Yoga Experiences Review

Yoga Experiences Review | The Easiest Way to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Are you planning to start yoga practices or doing them already? Whether you are a new or experienced yoga practitioner, there is always something to learn from others’ experiences. After hearing a lot about others’ yoga experiences, I decided to share my yoga experiences with you.

Before I reveal my yoga experience reviews, I want you to know the meaning of Yoga. You might be thinking the entire World knows the importance of Yoga; what’s new?

Well, The reason behind sharing my six-year yoga journey is that people had taken the real meaning of Yoga words mistakenly. Unfortunately, it is widely known as an ancient substitute for physical workouts.

Most importantly, the World is fascinated by experiencing a little change, when Yoga can transform someone in many mystical ways.

Let’s see what the word YOGA originally means?

What is the Meaning of Yoga

Yoga is a word derived from the Sanskrit Language, which means The Connection or Reunion. In other words, Yoga is a Precise way to develop a relationship between mind-body-soul. It also means the reunion between the soul and the Supreme soul or creator.

People often practice Yoga just to relax or stretch their Body to feel a little more energetic. However, forcing yourself a little more can shift the entire experience and present you with a different meaning of life.

When I started earlier in 2014, my goal was to achieve ideal weight. Surprisingly I acquired it within a few weeks, and then there was no goal. However, That feel had become a craving for me, so I convinced myself to continue as there was no possible harm.

When Yoga is Practiced with specific or without any intention, it becomes a Meditation Ritual. A ritual that is so potent that it can alter an ordinary individual like me into extraordinary.

My Yoga Experiences Review That Transformed me Magically

1- Started Listening to My Body Unintentionally

Although my goal of adopting yoga practices was only to achieve my ideal weight, I experienced a few additional changes. The changes that altered my thoughts and forced me to think more than only stretching my Body.

I had been experiencing severe migraines since 2007. I tried homeopathy, Naturopathy, Allopathy, and everything proffered me temporary relief.

I remember my family doctor saying to me,” there is no medicine for migraine; take care of yourself.”

I was devastated because it was frequent and killing me badly. Fortunately, I started with a few rounds of Surya Namaskar initially and kept adding one or two yoga Asanas weekly. Three Weeks passed, and I did not experience Migraine. With time I started noticing my Migraine was triggered by Garlic intake.

I got the cause of my migraine within six weeks of Yoga practice that no doctor could diagnose in years. For me, it was my first yoga experience before my Objective was achieved.

2- Developed Connection Between Mind Body Soul

After curing my migraine through Yoga, I gain the sense that I can listen to my Body. Earlier I used to use my mind to predict future events, such as If I eat my breakfast late, then lunch is better if taken in a particular time gap.

In other words, I was following the watch and taste to feed my Body. After Yoga practices, Senses developed, and hunger was clearly felt. Within a few weeks, I had set an entirely different schedule of my daily routine.

One of the best Yoga experience was that my energy level was increasing daily. Most importantly, It guided me to focus on training my mind by reading, writing, and playing mind games more.

3- Food Choices Got Entirely Shifted


I could feel the energy level that specific vegetables and fruits were carrying. I was so obsessed with sugar and fast food those days. My work was going smoothly.

However, there was not fun earlier. It was an autopilot routine that was happily accepted by me because I never knew there could be a better life.

After a few weeks of Yoga practices, my fast food intake decreased. I was choosing more Sprouts and fresh veggies rather than my earlier obsession. The shift in my food choices was so immense that I felt something is shifting or developing inside me.

After six years of yoga experience, I can assure you; Yoga can remodel your biological system if practiced rightly. I noticed, cooked food has a different energy, including change in the test while raw is more effective. In other words, I was able to sense the plants.

4- Change in Eating And Sleeping Pattern

Years back, my sleeping time was between twelve to one pm, and waking up was six am. I lacked something for sure, but the habit has overtaken my mind power. No matter how hard I use to try, I wasn’t able to sleep before twelve.

After a few months of Yoga practices, it was one Sunday morning when I woke up at 4.30 as trekking by my friends was scheduled at six. I intended to finish my Yoga before tracking as it has become a fruitful habit.

That Sunday morning gifted me some extra hours to live while experiencing a cool breeze and soul-touching silence. The entire day went exciting, energetic, and overall made me feel extra bliss.

That evening, I had dinner early and went to bed at ten pm, thinking that tiredness made me sleepy. The next morning when I opened my eyes, I was ready for another exciting day, not realizing it was only 4 am.

