9 Effective Tips 4 Better Sleep Without Using Any External Tools

Sleeping is a way to relax your body and prepare your mind to work better the next morning. Are you struggling to soothe your mind, body soul and looking for tips 4 Better Sleep? Or tired of all of the external help such as Texas sleep medicine and Comprehensive sleep medicine and done with visiting luxurious sleep clinics or Sleeps centers.

Sleep is a very personal thing, and it’s more organic and relaxing when it’s in your bed. If you know that you are struggling with a sleeping challenge. this article will help you get the access to let your mind, body soul relax during Sleep.

People often find themselves unable to recognize their needs, which leads them to mental and physical illnesses. Sometimes people understand they lack the required Sleep, but they found themselves helpless to sleep on time.

On the other hand, many of them sleep, but they don’t feel the freshness they desire. Many symptoms are alerting you to take proper Sleep to avoid illness.

In this article of BigbrainCoach, I will share 9 tips 4 better sleep and mental relaxation.

Before jumping to the main topic, let’s find the symptoms alerting for relaxation and better Sleep.

Here are the few most unavoidable symptoms signaling that you need to relax your mind, body, soul, and, of course, need a little extra and peaceful Sleep. In other words, How to Know you Need Better Sleep?

  • Laziness
  • Less Focus
  • Late Night Work
  • Losing Memory
  • Disturbed Daily Schedule
  • Upset Digestive system

Here are my tried 9 Effective Tips 4 Better Sleep Without Using Any External Tools, You must try. 

1-  Avoid Screen One Hour Before Bedtime

Do you know any digital screen not only affects your eyes but lowers your brain activities too? The artificial electric waves work like addiction and don’t let your mind get away from it.

The mind is super addictive to anything used for more than a few hours in a day. To cut the connection with digital tools 4 better sleep, do not go near any electrical screen before bed.

Keep your cell phone off, and Don’t watch any daily soap.

Digital world Keep your brains draining and thinking about the episode you are watching or games you are playing. 4 Better Sleep, sound Sleep, you must adopt activities that let your mind slow down before bed.

2-  Take a Hot Water Shower Before Bed

Having a shower in hot water or drinking lukewarm water relaxes body muscles and calms the mind. If you have insomnia or unable to sleep late at night, or feeling stressed, take a shower before bed.

When your body encounters water force, it gets affected as it’s one of the elements our body is made up of.

Water has sound effects on the mind, too; taking a shower relaxes the mind, body, and soul altogether and prepares you to have a sound sleep.

In Addition to the above facts, temperature Keeps falling in the night. When you use hot water to get a shower, your body feels more loved and relax. It’s one of the reasons you must take a hot water shower one hour before bedtime 4 Better Sleep.

3-  Uses of Essential Oil 4 Better Sleep


The essential oil has magical elements that calm the nervous system and make you feel sleepy. Much Essential oil has been used as an aroma since ancient times to heal tremendous pain or relax the mind-body-soul.

Whether you are suffering from insomnia or unable to fall Sleep for hours in the best use oil diffuser and make your running mind calm first.

Using an oil diffuser in the bedroom has been my best way to fall Sleep within half an hour.

Essential oil such as Lavender, chamomile, Bergamot, Valerian oil, etc., are not only Helpful 4 better Sleep but promote sound Sleep without snore.

Spiritually talking, essential oils help clear negative energy and create peaceful and health-promoting air around you.

4-  Read A book 4 Better Sleep at Night

One of the best ways to relax your muscles is by reading a book. Like it or not, books have been Life-saving guidance and self-help tool since I recognized my vision.

If, after hours of try you are unable to sleep, then pick a random Book from the rack, open a random page and start reading. Do you know what magical thing behind me using the random word?

The book will help you get better Sleep and provide you some much-needed insight right at that moment. In my experience, I get the most critical answers from books at the right time when I stop looking for the solution.

Studies say that a 39 percent of people use books as their sleeping pill. However, this pill doesn’t have any side effects but makes you more intelligent.

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5-  Better Environment and Ventilation

The most crucial factor affecting Sleep is either bad air or lots of stuff on or around your bed. Make sure your bedroom is as neat and clean as your mind. To clear your mind before bed, you can practice some bedtime rituals that are helpful 4better Sleep.

Look and see; you may need to wash your bedsheet pillow or curtains. Sometimes the lumpy mattress also causes insomnia, and you struggle to find the reason behind your sleepless nights.

Make all these helpful sleeping kinds of stuff are neat, clean, and perfect in shape. In Addition to this, NSF (National Sleep Foundation) says that a neat, clean, and aromatic environment helps sound and peaceful Sleep.

However, you can have some air purifier plants around your bedroom, research all the factors before finding the right plants for the bedroom.

