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Meditation Ritual: 9 Habits to Enhance Your Mindfulness [Proven Methods]

Wondering what meditation ritual is? Let me ask one simple question: Do you have the longing to wake up in the morning with a bright mood and excited heart? Do you have a Greater purpose of accomplishing, but something is holding you back?

Do you desire to shape your destiny or write your story but unable to find the right way? Are you tired of searching for the right job, girl, or happiness in life?

Whether your purpose is mentioned here or not, you crossed this post because there is something for you! Therefore, stay with me until the last line.

If you look around, you will encounter millions of people struggling to wake up in the morning. The foremost reason behind it that they no longer find any excitement in their daily routine.

Well, meditation ritual has been the most accessible tool that wakes me up without an alarm clock.

Now, let’s understand what exactly meditation ritual is?

What is A Meditation Ritual?

Well, Our destiny is formed by the work we perform and the habits we develop unconsciously. You see, It’s just a compound of two small words, Meditation, and Ritual! However, The result it generates is priceless.

For me, Meditation is a tool to develop awareness, and ritual is the habits I formulate consciously. Therefore, Meditation Ritual is the simplest and most result-producing approach to advance your life.

How to Create a Meditation Ritual/ Ritual Meditation

At this point, you are aware that you are one step further, moving towards your calling. If you can follow the steps I will present to you, you will encounter miraculous shifts within a few days.

1- Ten Minutes Morning Mantra

Believe me or not, most people don’t feel excited to leave the bed. However, these ten minutes happens to be a crucial time of the day. The subconscious mind, which is the creator of reality, takes these ten minutes to go back to sleep.

Develop a habit of Using this time for Visualization. For initial days, You can practice visualization while you are still in bed. It’s not at all necessary to perform Meditation to do so. However, gradually you can shift as Nothing can replace meditation power.

Such as when I open my eyes, I say, “Thank You, God, for gifting me one more day.” As I have already discovered my life’s purpose, I bring that Image on my mental screen. For the next ten minutes, I live those moments in detail and express my gratitude to the Almighty.

If you know your life purpose, you can follow the same or create the beauty of the day you want to encounter. If you’re going to experience the result of this meditation ritual, Visualize in depth.

2- Ten Minutes Before Sleep

Do you know the quality of the first ten minutes of the morning entirely depends upon the thought you created while falling asleep? Well, While the conscious mind falls to sleep, the subconscious mind starts waking up. The ideas on your mental screen at that time, subconscious mind, pick up and start working to make it your reality.

Therefore, to Raise the morning energy, you must picture the same thoughts while falling asleep. Is it Hard? Not at all! All you have to do is, Decide what you want, Create a video in mind and play it on your mental screen.

Isn’t it astonishing, only ten minutes have the authority to create your desired future? Well, while I was experimenting with Power of Subconscious mind back in 2010, I adopted this meditation Ritual. Believe me or not, Within two months, I achieved the goal I was working hard for the past 12 months.

I am sure you will find it the easiest way to develop such a life-changing Mindful Ritual.

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3- Mindful Shower

Showering at any time has been the best way to clean our bodies and feel refreshed. However, I never thought of meditating before it happened naturally.

A few years earlier, when I was deeply in depression, I decided to ride on the road alone. Moving breeze and tress has been the best therapy during those days. Still, it is.

Anyway, suddenly it started raining heavily, and I did not stop. Within a few minutes, I started feeling every raindrop upon my face, and it was super healing. When I returned home, my state of being has been transformed. I tried the same next day under the shower, and it was terrific.

Ask yourself, how many times you shower consciously? Chose a thought, and with every drop of water, release everything that is not serving you anymore. The mindful shower has been one of the best meditation rituals for cleansing deeply since that day.

4- Break Fast full of Gratitude

Meditation Ritual/ Gratitude Images

Breakfast is the first meal of the day for ages. Ever thought, How many times you took a few minutes to give thanks to God, Bless your Food and eat? I totally understand that the morning is always busy for all of us.

What if you start waking up 15 minutes early and showing Gratitude while having breakfast?

Do you know Food and water have the most significant effect on our mood? The reason behind this is simple: Our body carries more than seventy per cent of water. Therefore every drop of water intake has energy, and it does affect your mood.

A mindful shower and breakfast full of Gratitude can turn your day into Dreamworld. Both are little Meditation Ritual but does miracles and boost our consciousness. Most Importantly, mindful actions performed in the morning help you to live in the present for the entire day.

5- Greet People As You Are A Blessing To Them

Often we greet or respond to people according to our mood. Let’s change that perspective and consider other peoples. The world is suffering, and every single person prays in the morning to encounter something good today.

Think about you as an answer to their prayer and become a blessing to others. Are you Questioning not everyone deserves? Well, As an Empath, I have been observing other people’s energy while working in an organization.

