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11+ Powerful Prayers For Pregnancy Sickness | Prayers to God for Pregnancy

Daily Prayers for Pregnancy | Prayers for Pregnancy Anxiety | Prayers for Pregnancy Sickness | Prayers to God for Pregnancy

Having children, raising them well, and becoming a better parent is every couple’s desire. Whether you are pregnant or struggling to conceive, These prayers for Pregnancy will help and guide you to achieve your desire.

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Even with so much modern technology and available facilities, Conceiving is becoming complicated day by day. The reason behind this challenge is the contemporary lifestyle and negative energy around you.

Believe me or not, The surrounding is affecting too much peoples mental health. Mental health has an enormous effect, rather than physical health, in order to have a healthy pregnancy. This article might help you prepare yourself for the betterment of you and the child.

The article also includes prayers for couples who may be having a miscarriage or pregnancy complications.

Prayer for Baby in Womb

“Dear Lord, I pray you take care of the life growing in my womb. Let this baby grow physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. I ask you, Lord, to let your guiding light cover this baby and protect him from any harm. Amen.”

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I have encountered many to be mothers, especially first-time pregnant women, who keep complaining about their own health. Its crucial to accept that you are carrying a life, so physical or mental changes may trouble you right now.

However, it would be best if you focused on your child’s well-being too, who is growing in your womb. You may use one of these Prayers For Pregnancy and ask God to protect your baby and keep you both healthy.

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“Heavenly Father, Forgive me if I often get entangled into my physical changes and forget about the health of the life I am carrying. I pray you Lord to keep my baby and me Healthy and strengthen me to overcome the changes that are making me uncomfortable. Amen.”

Prayer For Unborn Baby With Problems

“Lord, I have been blessed with all the happiness and comfort you provided since my childhood. I am grateful for the blessing I am carrying in my womb. I am requesting you to remove all the problems and keep my happiness continue. Amen.”

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Life is not easy all the time, many times to the unborn babies in the womb too. The most painful moment for a parent is when they hear about the complications with the baby during pregnancy.

In such a scenario, leave the situation on the doctor and bring your Faith into action. Having Faith in God doesn’t mean becoming blind. Sometimes, It’s essential to ask him for your Requirements.

In order to do that, Repeat these prayers for Pregnancy, ask Him to eliminate the problems, and keep the baby’s health in order. You may use these powerful prayers to do that.

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“Dear God, During our darkest days, You healed and protected me without me asking you. Today I am asking you to heal my baby inside me who is facing challenges. I Surrender myself to you, and my Faith is waiting for a miracle. I believe in your healing Dear Lord, heal and protect my baby too. Amen.”

Prayers For Pregnancy Sickness and Worries

“Dear God, Thank you for keep showering your blessing upon my family. The new one I am carrying within me, Is the greatest one We are going to experience. Please give me strength, courage, and comfort to stay healthy and get rid of morning sickness. Amen,”

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Age and health are linked to pregnancy sickness, and society has accepted Pregnancy Sickness as a typical sign. In order to eliminate pregnancy sickness and have a safe delivery and healthy child, We must stop such thoughts in the first place.

Eating Healthy and performing prayers for healthy Pregnancy and baby on a daily basis will give you the results within a few days.

Here are some Prayers For Pregnancy a mother must pray to protect herself from pregnancy sickness. Keen in mind Healthy and fresh food are essential to change your health status.

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“Lord, My life has been blessed under your protection. Please keep protecting me from the sickness I am going through. Please provide me your energy and guide me to take care of myself and the baby. Amen.”

Orthodox Prayers For Pregnancy

“Dear God, No matter how many times my Faith is lost in you and fear won, my core always stays connected to you. My desire to have a baby is growing day by day, and I pray to you for the same. Eliminate all the fears and doubts inside me and let your energy flow through me. Amen.”

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Being orthodox isn’t one of the ways to stick to something you believe in. When it comes to God and the power of prayer, I think it’s one of the choices you must never change.

Facing challenges in Pregnancy or fearing complications has become standard for human beings. In other words, fear is taking over Faith, which needs to be changed.

Here are some Prayers For Pregnancy including pregnancy prayers for orthodox people to remove fear and let their Faith regain.

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“Lord, every time I think of the baby I am carrying in my womb, fear appears, and I lose my senses. Please Hover over me, protect my Pregnancy and let your Faith grow inside me more than ever. Amen.”

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Prayer For Healthy Pregnancy And Safe Delivery

“Dear Father, Watch over me and the unborn baby I am carrying with me. Please give me strength and more wisdom to stay calm, happy, and caring towards my health. Keep an eye on my baby and me and protect us from any unfortunate till the delivery. Amen.”

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Prayer can be the most robust protection shield for mother and child during pregnancy. My suggestion to the people who are expecting safe delivery and a healthy baby is, spend as much time as you can with God.

When you keep him in your prayer, Your baby listens to you more than ever. You, dear mother, shape your child’s intellect during Pregnancy only.

Here are some Prayer For Healthy Pregnancy And Safe Delivery you can use during Pregnancy.

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“Dear God, Forgive me if I am questioning your grace towards me, but I pray you to give a little extra love, care, and protection to the child I am going to have and me. I surrender myself with the child under your mercy Father, please keep us safe and healthy. Amen.”

Prayers Of Thanks For Pregnancy

A grateful heart is the most powerful instrument to create more and protect what you have. Whether you want more wealth, health, or fame, just stay grateful every moment, and you will receive more.

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“Father, Every time I sense the beat of my unborn child, my heart gets overflow with the feeling of gratefulness. Thank you for blessing me with this Gift and making me feel more worthy. I surrender my happiness and my future to you. Amen.”

