7 simple Yet Effective Ways to Become Depression Free Naturally

Modern lifestyle and dependency on technology are heavily affecting our mental health and causing loneliness and Depression. Time is changing, social distancing, lockdown, limitations are causing Depression, and it’s exploding like hell.

Let’s Become Depression Free Naturally by following some easy routine that is experimented and effective. 

If, Just like me, you are also tired of questioning why does Depression exist? Also, How to tell Depression to kick off; trust me, we share the same thoughts. 

Feeling lonely is a human emotion accepted universally. However, the continuous feeling of empty inside and Loneliness is not. Extreme Loneliness or Depression also causes low or high blood pressure. 

Some people repeatedly ask Me how Depression is real? 

Well, It’s simply as natural as you feel excited about your birth month. It’s natural because you feel empty and lost every moment. 

Remember, feeling sad, uneasy, or alone is not Depression; it’s just a mood phase. However, If it’s constant, you must consider it more than a feeling. 

If you don’t feel fun and peaceful spending time with yourself, then you are lonely. People who feel lonely inside make many ways of avoiding being alone. They spend time with people, but they do enjoy it much with them. 

They do unnecessary things to avoid being alone. Such as engaging unnecessarily on call just to fill the silence or reflexively to turn on the TV when they enter their home.

On the other hand, Introvert people, like me, enjoy the time when there is no one around them. We find alone time as the most valuable time of the day when we can be whatever we want. 

But, Real Loneliness is a feeling of Trapped and emotional broken. It feels as there is no one for you in the world. Nobody understands you, and your emotions are not being considered.

So, Loneliness is one of the most common reasons behind Depression. Wondering what is Depression? 

Meaning of Depression

Well, If I have to define depression term in my thoughts, I will say it’s the result of disconnection to self. I believe we are our best friend, and if we are connected to ourselves, noting can make us sad. 

Clinically, Depression is a mental state where one feels sad constantly and does not find anything exciting. These days, many types of Depression are ruining human mental powers currently. 

7 Effective Ways to Become Depression Free Naturally

1- Accept that Loneliness & Depression is Temporary Feeling

In most cases, people live in the past that makes them feel lonely. For example, you were attached to someone, and they left. It gives a feeling of insecurity.

You may try to let them go, but deep inside, you start losing connection with yourself. And you don’t even realize when you become depressed or lonely. Instead of healing that empty part of you, you decided to avoid your wound.

Someday, something happened, and the wound gets triggered. People start feeling pain, Loneliness, and Depression. It feels so hurtful that they start thinking of quitting Life. They just need to Hold on at the moment and remind themselves, if it’s not happily ever after, its not the end. 

You need to understand that this Loneliness is just a temporary feeling. The feeling comes and goes.

Reminding yourself that Nothing is permanent is one of the most fantastic ways to stay calm and become Depression Free Naturally. 

2- Write Down Your Thoughts to Become Depression Free Naturally

We usually create self-centered stories to explain our feelings.

Sometimes you may feel lonely because of some childhood events when you were bullied. Or, you may have some feeling of shame and guilt. These childhood memories can continue into adulthood and take you into Depression or make you feel lonely.

So, ask yourself what you are missing in Life, what you want? Write those feelings down on paper. It will help you discover the cause of your Loneliness.

I encounter many people asking how do you get over Depression? Well, Not expressing and dying inside every moment alone causes more hurt. One of the natural ways to become Depression Free Naturally is writing down your feelings on a piece of paper. 

Besides, writing accesses the left side of your mind, which is the logical side And starts the brain’s creative right side to experience emotions. Writing helps to gets rid of any mental blocks and lets you understand what’s happening around you.

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3. Decide to Deal With the Adverse Emotions

When you know you are dealing with Loneliness & Depression, decide to learn how to deal with it. Since being with friends and sharing a feeling with them seems encouraging, make small efforts to reach out to them.

Share your thought and ask for help instead of hiding your true feelings. Remember, True friends always help. Stand boldly against those negative thoughts and fight back by saying kick you, Depression. 

Also, It’s perfectly natural to feel lonely when someone has gone. Keep reminding yourself that Life is a balance of positive and negative emotions. Sometimes we may feel isolated during this process.

However, learning to accept those feeling and moving on makes us stronger. Learn to observe those feelings of Loneliness & Depression and identify the moment when they become unhealthy.

Acceptance of your own emotions is the ultimate way to become Depression Free Naturally, remove Loneliness, and breath with Life. 

4- Count Your Blessings And Become Depression Free Naturally

The most ungrateful thing people do is forget to show the feeling of gratefulness for the availability around them. Suffering is also the result of comparing or missing something in Life. One the other hand, Happiness is being grateful for whatever and whoever you are having around you. 

No matter how you feel, start looking around and say thank you for everything. It works like magic, and the mood begins changing instantly. 

Make time to express your gratitude for all the things that made your day fabulous at the end of the day. Also, reflect on consideration on how you can have made it better. It’s a fair subject because it empowers you. Also, it’s an excellent way to become Depression Free Naturally.

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5- Get Connected With Like-Minded People

You might have attached to your negative thoughts and your lonely feelings. But this isn’t helpful, so you need to detach yourself. You need to communicate with people and learn new things to take your Life to the next level.

The best thing about modern days is that there are many helpful ways to reshape our thoughts and emotions. There are many hikers, trekkers, spirituals; you can quickly connect with people who share your interests. 

Such people make it much simpler to a natural foundation for starting a friendship. Developing new habits and connecting to new people will surely set you free from the feeling of Loneliness and become Depression Free Naturally. 

6- Spare Time to Be With Nature

It seems simplistic and soothing, right? Indeed it is: However, a walk in the park or running or cycling in the morning can do wonders for your mental state. 

Accept that It’s the perfect time of your Life to rediscover yourself and upgrade your system. You will start understanding yourself better than anyone can understand. 

Go for hiking, trekking, running, spiritual retreats; it will surely make you fall in love with yourself. Surely you will meet people who will increase your likelihood of human contact.

You can visit a garden and watch the kids or to a zoo and explore different species. These tiny moments and variety of creatures will add extra joy to your Life and help you to become Depression Free Naturally and remove the feeling of Loneliness. 

7- Make Meditation Your Daily Dose of Nutrients

Mindfulness and Meditation are words that have been used most lately. However, For the right reason. It’s the best way to calm your mind to beat the feeling of Loneliness & kick Depression.

Know that Life is a series of disconnecting and reconnecting back to your core. Knowing who you are and getting detached from the chaos of Life. Spend your first few minutes of the day alone at a quiet place. 

Meditate, Focus on Breath, practice yoga asanas, and stay in the moment. It will develop a sense of peace, acceptance and become Depression Free Naturally.

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1- Can sadness make you suicidal?

Sadness sucks all the positive energy if not treated in the long-term. Everything seems meaningless when sadness arrives, so yes, it can make someone think harmful thoughts. So, It’s essential to treat such emotions on time.

Therefore, its crucial to divert your negative thoughts in no time or go out in nature, have a chit chat with your loved ones, listen music and so on. In other words, do some activity that divert your mood. 

2- Can depression make you mentally slow?

Depression directly affects the human mind, lowers energy and sometimes effect memories too. So, Yes, depression may make you mentally slow and forgetful.

Final words: I am sure one of the above steps will help you to become Depression Free Naturally and fight Loneliness. Also, it will help you to reconnect to yourself and Life again. In critical cases, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional/Mind-Coach.

If you found this article guiding and informative, do like and let me know your thoughts in the comment box. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for more informative articles such as “Depression Free Naturally” for instant access in the future. 


Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed