child and your guidance to raise him/her. I believe you have been closest to God, so I request you to let God know my desire and fill my life with a blessing, a baby. Amen.”


“In your closeness to Our Lord, I ask you, with my open heart and full faith in you, bless me to become a mother as soon as possible. I am surrendering myself in the full conviction that you, Dearest St. Philomena, are going to accept me and fulfill my desire for a child. Amen.”

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1- Who is the patron saint for getting pregnant?

Saint Gerard has been Patron Saint of Fertility since he Exists. If you are planning to pray for pregnancy Young St. Philomena also does miracles in conceiving.

2- What does the Catholic Church say about infertility?

Catholic Church does not have any issue with infertility. Not having a child is not considered as any evil in their view. God accepts everyone, and people who don’t have their own child are allowed to adopt.

3- What causes delayed conception?


Many physical, mental, and psychological factors affect conception. So, It’s always better to get physically checked first and then look for other symptoms.

Final words: If you are tired of trying all other ways to conceive, it’s time to believe in Prayer For Fertility Catholic way and surrender to Creator. Children are a symbol of the God’s presence around you, so allow him to do the miracle for you.

Accept My prayers and good wishes for you and your amazingly fulfilled future.

Stay Blessed


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