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7 Ways To Experience Deep Spirituality And Master The Law Of Attraction

Are you someone walking on the spiritual path and searching for how to experience deep Spirituality? Or before entering the spiritual realm, curious about the depth of being a spiritual person?

This article will answer all your queries about how to become more spiritual and experience deep spiritual intimacy. Also, you will be able to hack The Secret behind the Law Of Attraction. 

When I Hear or Read the Word “spirituality”, heaven and hell appear in front of me at the same time. Many people claim to be spiritual these days but their action and deeds doesn’t match.

Unfortunately, for many, Spirituality has become a fashion trend, and they feed their ego by saying that they are following the spiritual path. If you are craving to experience another dimension of life, You are reading the right article.

Before we jump to the various ways to experience deep Spirituality, let’s understand What Spirituality is.

What Is Spirituality?

“Spirituality”, 12 letters words, holds the secrets of the entire Universe. In other words, the area of Spirituality has no limits. Many people confuse Spirituality with religion; Well, they lack a sense of freedom and experiences.

The term spirituality provides you with the freedom to explore life beyond survival level and find a greater sense of purpose. Most importantly, Spirituality is meant only for the human species as they are gifted with a mystical mind.

Being spiritual means Breaking all the artificial boundaries and following ethics at the same times. In other words, Exploring your potential and experimenting with it without any religious or community restrictions.

Just Like there is a difference Between Prayers and Meditation, Spirituality and Religion are different too.

Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

There is a vast difference between religion and spirituality people are still unaware of. To clear this difference in simple words, let’s see an example.

When you say God, the word symbolize the highest source of creation. When you say Krishna or Jesus, it’s crystal clear that you are talking about Hinduism or Christianity.
The word or action that doesn’t present any specific community is Spirituality.

“Religion is following the rules developed by Someone, but Spirituality is following your own heart and intuition.”

What is Spiritual Depth?

Just like Learning swimming or diving, Spirituality also offers you different phases of it. For example, At first, when your meditation starts working, your energy level gets high.

Most people like hanging at that level and enjoy the bliss. However, those who keep practicing and increases their timings rise to the next level. For the initial days, you find a teacher, either following someone online or taking lessons offline.

When your meditation increases, you start experiencing new and surprising experiences such as telepathy, seeing visions etc. Now is the time to explore deep Spirituality by using your own senses.

Let’s see some of the levels of Spirituality; it will help you deepen your experiences. You may also read my previous article about stages of meditation; it will help you understand more. The link is below.

Stages of Meditation To Experience Depth of Spiritual Realm

What Are The 7 Levels of Spirituality?

Before you read further, let me tell you one thing, If you go for competition and race with levels, you won’t achieve anything. Spirituality is a self-realization journey; every individual has their own journey, different from Others. Therefore, analyze your level and keep growing, do not advertise your journey or compare it with others.

#1 Mundane

The first level of Spirituality is feeling bored with your routine and religious concept you have been following. Questions start hitting you such as, why are you here, what does life mean or most common, what’s purpose of your life.

In other words, You starts sensing that you don’t fit in the society you are currently living in.

#2 Neophyte

All the above questions lead you to many spiritual channels on YouTube or in-person near your society or city; most of the time, it starts appearing like magic. It’s one of the profound meaning behind the quote, “When you are ready, The Teacher will appear to you.”

#3 Adept

At this level, you are keen to learn new skills like energy healing, meditation or practicing other spiritual activities. You are curious to grow and have the next experience.

#4 Apprentice

Your hunger for learning has started giving you results; you can see visions, growing intuition, telepathy, etc.

#5 Seeker

After getting results, you try to give meaning to life and start working on a greater purpose.

#6 Master

It’s the stage you become master of your life and creates miracles for yourself. Universe operates according to your order.

#7 Phoenix

Last but not least, It’s the stage where all the desire disappears, and you feel whole with the world. All you have an awareness of every breath, every second, and so much detached that you just keep watching everything.

As I said, Last but not least, Spirituality is an ongoing journey; it’s about learning till our last breath, so never believe that you are done.

Now let’s explore my experimented 7 exercises that will help you to experience deep Spirituality.

7 Ways to Experience Deep Spirituality

Here are my tips for exploring deep Spirituality and letting me know your experience with these exercises.

1- Know Your Core Strength

The only intentions behind the term “Don’t try to be someone, Be Yourself” is that you are already Unique. Don’t fool yourself by trying to copy someone; that’s the best way to lose yourself.

If you want to explore deep Spirituality, start being yourself. To be yourself, know your inner Strength and stop pleasing others. Practice the thing that makes you feel satisfied, whether it suits modernity or not.

Let me warn you, the day you will start following your heart, you will start losing people around you. Welcome to Spiritual Realm; keep in mind, Its alone journey. Keep walking; surprisingly, you are going to know yourself better than before.

2- Believe in Miracle

If you are walking on the spiritual track, you are already a believer in the miracle; correct me if I am wrong. In order to experience deep Spirituality, expect beyond your imagination and wait for it to happen.

