9 Easiest and Most Effective Meditation for Psychic Abilities

Are you among those who aspire to develop their psychic ability or already possess one and desire to mature it? I am assuming an answer as a big “Yes.” The best way to fulfill your passion is by practicing guided Meditation for psychic abilities.

First of all, Welcome to the community of mediums participating in creating a better world for future generations. I assume that you carry a profound desire to participate in community building. Or, You might be willing to explore your gift.

Before we jump to the Meditation for psychic abilities, I suggest you discover the core reason behind your desire. As you know, following a road-map for a specific destination is time-saving.

Read my previous article if you want to recognize your gift and the mystic meaning of psychic abilities.

Lets, explore various Meditation for psychic abilities that will guide you to unlock your supernatural powers.

1- Crystal Meditation for Psychic Abilities

Crystals are one of the best tools to tap into your psychic abilities. The reason behind it is that crystals help in grounding and connect you to the core. All potential abilities lie in the core, and to reach there tools like birthstone or amethyst are super helpful.

To practice Crystal meditation, you must find the right gemstone and develop a connection with it. I have observed that amethyst and rose quartz connects with everyone very organically.

Find a place with proper ventilation and silence, sit in an asana, relax your mind-body. To bring all your attention to the present moment, practice a few deep breaths, and relax your body.

Hold your crystal in your closed palm, feel the connection, and start Meditation. You can also use pre-recorded commentary as sometimes it’s challenging to channelize your thoughts. Ask your Crystal to guide you to discover or strengthen your Psychic gifts.

Regular practice of Crystal meditation for psychic abilities helps to unlock your true potential.

2- Angel Meditation for Psychic Abilities

Have you ever noticed that an unknown source held you back and protected you from getting hurt when you were about to fall and get hurt? Well, Believe me or not, an archangel is guiding and protecting you every single moment from hostile forces.

What makes someone a unique healer or medium is this single acceptance and salutary relationship with their spirit guide. To awaken your unique gift, recognize and strengthen your connection with your guide angle.

To perform Angle meditation, Go into a meditative state and ask for guidance. The best part of practicing Angle meditation for psychic abilities is that you feel extra protected. That helps in overcoming new experiences and changes while unlocking your potentials.

If you are new and trying to tap into this mystical world, get help and guidance from some experienced person.

3- Cosmic Meditation for Psychic Abilities

We all are a tiny part of this never-ending cosmos, not realizing that the connection between the two is non-detachable. Cosmic Meditation is another way to connect to the root and awaken the potentialities.

Before you decide to perform this Meditation, know that self-doubt or judgmental towards imagination power is harmful. Believing in your thoughts and visions are the most crucial part.

To perform Cosmic Meditation for psychic abilities, sit in a silent place, and relax your mind. Inhale slowly and exhale with the same rhythm 9 to 10 times.

Imagine yourself as a golden star moving towards the sky. Feel the air, Height, light body, and notice the clouds around you. Look down and see the beautiful glob, move forward, and reach out to the cosmic circle.

Stay still and thoughtless; just observe the beauty around you. After a few minutes of observation, bring your desire into your mind. Sometimes it pops up itself without and effort.

Believe that propagating the seed into the cosmos has been done, and it will blossom sooner or later. Bring your attention back to your body and open your eyes slowly.

4- Open Eye Meditation

It can be challenging to keep your attention in a meditative state while your eyes are open. However, the guidance makes everything natural and exciting. I have already shared about Open Eye Meditation in my previous article; you can read it before moving forward.

Have your heard term,” Dream with open Eyes are more profound and real than dreams with closed eye.” I am a firm believer of open eye dreamer as it forces me to see only that which helps to manifest my desires.

To Perform Open Eye Meditation for Psychic Abilities, be very clear about the gift you want to unlock. Light a candle, keep it in front of your eyes, Tune into a meditative state, stare at the flame for 30 to 40 seconds without blinking And then relax.

