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Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation Challenge in 2023 – BigBrainCoach

Are you striving to uncover Psychic abilities, life’s mission or looking for fast resulting guided meditations to balance your chakra? Or, if you are a beginner and desiring to have some magical experience of meditation, Try Dr Joe Dispenza meditation.

Wondering why I am recommending only him?

Well, I have been practicing meditation for the past six years and have experienced almost every guided meditation. I experienced many unexpected results, such as my body gets healed quickly, no stress, more peaceful life.

Most importantly, I can’t go back and think about any painful or negative experiences at all. Isn’t it feels incredible? Of course, it is.

Then, Back in January 2020, I came across a book name Becoming Supernatural. As I mentioned above, I was experiencing something Supernatural, so the title got my attention. I went for an audiobook and tried to understand, but it wasn’t pretty easy for me to understand.

However, Few concepts touched my soul, and I search Dr Joe on YouTube and Boom! This man is one of the greatest gifts the Universe has offered to this planet.

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Introduction about Dr Joe Dispenza

I will not get into providing his intro because firstly, I don’t find any suitable words to describe him. Secondly, I have already written about him and his books. Also, you can visit his website and know more about him.

Back to the topic, While listening to him, I came to know about the accident he experienced, which made him supernatural. I believe you can not heal someone if you don’t have the experience of pain.

For me, Sharing experiences is more effective than the reading script.

I was so fascinated with his experience and the depth of wisdom he was pouring. Therefore, I was easily convinced to practice his meditations. I am practicing his meditations only for the past 21 days, and I cannot Resist writing about it.

I waited for 21 days because this duration is needed to form a new Pathway in the brain.

Let’s dive into the technique of Dr Joe Dispenza Meditation I followed.

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21 days experience with Dr Joe Dispenza Meditation

Firstly let me remind you that I am already a regular mediator. Secondly, I have practiced almost every meditation, so have the experiences. Therefore, I practiced many of his meditation during Lockdown days.

Each Joe Dispenza Meditation is focusing on many different purpose. The first one I decided to go for Pituitary Gland Activation Meditation.

Let me inform you, If you practice meditation, You may know about Chakras. He uses word Energy Center, replacing Chakra. Trust me, The word itself takes me to another dimension of the Universe.

Now, Allow me to present my experience in details.

1- Joe Dispenza Meditation of Pituitary Gland Activation

Joe Dispenza Meditation


Till the day I started practicing it, I had only used soft commentaries. If you have tried Dr Joe version of the commentary, you can understand what I am trying to say by mild commentary.

Anyways, It starts with “Sit Up” and believe me, it felt like breaking a barrier I was holding unknowingly.

He starts by pulling the energy up from root chakra to crown Chakra. Instead of asking to Simply Inhale and Exhale, he guides to move the energy. Isn’t it making you feel amazing?

Since I had a sense that I am losing my confidence, I have been working on my solar plexus from the past few months. While following the commentary, I Felt extreme pain into my Naval. That was the moment I felt how he healed his spine.

I guess I was holding some old belief, painful experience or was attached to someone. While clearing upper abdomen space, I strongly sensed detaching something. There was a pain for a few second, and then we moved on to the next space and completed the meditation.

At this point, It was an extraordinary experience I have with Dr Joe Dispenza Meditation. It heals the unaware and much-needed space and filled with its full potential.

Hold on! its only my first experience with him. I have tried several meditations during those 21 days. Let’s go to another one.

2- Joe Dispenza Meditation- Walking Meditation

Let me be very honest. Until the date, I was not a fan of mindfulness. However, I had given a try earlier. This time it was Dr Joe who inspired me to try walking meditation.
Here is the fun part, Since I wanted to experience all the techniques I tried two-three meditations on the same day.

Remember, I practice meditation 2-3 hours daily from the past six years. Therefore, It’s accessible for me to dive deeper within a few seconds.

Also, I am addicted to self-betterment, which forces me to try new techniques. This is why I tried walking meditation while seeping my home during Lockdown. Again on the same day, Walk post-dinner.

Ask yourself right now; what is something that you desire to manifest faster? If yes, then starting walking and plug the earphone with Joe Dispenza Meditation.

At the end of this article, I will share the path I manifested. Therefore, Stay with me and let’s go to next which is Becoming Super Natural.

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3- Becoming Supernatural Meditation by Dr Joe Dispenza

Joe Dispenza Meditation/ BigBrainCoach


The title is super attractive…isn’t it? Well, if you are curious to awaken the potential you have got, practice this meditation.

You might be questioning my judgment about his commentary? You see, most of the time we use our Chakra to focus. When he says, can you sense the space your first energy center takes, Its like magic? It feels like each body organs connected to the first energy center gets healed immediately.

In my experience, when we reach the crown chakra, these feelings take place.
After healing all the energy center, he takes us to space where we stay for a longer time. There he suggests becoming what you desire.

I felt the highest consciousness is easily getting transformed there.
Therefore, Dr Joe Dispenza meditation of becoming supernatural is instant and effective.

4- Tuning into New Potential meditation by Dr Joe Dispenza

Now, This meditation transformed me into a better version in no time. I have been struggling with my carrier and finance recently. I left my job in 2018 without deciding what next!

Writing has been my free time activity. Never thought to build a carrier as a writer.
Thanks to Dr Joe Dispenza meditation, I now know what I meant to do in life. While doing meditation, he made us dive into the deepest core of consciousness. Made our stay there for sometimes and then look into the new potential.