Miracle still exists because the Spiritual realm is still out there. Energy speaks to only those who make themselves eligible to listen to it. The best way to communicate with magical energy is to walk on the spiritual path.

Once you start communicating energy, your faith in miracle will grow. So, keep practicing and experimenting.

3- Experiment With Your Strength

When you walk on the spiritual path, your liking changes organically. Your priority changes, reaction to happening changes. You gain patience, tolerance, peace, understanding and so on.

These are the primary Strength you gain by following some rituals or meditation. You can read my previous article about tips to grow inner Strength to understand more. The link is given below.

Inner Strength Fitness Tips for Transformation

Once you realize your Strength, start experimenting with it. Just like a weight lifter keeps increasing weight, you need to the same. Spiritual depth is not about reading others experience, but it’s about self-experience.

4- Think Beyond Limitation

Thoughts are crucial whether you are trying to experience success, sadness, happiness or deep Spirituality. Often people couldn’t think beyond their current situation, or if someone does, society makes them feel they are living in the fantasy world.

Limitations are only for people who have not been introduced to the power of human potential. Those who want to dive into deep Spirituality must know how potent the human mind is.

The best part of meditation or other spiritual rituals is that it makes you so independent that you don’t care for such feedbacks. Develop your thinking so big that sometimes your thinking looks unbelievable because that’s how your Spirituality gets deep.

Remember, In order to develop all this courage meditating for a few minutes daily is crucial. I always recommend meditation because it helps to rewire your brain in lesser time.

5- Practice Yoga And Meditation

If you want to experience deep Spirituality, you must practice Either Yogasanas, Mudras, Meditation, Reiki, or other Healing or Meditation Techniques. If you don’t practice any of these, you are just collecting knowledge and this not Spirituality.

Spirituality is going deeper and giving your thoughts on the knowledge you are collecting. These activities help your brain to stay focus and go inward.

Yoga starts with your body and touches your soul with regular practice. Meditation calms your mind and allows you to open the door of the Universe, which you might not have imagined Yet.

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6- Work With Energy

If you haven’t yet experienced actual energy force with your senses, Learn reiki or other energy healing technique. It’s fun to play with universal energy, plus it helps you to deep spirituality intimacy.

When you learn to work with energy, all the modern gadgets become useless to you. What could be better than energy to experience deep Spirituality?

Energy requires your purity and your focus in order to connect with you. If you chose to practice Reiki, Let me tell you, it’s the most powerful way to connect with your mind-body-soul and the Universe.

7- Show Gratitude And Surrender Yourself

The last but most crucial criteria to experience deep Spirituality is being grateful and surrendering yourself to the divine. The more you surrender yourself, the closer you experience.

To show gratitude, you must learn to accept people and events as they are. Once you reach this level, the Universe begins to operate for you, according to you.


#1 How to have a quiet time deep Spirituality?

To dive deep and have a meaningful conversation in quiet time, learn to develop a deeper connection with the Devine. Spending ten minutes in the morning before leaving the bed is the best time for it.

Morning is best to develop a connection, but once you have a stronger connection, you can have that time anywhere, anytime and in any situation.

#2 What are the few most popular deep spirituality quotes?

“More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.” Roy T. Bennett

“Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

#3 Suggest Any Beneficial deep spirituality podcast?

For me, I found these two podcasts super helpful for those who desire to deepen Spirituality.

  • Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations
  • On Being’Being’

#4 What are a few deep spirituality apps?

  • Jiyo
  • Gaia
  • Spiritual Stories Daily
  • Spirit Junkie
  • Miracle Now
  • ConZentrate
  • Headspace

#5 Is being religious a manifestation of deep Spirituality?

Being religious is the first step of Spirituality, so you may go through a spiritual awakening one day. If someone believes deeply in the presence of God, they will definitely try to have a private time and explore life by themselves.

#6 Is there another word for deep Spirituality?

Yes, The term deep spirituality also means metaphysical, psychic. And supernatural.

#7 Some of the deep questions about Spirituality?

Well, here is mine.

  • Why Good People always suffers when bad people grow financially and achieve success?
  • Why is it hard to accept loved ones diminishing when we easily let go when someone else leaves the body?
  • What is my true potential, and how to achieve it?
#8 What is Deepak Chopra quotes on Spirituality?

Here is my favorite one,” Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”

#9 How do you stay strong spiritually?

Developing a connection with nature and accepting that everything happens for good is the most effective way to stay strong. To develop that Strength, you must meditate on a daily basis, at least for 25-35 minutes.

#10 How do you know if you are spiritually powerful?

Well, for every individual, this answer may differ as we all are gifted with specific powers. However, when you feel synchronized in your words, actions, and events, know that you have awakened something powerful in you.

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Final words: I hope your all curiosity about deep Spirituality is being answered here. If there is something left, I suggest you ask in the comment box or try asking Devine during your meditation practice. Getting answers from the divine is the sign that you have mastered your Spirituality.

Stay Blessed