After a few rounds of staring at the flame, the light within your forehead will appear. That’s the time to tune with your psychic abilities; bring the entire vision you have decided earlier. Stay there until your attention got somewhere else, Relax, and come back to your normal state.

5- Reiki Meditation for Psychic Abilities

Being a Reiki Grandmaster, I always recommend people learn and exercise Reiki to understand and trigger their mystic gifts. Not everyone reveals the truth that to become a medium; you need to become pure in your mind, body, and soul.

Reiki is the easiest and most profound way to purify your life in a shorter period. Once you cleanse your mind-body and balance your chakra, you will experience all that mystics you are blessed with.

To learn and perform Reiki Meditation for Psychic Abilities, you must follow some strict rules. Find an Experience teacher, ask for his guidance, and follow the directions. It is simple as that; however, in order to gain something, one must lose something.

While working on yourself or practicing any spiritual activities, my suggestion is that keep it secret until you get the desired result. It’s crucial to strengthen your spirituality rather than sharing your energy with others for an instant.

6- Mindfulness Meditation for Psychic Abilities

Mindfulness is the most popular method of strengthening the soul power in western countries. However, Practicing the right approach is the key to unlock your spiritual gift.

Whether you already recognize your gift or trying to figure it out, it’s important to stay conscious. Although, I recommend other meditations more for awakening your spiritual power. If you want to try mindfulness to fulfill your desire, then go on.

For example, you want to awaken telepathy power, sit quietly, connect with the source, and closely observe your thoughts. Have a catch on the most intense thought and cross-check with the source about their message to you.

Mindfulness is all about conscious practices, so while catching the right message, do not ignore others. In this way, your connection with the source and catching ability will develop. Remember, only practice makes a man perfect.

7- 858 Hz Meditation for Psychic Abilities

Sounds has been a super useful tool to heal the body, mind, or unlock hidden gifts for ages. My experience with brainwaves has been magical. It felt like sounds touched some wire that triggers something.

The fact behind psychic abilities is hidden in the way our brain is wired together. Everyone has been gifted with supernatural powers, society, past trauma, childhood exposures that overlaid it.

To uncover the supernatural gift, you need to let those wire fire together.
858 Hz meditation for psychic abilities is the best way to heal your past and stimulate your true self.

To use this Meditation for your fulfillment, listen to this frequency during Meditation. It will indeed heal all the past pain, clear the blockage, and stimulate your inner power.

8- Rajyog Meditation for Psychic Abilities

Believe me, The most potent mediation I have ever practiced is Rajyog. I believe Rajyog by Brahmakumaris is one of the most comfortable but most efficient ways to unlock the inner strength and abilities.

The only challenge I discovered that people find it difficult to believe who the real God is. My faith in rajyog developed when I decided to try God in a difficult situation, and I felt him protecting me.

The core teaching of Rajyoga is all about unlocking your supernatural state of the soul. I will recommend you to don’t trust me blindly but to experience Rajyoga once.

To Practice Rajyog meditation for psychic abilities, connect with your nearest Brahmakumaris center, and Learn the technique. There are no fees, and the centers are available worldwide, in nearly every city.

You can also visit their official website and learn this technique online too.

9- Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation

Recently I accepted 40 days challenge with Dr.Joe Dispenza meditation, and I found it super useful. Dr. Joe linked Science and spirituality together and offered one of the most powerful meditations you will ever experience.

You can browse my experience in detail in my earlier article about my experience with Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation.

He has developed some commentaries with the simplest yet powerful way to reach your core and awaken your mystic Gift. There is a specific meditation to reach your potential; that is precisely what you are searching for right now.

To practice Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation for Psychic Abilities, visit his official website and get the specific recording for yourself.

Final Words: I assume the most comfortable Meditation for Psychic Abilities already attracted you towards it. While working on strengthening your spiritual strength, your intuition calling is crucial; learn to trust and follow it.

I wish you good luck with a mystical future. Like share and comment if you found this article helpful.

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