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10 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Spiritual Detox and Enlightenment

Body detoxification makes body more energetic, light, Healthy and fit. In order to cleanse your entire life including system and make it pure, simple, exiting, you must try Spiritual Detox. Yes, you are not just your body but a combined being of mind, body and soul.

Where body detoxification is super easy most of the time, spiritual detoxification can take a little extra effort, but in the end, it’s worth it.

Wondering what is Spiritual Detox and how to do it? Well, in this article of BigbrainCoach, I will answer these questions with various easy and effective ways to detoxify your life spiritually.

Before we jump to the ways of detoxification, let’s understand what Spiritual Detox is? Or What is a mind-body and soul-Spiritual Detox?

What is a mind-body and soul-Spiritual Detox?

Well, As I mentioned above, you are not just a peace of bones and flesh but a combined source of, mind body soul, universe. In a larger picture, you are here to serve a purpose and reading this article for some reason.

In order to cleanse our body, we change our daily food intake, perform fasting, eat extra fiber and so on. All of this helps clean your system, stomach, food storage, and machine to digest your intake.

Similarly, Spiritual Detox is cleansing your mind, which affects you more than your food. Yes, eating habits are also a part of spiritual detoxification, but many mental habits need purification.

Detoxifying your physical, mental, psychological health, all together becomes a spiritual detox. Many more factors affect your spiritual being, so I will share all those with sharing detoxification tips.

Let’s see various ways to perform Spiritual Detox to cleanse and make life more exciting and worth living.

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1- The 40 day Sugar Fast

Sugar, not only affects your digestive system but also affect your mood. Some of the contents it carries lower the energy and makes mind and body sluggish.

Once in a year, you must practice the 40-day sugar fast to enhance your mood and body energy level. Not consuming sugar relaxes the digestive system and makes you feel lighter and more productive.

Some food like sugar is harmful to the body and addictive if consumed for a longer time. To perform Spiritual Detox ritual also means to remove unwanted, unhealthy habits, thought or any addiction.

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2- Spiritual Detox- Practice Vegan periodically


As we all know, our body comprises five elements such as water, fire, air, sky and earth. All the factors affect the human mind soul if not balanced.

Any cooked food not only reduces the nutritious but also make the food heavy. As cooked food at a time has water, fire and human vibration added into it.

On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables carry natural nutrition and High vibrational energy. Once in a while, practicing vegan or using only fresh fruits and vegetables are my favorite way of Spiritual Detox.

3- Cut Out Social Media Time

Whenever you go near the digital screen, you lose some of your natural sparks such as eye or mood. According to the post we read, not only screen but also social media such as Facebook, Instagram consume a lot of time and energy and affect our mood.

If you cant completely cut social media use time, try to reduce it daily for a few hours. Believe me, within a week; you will have lots of quality time for Spiritual Detox activities.

4- Perform Some Meditation Rituals

There are many ways to perform Meditation Rituals such as cleansing your home with smudging or bathing with Himalayan saltwater.

Even you can make your entire life Meditation Rituals if you want to know how to perform meditation rituals daily, visit the given link below.

Meditation Ritual: 9 Habits to Enhance Your Mindfulness [Proven Methods]

Meditation rituals remove the dark, sticky and harmful energy which Create a lot of burden around us. Heavy things are hard to carry and not sheer pleasure. You might not know the reason behind feeling very low or unhealthy these days.

Well, one of the most popular way to Spiritual Detox of mind-body-soul and surrounding Meditation Rituals. You can practice these rituals monthly, weekly or on a daily basis.

5- Remove Extras and Make More Space

After your body, your home is another space that affects your mood, even your soul. If there are any garbage or old unused smelling things occupying any corner, remove as soon as possible.

Like water, if not flow regularly, gets dirty and creates germs, unused things start negative energy that lower the house vibration. Sometimes, It’s so heavy that affect family members mood and make them sick.

Another way of Spiritual Detox of life is removing unnecessary, unused things and create some extra space. You can fill these spaces with live plants, crystal balls or any Feng Shuai products.