6- Reflect on Your Day and Show Your Gratitude

Many a time. The reason behind insomnia or less Sleep is something forgotten that need to let you go. It has become vital to growing; you must let go of the heavy baggage that makes your soul and Life heavier in modern society.

Adopt a habit of spending a few minutes reflecting on your day and forgiving and asking for forgiveness if needed before bed.

Settling Karmic accounts daily before bed is one of the best bedtime rituals 4better sleep. In Fact, there is no alternative to these tiny habits I am sharing with you.

People who didn’t ask for forgiveness took away all of our mental peace instantly; forgiving them before Sleep is like restoring your power and letting them go.

There is some reason, my friend; forgiveness has been considered a power for ages to influential people.

Therefore,4 Better Sleep and stay focused on your Life, reflecting on your day and cleaning the mind-body-soul clutter is a necessary task.

7-  Use Your Bed Only To Sleep

Here is the most important thing to remember, stop using your bed to finish sending mails or answering your clients. The bed is the place where you must relax, not work, so create that energy that helps to calm your mind not to reactivate to work.

Studies admitted that people who make their bed in the morning quickly fall asleep at night. Wondering what the reason behind it is? Using things for the cause they have been made for and taking good care of them create relative vibes.

My advice to the people facing significant insomnia issues starts creating such vibes around your bed and seeing the results within few weeks.

People these days Carry their cell phones, table, even laptop to their beds for tiny but essential work; stop this habit as soon as possible.

Make your bedroom a spiritual place 4 better sleep and avoid confusing your energy around the bed.

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8-  Follow Yoga Nidra Steps 4 Better Sleep

Whether you are stressed, depressed, or have been a long time insomnia patients, this formula works for everyone. Yoga Nidra is a Yaugik activity every yogi follows organically. Once you start practicing it regularly, you will never face any sleep issues in the future.

Here are Yoga Nidra steps; in short, sleep straight and make your body completely comfortable. Take your attention to the tips of your right leg, and relax it.

Bring your attention up to the knee, then Upper Leg, and waist. Take your attention to every tiny part of your body from leg to head and command them to relax.

You can use some guided commentary on YouTube and fall asleep within half an hour or complete the process.

Also, you can practice other guided Meditation 4 better Sleep before bed. However, use another place to meditate.

9-  Use Brain Wave Sounds 4 Better Sleep


Brain waves have been one of the ultimate inventions of modern science. I have experienced its miraculous effect on my mind during Meditation.

There is plenty of sleep hypnosis, Meditation, or sleeping brain waves sounds available on YouTube; use them during Sleep.

Similarly, while practicing Meditation trains your brain so that it starts working with a vibrational level. It will help you to be ready 4 better Sleep on time and make you aware of energy.

Music has been a therapeutic agent to get rid of trauma, depression, or insomnia for ages. The best thing about it is that it has enhanced its field and still helps millions live peacefully.


 1- Is 4 hours of Sleep better than no sleep?

Yes, Of course, sleeping at least for four hours is way better than not sleeping at all. However, an average person must sleep 6 to 8 hours daily.

In order to stay healthy and work efficiently, one must take care of their physical and mental health. Sleep is essential, just like water and food to survive.

2- Why do I feel better after 4 hours of Sleep?

Just like any machine need rest after working for long hours, your mind too needs to pause and rest. Unfortunately, people cannot relax their minds while awake, so Sleep helps in calming the mind and getting ready for the following task.

In other words: Sleep is a break or essential tool to recharge your mind and make you feel fresh and more energetic.

3- Is it better to sleep when you need to be up in 4 hours?

An average person needs 6 to 8 hours daily to stay fit, healthy, and productive. If you cannot fulfill this need, you may divide it into two parts within 24 hours.

4- What advice can you give paul, who wants to help his 4-month-old daughter sleep better at night?

Spending more time with her and gently touching her forehead, and giving her a head massage will help her sleep better. Also, don’t let her sleep in the evening if you want them to sleep in the night.

To avoid her evening sleep, you can take her to the garden or play with her. Once you help her in developing a sleep schedule, you succeed. However, it may take few weeks to create a new plan.

6- How to sleep better when waking up after 4 hours every night?

You might need only 4 hours of sleep if you are healthy and stress-free. If so, plan your day and time accordingly; however, if you feel the need for more seep, drink some fresh water or milk before sleep.

It will help in sound sleep and won’t break it in between. 

If it doesn’t help, visit some Sleep clinic or Sleep center and get help.

Final Words: if you are struggling with much-needed 6hour Sleep every night, use the above tips 4 better Sleep and health. Ultimately, less Sleep affects your mental and physical health.

Therefore, to stay healthy and live a healthier life, fulfill the sleep requirements of your body.

Stay Blessed!

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