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My Life Sucks: 7 Ways to Regain Control and Create Miracles

My life sucks, what do I do? My life sucks, and I don’t know what to do? What do I do when my life sucks? My life is deteriorating. My life blows. Why is my life so bad?

My life used to be better. Why is life so cruel? I gave up on life.

If any of these thoughts or questions are running into your mind, stay with me. Together, We are going to send them far away and change the situation.

Let me remind you first; Life is not meant to be straight, my friend. If the heart rate is playing see-saw, we are alive. Think what happens when it goes plain?

Measuring life like this has helped me overcome my hard days. In my experience, Challenging days are the days when we learn extra than the regular days.

Hey, Don’t you know that God gives the most challenging battle to his superior warrior? I am sure you do!

It’s just; sometimes we forget and find it hard to keep going.
In order to bring change in the situation, you need to make a few necessary changes.

Are you ready to explore my seven best secrets to invite change in life? These helped me to at the time when I use to think my life sucks.

1- Recognize and Remove Energy Vampire

Being an Energy healer, I guarantee you that a reader like you have much energy than you think is required to live an abandonment life. The voice “My life sucks” is trying to tell you that you are feeding your power to someone.

I may sound mythical, but most of the time, someone close to us drains us. You may not be able to recognize because you may be attached to that person deeply.

Its time for you to find out that vampire and remove from your life. Life itself wants you to live, not to wait to live.

Let me give a clue to get that vampire. Do you have someone who seems to care and protect you? Someone who appears your good follower? Just recognize, protect yourself from such people.

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2- Take a Flashback on Life When Feels My Life Sucks

My Life Sucks Images

In my experience, Suffering is a wake-up call. When we forget to reflect and rearrange our Life, it gets blurry. When my life sucks, I do the same. It’s time to reflect on the past and try to find the wisdom it teaches.

Looking back at life helps to grow your wisdom and make you a better decision-maker. it also allows you to understand whether your growth ratio so that you can change your strategy.

My friend, you will never meet a better teacher in the entire world than you. Therefore, you learn the most by reflecting on your life from time to time. The human mind easily gets connected to his own experiences.

If you can recall, it will catch the good and evil. Take the positive experiences and expand with it. Find the errors and fix them with better ideas or different ways. Move on, and make most of your low time phase.

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3- Reshape Your Mind

This may feel a little harder to do, but that’s what life is demanding from you. In my experience, My life sucks when I am stuck with an old thinking pattern or a loop of thought.

Sometimes, we spend a lot of time living the same pattern. The mind needs variety to perform better. Therefore, calculate the thought patterns which is not working and helping to develop you and re-frame them.

Rewiring your brain with new thoughts and beliefs is the best way to free yourself from an old pattern. Read these brain-training books and get the idea that is best for you.

The mind can be either your best friend or the worst enemy. A wise person understands this and develops a friendship with it. Once you master your mind, you will be able to eliminate old and grow new neurons that will shape your future.

4- Detoxify Your Body and Avoid Feeling of My Life Sucks

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Eliminating toxins from your body is the easiest and fastest way to boost your mood and energy. Food is the best readily available source to get instant energy. However, most of the time, people fill it with junk when they are sad or feeling low. It does not support to feel better but make it worst.

Removing those toxins from your body is like healing your body. For me, fasting twice a week has been a miracle for the past few years.

If you found yourself unable to perform fast, try to limit alcohol and drink more water. Cut out sugar, salt, processed food, and meat for a few weeks. Go vegan for a few days or consume only fruits and leafy vegetables.

Sleep more to give rest to your monkey mind. Sleeping has been the most excellent therapy for me when I feel my life sucks. Providing your mind and body the required rest allows them to performs best for you.

5- Avoid Consuming Emotional Junk

What you feed your mind prepares you to think in a certain way. Be very, very careful in choosing what you are feeding it. The food for thought is what you listen, read, and think about.

Social media has brought an evolution in connecting the world. At the same time, it has become the biggest reason for disconnecting a person to himself.

Ensure you are reading or listening to on social media is inspiring and teaching you something better. Cut out news, drama, and negative post or article even if it attracts you in the best way. If you cant shut social media, decide the limited time you want to spend on social media and what you want to explore.

When it feels like My life sucks, emotional junk could cause not only mental but physical pain. Balancing your emotions is crucial while you are going through hard times in life.

6- Focus on Physical and Mental Fitness

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Those extra fats also affect your mind and energy, start working to remove them. Also, Workouts has been the ultimate way to spend time with yourself and stay fit. Try some new methods like yoga, aerobics, or cardio instead of a regular gym. Go to the park, put on earphones, and walk-in peace.

Even today, sometimes, I feel my life sucks. However, workout and sweating make me feel better and energize. It not only boosts you but makes you ready to bounce back.

Meditation is one of the ultimate ways to Enhance your life quality and transform into a better version. Include meditation at-least for half an hour in a day and sit without fail.

Even if you feel it’s not working, don’t leave, stay there and finish the task. Give yourself at least a few days, and you will see the miracle. You can try any guided meditation commentary available on YouTube.

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7- Have Faith in Time and Stay Grateful

The best think about the worst days is that they too pass. Keep reminding yourself that nothing in this world lasts forever. Therefore when it feels like my life sucks, take a break, breath, reflect, reshape, and keep going. Stressing yourself about any situation makes the situation worst.

A wise person disconnects during a hard time and prepares himself for bouncing back. So that when the situation changes, he is ready for action.

Being grateful in every situation is the key to staying awake. In fact, during a challenging time, one must focus on the things He or she is blessed for.

If you look around, you will notice that most people worldwide are going through the same challenges. Decide not to be a part of those millions but count your blessings and Recognize your uniqueness.

Final words: I hope this article will remind you when you will feel like my life sucks. Shaping your destiny is in your head. When you focus on your dreams and bright future, The universe is bound to bring it into reality.

By following these tips, you force the universe to allow you to bounce back. Trust me; this is what helps me to overcome my challenging days.

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