Praying to Give thank For Pregnancy shows your gratitude. It is one of the powerful and effective ways to protect your Pregnancy. As I always recommend to talk to God in your words, it’s easier to connect with those words. However, If you are looking for guidance, here are some Prayers For Pregnancy you may Use.

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Prayer for Safe Pregnancy

“Devine Spirit of Love, I pray you to keep my baby who is growing in my womb safely and healthy. Let your guiding and protecting hand be upon my child. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

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Carrying a baby for the first time makes most of the mothers nervous and super protective, which is very much normal behavior. Often, the worry results negatively and affects the overall health of mother and child.

The best way to stay healthy is to use one of the prayers for pregnancy protection in your morning and evening session. Let God take care of both of you, as He is the creator and protector of everything you and I have.

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“Dear God, I Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this Pregnancy; we are expecting to be healthy. I came to you with my child and requested you to take all my worries about my baby’s health. Keep your protection shield around us both, Me and my child Lord. Amen”

Prayers for Morning Sickness

“Holy Mother, Merry, Eliminate all my morning sickness and make me feel fantastic as I am carrying your blessing. I have waited for this moment for a very long time. Let your divine energy flow in my veins and make me feel divine instead of nauseous and sick. Have Mercy, Amen.”

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Pregnancy and morning sickness may look like good signs for those trying to conceive for a long time. However, Morning sickness is an awful experience when morning doesn’t feel like a new day.

It also doesn’t mean it is bad because your body is experiencing a new life in it, so a bit of comfortability is worth it. Use one of this morning’s sickness prayers for Pregnancy and let God take care of your well-being.

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“Dear God, The divine creator, Thank you for the healthy baby growing in my womb. I am super excited for this new life, but this feeling in the morning is stealing all my excitement and happiness. Please eliminate this sickness Lord, Let me enjoy the moment and feel my growing baby each morning. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

Prayers For Parents Who Lost A Child In Pregnancy

“Dear God, I pray to you; please provide strength and hope to those who lost their child during pregnancy. Protect their desire and make them realize that you are with them all the time. Heal them emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Amen.”

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The Most painful event is when a parent loses their child before they could hold him/Her. Often we feel so challenging to find the words to console them.

I believe, Our words have the power to provide strength, but our intentions are more powerful than words. When The powerful words and good intent we keep in our prayers, it heals those grieving.

Here is some powerful Prayers For Pregnancy for the parents who lost their child during pregnancy.

“Dear God, Please Wrap your arms around those unable to bear the pain of losing their child. Forgive their mistakes and bless them with another chance and heal their physical and emotional pain right now. Amen.”

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“Lord, I pray to you for those who are grieving and losing hope to have a child. I know everything happens for a reason, but you are above all the happening. I am praying to lift their Faith again in you and heal them.”

Prayers For Couples Who May Be Having A Miscarriage Or Pregnancy Complications

“Dear God, You are my strength and the only Guide I believe in. I am praying to you for those parents who lost their unborn babies or fearing to lose them; Please give them energy. Your force is the only essential thing for them right now. Be their protector and give raise their Faith in you. Amen.”

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Pregnancy means you are blessed with the potential to create a new life and faster them. In order to do that, the mother needs to be fit mentally, Physically, and Emotionally.

These days it’s really challenging to stay fit Mentally because life keeps testing at every stage. Mental health has a significant impact on Pregnancy, due to that miscarriages happen.

To prevent any accident during Pregnancy, one must consume good food, read good books, stay positive and happy. Along with all these activities, keep God in your heart and pray for his protection.

Here are some Prayers For Pregnancy Including prayers for those who are going through miscarriages or fearing any complications.

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“Lord, Sometimes we as humans lose our Faith in you, especially when the fog of fear hovers over us. I am praying for those couples who fear losing their unborn babies; Please eliminate all the worries from their minds. Provide them peace and protection for the baby growing in the womb. Amen.”


1- How do I pray for my unborn baby?

The only required criteria to get your prayer answered is to mix it with your True emotions. While communicating with your child, Introduce him/her to God and ask God to take care of the unborn baby.

Within a few days, you will notice a growth in your mental, physical health and fear disappearing. Keep your prayer as simple as you use to ask your parents to fulfill your needs.

2- Which trimester is safe in Pregnancy?

Commonly, the first trimester makes most of the females facing morning sickness and other uncomfortable feelings. Most women feel safe and healthy during the second trimester, which is week 13 to 27.

3- How do you treat someone who is pregnant?

A pregnant woman needs extra love, care, and support as never before. It’s important to understand that you don’t treat only the woman but also the unborn child in her womb.

Ensure she feels happy, eating healthy, and spending most of her time reading, listening, or watching something healthy. She is not only spending her time well but shaping the brain of her baby too.

4- Why am I not getting pregnant even though I am ovulating?

Pregnancy depends upon both the partner’s mental, physical, and emotional health. So, check if you both are mentally and physically perfect. Most importantly, your fear and worry are also affecting your health.

Have Faith, stay happy, and wait for the right time to welcome your child. Keep praying along with all the daily routines.

5- Can Prayer Help You Get Pregnant?

According to ABCNEWS, An research group validated that people who pray for Pregnancy conceived more than those who don’t.

Science is all about researching the more profound fact of Belief. If you have Faith in something, you won’t regret it.

The prayer, which is mixed with powerful words and genuine emotions, has always been answered first. So, eliminate your doubts before you start praying.

Final Words: I hope these prayers for Pregnancy will give you more strength, health and raise your Faith in God. I wish you and your baby Lots of love and Blessings.

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