They use to through their frustration at me in a tiny situation even when I had not done anything wrong. I could sense the Inner mental turbulence they were carrying from home; I never reacted to them.

It took a few years for them to realize that they are behaving wrong. They confessed in front of me and started responding in different ways.
Don’t you think? It’s one of the most significant causes not to hurt some back, which hurts you?

Become a blessing to everyone, Greet them with a cheerful smile, and make them feel they are a fantastic person. Remember, you are not doing it for them but developing one Meditation Ritual for yourself. This is about in Giving We receive.

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6- Serve Instead of Work

In the Hindu Holly Book Gita, it is God’s words, “Consider your Job as Service to God; You will never feel tired.” Every action performed, considering service, is the highest form of action.

Don’t take your work as an earning source but Consider it “Seva” and contribute to the world. This one mindset does a miracle and enhances your productivity. You start experiencing your work at a different level of energy.

All of Us usually spend more than 8 hours working, Sorry Serving. One shift in mindset allows you to live in a meditation state for 8 hours. Isn’t it amazing and worth trying? Well, For me, this meditation Ritual guided me towards my life purpose.

7- Create a Stimulus

Often, While serving, sometimes we forget many essential tasks. Many times, It leads to the thought of guilty for not being conscious. Earlier, I was facing challenges to change this situation until I learned two things.

Firstly, Guilt is the worst emotion you can create secondly; it’s the easiest way to harm your mind, body soul.

Asking the Universe to guide me to use my time more effectively, I finally got the solution. Create some stimulus that can hit you and remind your essential task.

For example, Change your alarm tone into a meditation bell. Tell yourself that whenever it feels heavy or a negative situation comes, Practice Deep Breathing. Create some of the empowering phrases for yourself and affirm while encountering adverse events.

This short meditation Ritual has a significant effect on developing our awareness of using time wisely.

8- Set A time for Self- Care

I Notice, It’s one of the most neglected areas among most of the people. Often people misunderstand self-care; if you want to know more about self-care, visit the link below.

12 Essential Steps to Self-Care

So, I talked about self-care; the person who needs your most love and care is you. Is it selfish? No, Not at all because when you are happy and Alive, you can serve and make a real change in society.

No one in the entire world can promise you to stay forever with you; hence you must learn to take care of yourself. While taking care of yourself, Be grateful for your mental and physical fitness.

When you connect your mind, body, and soul with the Universe, it automatically becomes a meditation ritual. Every part of your body is sacred; learn to embrace and say thanks to it. Often we take our body for granted, but it deserves our attention. This is what we rehearse in Reiki Sadhna.

9- Strive For Purpose Rather than Living

More than 70 percent of the world is fighting for a living. You, my friend, Yes, YOU! The one who is reading it is on this planet to makes a difference in this world wondering how do I know?

Well, I can sense the desire you are carrying in your heart. Believe me; you are one of them who is going to do something for humanity.

When developing a personal meditation ritual, Setting the purpose of life is the driving force.

When you decide your purpose for this planet or humanity, that is the tremendous force you will ever experience in life. That driving force enhances your living and takes you to the world where you belong to.

Therefore, If you haven’t realized your ultimate purpose in life, Start finding in your heart. It’s not outside; it’s within your heart.

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The Hindu writings which emphasize philosophy and Meditation more than ritual are called?

The Hindu scripts which emphasize philosophy and Meditation more than ritual are known as the Upanishads. Most of them are written in 5th century, Describes Meditation as a ritual profoundly.

Hindu Meditation Ritual?

Born and Raised by a Hindu family gives me always feel extra blessed. Most importantly, I belong to Lord Krishna’s Dynasty, “Vansh.”

I have seen my parents and people around me chanting different Mantra, such as Om, Om Namah Shivay, So-Hum, etc. So, Mantra has been one of the most influential and effective meditation rituals in Hindus.

Also, many Idols worshiped in Hinduism, and each of them has their Mantra. Such as Laxmi Mantra, Mahamritunjay Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, etc.

Burning Incense sticks and light of Ghee is one of the essential tasks in Hindu Rituals. It has some deep and significant meaning.

Some Essential oils for Meditation and ritual?

To strengthen my meditation and healing process, essential oils play a significant role. The aroma helps to remove hidden and left stress or any negative thoughts from the mind. It helps to slow down brain activity and perform the rituals more profoundly.

Some of my favorite essential oils you must try such as Myrrh, Sandalwood, Neroli, Vetiver, Atlas Cedarwood, Lavender, Sage and Ylang Ylang.

Final Words: Creating a self-meditation ritual is one of the best ways to unite your true self deeply. These simple yet effective routines are worth trying. It transformed me; I wish the same for you.

In the comment box, let me know if you have other ideas to add; I would love to hear and try it.

Stay Blessed