Believe me; I was so astonished when I saw myself in my new avatar. I thought, I was always so close but never realized my mission of life. I was kind of lost, and suddenly everything is so clear.

Similarly, I found my second potential. Now I Am so focus on building my mission that I always feel I am living on a different level of energy.

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5- Dr Joe Dispenza Heart Coherence Meditation

Joe Dispenza Meditation/ BigBrainCoach

This is the one meditation; I would recommend every single person reading this article to practice. The reason for my suggestion is that our planet is manifesting more peacemakers.

Being a Highly sensitive person, I have experienced unbearable pain around me. Although I have been blessing the entire planet every day, however, Dr Joe took us to the core of our heart while connecting with the brain. Most of the time, while using our heart, we forget what the mind says, and we end up regretting.

He drops a seed of humanity into our soul, mixing them both, Brain and Heart.

Morning Meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza

I have been meditating using His morning meditation commentary, and it’s working perfectly for me. Within few minutes, his commentary helps in accumulating enough energy to make your day. 

I am sensing more energy, focus, and productivity throughout the day. As he always claims that the same old thoughts will create the same old experiences, Morning meditation is helping me create different and exciting realities every day. 

I don’t feel like going on an automated way as I use to feel earlier. 

Night Meditation By Dr. Joe Dispenza

Never found any better way to show my gratitude to the universe before bed. I am following all of Doctor Joe s commentary because I am obsessed with the results. 

It feels like I am zero again, and tomorrow morning will be different, more exciting, and worth living. I feel excitement for tomorrow since I started following his meditations. 

Joe Dispenza Meditation Techniques

Well, His meditation is not like old traditional spiritual ways but more like experimented and scientific. Being a highly spiritual person, I felt these meditations worth practicing because Spiritual methods at some points bring boredom. 

He uses different words which you may feel more connected whether you are spiritual or not at all. 

Joe Dispenza 10 Step Meditation

Step 1: He teaches a specific breathing technique that helps bring our attention immediately to the present moment. Then connecting to heart chakra/ space in his words allows us to experience infinite energy around us. 

Step 2: After cleaning space around, we go above the 7th chakra that’s crown space and stay in no time, become no one, and do nothing. In other words, Become pure consciousness. 

Step 3: He recommends us to stay there as pure consciousness as long as we can. It helps us to find our true potential, which is the next step. 

Step 4: The first potential which you feel in that field is your first calling. After recognizing your calling, bring the elevated emotion to feel the excitement you will experience after achieving it. 

Step 5: Now, Live in your future and place your whole energy and attention in the present moment as you know energy follows attention. 

Step 6: Allow the greater mind/ universe to make it real for you and surrender yourself to it. 

Step 7: Put your left hand to the heart chakra and bless it to accept all the blessings you just experienced. Bless your life with all the possibilities and accept it as it has already happened. 

Step 8: It’s time to show your gratitude and ready to live the life you just manifested. 

Step 9: Bring your attention back into your body and notice the happening around you. 

Step 10: Open your eyes and start living the life you just left with closed eyes. It’s vital to live those moments with Open eyes. 

Best Joe Dispenza Meditations

For me, pineal Gland meditation helped me healing my naval and sacral chakra, which is vital for survival. Even after practicing meditation for so long, I was unaware of my imbalanced chakra. 

Let me be honest, all of the above meditation works wonderfully; it’s up to your requirements. So try to practice as per your requirements and feel the fantastic experience. 


1- How to Use Doctor Joe Dispenza Meditation?

I will say, Use it as the most accessible and most effective stairs to climb to the next level of your life.

3- Dr Joe Dispenza How Many Weeks to Practice a Meditation?

Neuroscience claims that the human brain requires 21 days to create a new path into the brain. Therefore, At-least Give yourself 21 days. However, If you are a regular mediator, you will experience changes in less time.

4- Which Doctor Joe Dispenza Meditation to Start With?

Well, Decide in which area of your life you want to work with. Having clear Intention will save you time.

Still, If you are curious, You are the Placebo or Becoming Super Natural will be best to start with.

5- How to Download Joe Dispenza Meditation?

You can visit the official site of Dr Joe Dispenza and buy the meditation Cds. They sent you through the mail.
Or, You can try many meditations available on YouTube.

6- Joe Dispenza meditation challenge?

Are you interested in Accepting the challenge? If yes, then I challenge you to practice at least for 21 days, Between 3-5 am. Of course, if you can stretch the period to 40 days, you will encounter the transformation. I am sure you will do after 21 days.

Hold on. Please share your experience with me after completing the challenge.

7- Joe Dispenza meditation audios. What music does he use?

Let me be very honest. I was mesmerized with His voice only. In some of his meditation, there was Hum chanting. The meditations music were enjoyable, and I Think some included binaural beats.

8- Joe Dispenza meditation when you feel sick?

I will suggest to practice becoming supernatural meditation while feeling low or ill.

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Final Words: There is much meditation; I haven’t tried yet. I am going to practice and update my experience here.

I believe Commentaries are not just words to follow. The person Guiding us shares his energy and Intention too. Dr Joe seems a real miracle to the planet.

Combining science and spirituality, he is transforming people to make this planet a better place. Most importantly, to live their best version.

In the end, All I can say is try Dr Joe Dispenza meditation for few days regularly and feel the mystical difference. I wish you good luck and May you live your full potential.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed


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