Since then, I wake up at four am and sleep at ten pm organically. Yoga Experiences helps in developing small habits that transform in the long run.

5- Developed Patience and Became a Good Listener

An aggressive person who was very particular about her breakfast, lunch, and dinner timing started to adjust. One of the rarest change people noticed in me while traveling was that I could wait if lunchtime got delayed.

Earlier I was very transparent That I can’t wait for others as I get sick if my schedule is interrupted. The Obvious reason was an unbearable migraine. Above all this, Yoga helped me understand my responsibilities more precisely and provided energy to complete my tasks with Patience.

Most Importantly, I matured compassion that guided me to sense and understand other’s states. Ultimately, I ended up helping others naturally, and life started feeling more than I ever Imagined.

Indeed, if someone can dive deeply into practices, Such Yoga experiences occur as a surprise every day.

6- Problem-Solving Became The Fun Task


After practicing Yoga for almost a year, I was transformed mentally and physically. I gain so many insights that it felt like life has become an adventure, and there are more to explore.

Helping others, solving their issues effortlessly, and living my life as I imagined in the morning was happening organically. A few months later, I started feeling that there are something more. The answer was unknown, but the question was hunting me daily.

Experiencing my mind and body connection drove me into the town’s best book shop. Earlier I was a post-graduate teacher but unfamiliar with self-help books. In fact, I never possibly guessed there are such things. However, my instincts were telling me; I will get something that will guide me towards more possibilities.

My attention was caught, and I picked up the first book name, “Power of Your Sub Conscious Mind.” I am a firm believer that everything happening around you is connected and extraordinary. This Books changed the entire belief system I was carrying since childhood.

I never believed these small efforts done physically would bring such immense yoga experiences and gift me so many mystical insights.

7- Learned to Channelize My Emotions in Fruitful Ways

Although I Was developing mentally and physically, I was still an emotional fool. In 2017, I planned only to perform asanas a few days a week that can be done by sitting. I had grown enough that I had started experimenting with things on myself.

Asanas and Mudras had become so mystical that I use to close my eyes and sense all that was happening inside me. While I was practicing KapalBhati, I started observing something unusual.

With every round of KapalBhati, my Body was disappearing. The feeling was such an extent that I was trying hard to sense my organs without breathing. It was mystical, and I started loving that feeling.

Somehow, I was channelizing my emotions and feeling. Earlier I was afraid of someone’s death, Hurt, Insult, and Misunderstanding. Now, I was able to witness my feelings without getting disturbed.

The last month while practicing Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Guided meditation, I understood I was encountering Samadhi.

Those Mystical Yoga experiences organically taught me about meditation and Guided me to explore life in many ways.

8- Became A Published Author


Writing Dairy and pouring emotions into it is the best hobby of introverts, I believe. I never shared my feelings with anybody, and it was natural for me. However, Writing helped me to forget the unfavorable events and heal my pain.

When I shifted my reading choices, I became obsessed with Legends such as Robin Sharma, Rhonda Byrne, and Joseph Murphy. I was associating them daily for several hours and obtaining many magical insights. After a few months, my Diary was full of my reading experiences.

A few months later, While diving into Yoga Nidra, the vision of me becoming an Author occurred. The picture was so clear that I started putting my words together and published it in 2016.

I could never imagine that the Yoga Nidra experiences/ Yoga experiences can bring out the best hidden within me. Do you still believe that Yoga is just to stretch and shape your body? Well, For me, It shaped my destiny too.

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9- Shifted My Carrier in a Miraculous Way

After 14 years of teaching experience in school, my vision about my future started getting blur. I wasn’t able to understand why? I decide to try Kundalini Yoga experiences, and it awakened my soul.

I submitted my resignation in 2018 with the reason that I need a break from my routine. I started Yoga Studio to engage myself and started expanding my vision.

Teaching Yoga to others and helping them to transform themselves is an addictive feeling. When the smallest act of kindness and selfless help unite, it generates something mystical inside. My Kundalini Yoga experiences lighted that I need to share my wisdom and skill with the entire world.

I finally ended up doing what I was passionate about doing since I was 10, Writing. I don’t know at what level I am connecting with my readers. All I know is, “If you act with wholehearted and good intention, the entire universe supports you.”

Final Words: with my years of yoga experiences, I can only suggest taking a small step, and following with another one will lead you to your life purpose. Whether you have your intention set or still struggling, have faith in your action, and just keep going.

I wish you Good-luck, support me by sharing my Yoga experiences with others.


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