6- Chose Simple Yet Useful

I have seen many people keeping many decorative things at home but are unable to maintain them.  Just like your bath every day, items in your home also need cleansing periodically.

Similarly, with your body, using a lot of beauty products blocks the natural glow. Once in a while, stay honest and take a tour to wild places.

Keep less, useful, more attractive yet simple decorative things in your home and clean weekly or monthly. Most importantly, check by yourself if the maid does the cleaning.

Spiritual Detox cleans not only negative energy of surrounding but your mind-body-soul too. This is the main reason you must get involved in it from time to time.

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7- Be picky in People, Place and Products

Being a social animal, here is the most crucial task to perform and things to remember. As people, places and products are unavoidable situations, be very picky and chose the right one.

Often, negative people and products are sticky but beautiful, learn to protect yourself from them. Once in a month, just like Meditation Rituals, reflect on your month and remove the people, products and places you visited didn’t serve you positively.

One of the essential things to perform spiritual Detox is to protect your aura and strengthen it simultaneously. In order to it together associate with position thing and people. Also, visit the Place that enhances your energy and add some value to your life.

8- Know Your True Self


To beat the competitor, people these days have lost their real sense of being. It’s the most harmful act people are doing these days, unknowingly.

Being alone or being different, spending time with yourself, reflecting on your behavior, knowing your true desires are the way to more significant spiritual Detox. It also helps in clearing your vision and seeing your true inner Self.

Don’t let others or some Mobil application tell your future or judge your behavior, be your own judge. The more time you spent with yourself, the more you attract positive and fruitful things and your life situation.

9- Live A Purposeful Life

Well, you have been reading it in every self-help article these days. Right? There is a reason behind it, my friend. It’s because life itself wants you to detox your life and live it purposefully.

Detoxifying yourself and your life circle organically leads towards your life purpose. Once you recognize it, Stick to it, don’t let anyone or anything distract you again.

10 -Spiritual Detox Retreat Centers

The best and most available helpful tool to perform detoxification is visiting. Spiritual Detox retreat centers. These centers provide many natural ways to cleanse your mind, body soul and enhance your energy instantly.

Meditation is the best way to perform spiritual Detox, and it’s completely Soul cleansing. It affects past, present and future Karma in mysterious ways. To learn how to perform Meditation, you can try dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation.

To read my review about his Meditation Click the link below.

Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation: 21 days challenge and my Experience


1- Why detox body for spiritual Enlightenment?

Well, first let me explain what does Enlightenment mean? The word en+Light+ment is another word for making your inner Self lighter. Is it easy to do? No, my friend, your inner Self, is carrying much past life karmic weight.

To reduce those weights and make your mind body soul, spiritual Detox is essential as that’s the only way to create positive and fruitful Karma.

Karma adds either light or heavyweight to the soul, so detoxification or performing Meditation Rituals helps reach Enlightenment.

You, the spiritual being, are living in the temple called the body. It affects your mind and soul naturally there to reach Enlightenment, detoxifying your body makes your soul lighter and energetic.

2- What are the Spiritual detox Symptoms?

Many signs directly push you towards detoxification; they are as follows.

1- You have been feeling low, depressed or emotionally imbalance for a long time is the reason to perform spiritual Detox.

2- Nothing wrong happening around you, still getting trouble with insomnia or feel lethargic or anxiety. Spiritual Detox is the best way to bring life back to You.

3- Your digestive system directly affects your mood heavily, facing trouble in eating or divesting regular food is a vital sign you must go for spiritual Detox.

4-  Any type of mental or physical pain is directly linked to your psychological health. If no medication helping to get rid of pain, find a spiritual detox retreat and get in without any second thoughts.

5- Do you know your body is the first machine that indicates something not right spiritually. If your body order becomes heavy and unbearable, you need detoxification.

Final Words: I believe, why to wait for detoxification symptoms, make it a habit to perform Spiritual detox act every weekend. What else can be more exciting than this plan? After all, it’s super helpful to mind body and soul. Also, it prepares for coming weeks challenges and upcoming events.

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