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In a fast moving world, everyone has a demand and it’s easy to get busy fulfilling other demands. Be it work, family , friends or any other relationship, expectations or growing day by day.

For the short term it might feel fulfilling as you are the one keeping everyone happy but in the long term, it can be damaging. Specifically, if you don’t get time for yourself, it will be unhealthy for your well being.

Growing mental and emotional challenges are a loud sign that says It’s crucial today to take care of yourself first. In this blog post I will share some of the ways to Put Yourself First and maintain a healthy relationship with others.

10 Ways Put Yourself First

1- Set Boundaries

Many times I have been trapped in situations where I wanted out but I didn’t want to hurt others so I stayed. With passing time and repeated events, I started losing my physical and mental health.

When it comes to self care , it’s crucial to prioritize your needs first. If your need and the event don’t match, adjusting once is okay, make sure to do not adjust if it’s often.

Setting boundaries is one of the important ways to Put Yourself First as it helps you protect yourself. In addition, it saves a lot of your time and energy you can use for a better cause.

2- Schedule “Me Time”

No matter how busy your schedule is, make sure to have your me time out of your 24 hours. The time when you relax, reflect and just do the things that make you get lost with your own thoughts.

Do some activities that are solely dedicated to your happiness and peace. Things like reading books, watching web series, taking a small walk alone and so on.

Scheduling me time and investing in yourself is another way to Put Yourself First without being guilty and take care of your mental health. Make sure you me time is never negotiable.

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3- Practice Self-Compassion

Often I meet people who don’t like themselves because others keep criticizing them. It’s crucial to know that others don’t live in your shoes, therefore don’t give too much value to others opinion.

Be kind to yourself, practice self compassion and love yourself as much as you do to others. You’re the one who is responsible for your mental, emotional and physical well being.

Being kind to yourself, forgiving yourself for not being available everywhere is another way to Put Yourself First. Treat yourself as similar as you treat someone you love the most.

4- Prioritize Your Health

As they say, health is wealth, it’s crucial to consider your mental and physical health on top of your priority. Eat healthy, raw and green as much as you can.

Block times to practice some physical exercise, get enough sleep and never hesitate to seek support if needed. Never neglect your health issues as it’s the way your body seeks your attention.

Taking care of your physical health is another way to Put Yourself First. Know that in order to keep others healthy and happy, you need to keep yourself filled and healthy first.

5- Learn to Delegate

Often we as women hesitate to seek support or ask for support from any family members or office colleagues. Know that it’s ok to ask for support as you are not super being.

Learn to delegate yourself and understand that you don’t have to do everything on your own. Sometimes, leaning on others also means you give people a chance to help you and develop a connection with you.

Expressing your need and asking for supper is another important way to Put Yourself First. Overloading yourself is never healthy for your overall well being in the long term.

6- Practice Mindfulness

When it comes to self care , taking care of your mental health is the most important task. Avoiding things is never healthy, but learning to deal with situations is the real game.

In order to keep your mind healthy, calm and most productive, make sure to spend some time practicing meditation. Let me tell you one thing, there is no other substitute for meditation, therefore learn to do it.

Meditation is the real food of mind and soul therefore you must learn it. Make it your daily morning routine to sit and meditate at least for half an hour. It’s how to Put Yourself First and keep yourself fit.

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7- Set Realistic Goals

Having goals in life means having a desire to live long and keep yourself on fire. However, having unrealistic goals can cause stress or demotivate you. Therefore, set a very realistic and achievable goal.

Break down your goals into smaller tasks and focus on today’s task only. Once it’s done, celebrate your achievement, reward yourself. It’s how to Put Yourself First and prepare yourself for a better life ahead.

8- Limit Screen Time

Believe it or not, electronic screens have become the reason behind all the health and mental health issues. Screen not only affects your eyesight but has an enormous effect on your mood as well.

If I have to put it in the written sentence then “It steals your precious time.” Make a schedule to watch screen only for fruitful reasons that too for a limited time.

Watching your thoughts and emotions, instead of screen, is a great way to Put Yourself First. Disconnect from all the social media for a time period and reconnect after some time. It will give you extra relaxation and peace.

9- Engage in Positive Self-Talk

In today’s life, I meet people who think talking nonsense is cool, but I think it’s just a waste of your energy and words. Even for fun, never use words that don’t add value to your vocabulary.

No matter what situation you are in, tell yourself, you have come so far, you will go far more than this, you can do it. Cultivate a habit to inspire yourself with your own words and emotions.

Using self empowering emotions and focusing on your thoughts is another way to Put Yourself First. Know that these simple habits will strengthen your beliefs and take you where you want to be in life.

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10- Seek Support

As I mentioned earlier, asking for help not only makes you available for others but will help you prioritize your comfort from time to time. Even if sometimes you lose yourself, never hesitate to seek support.

Make sure to be around people who uplift you, appreciate your presence and make you feel important in the group. Having such a support group is a wise decision that we have to create. Seeing a therapist once in a while is another way to Put Yourself First.


1- What does it mean to yourself first?

To put yourself first simply means giving priority to your mental, physical and emotional health. It means taking care of yourself and not depending too much upon someone else.

2- Is it right to put yourself first?

People often misunderstand the term putting yourself fit as a selfish act. However, it has a deeper meaning than selfishness.

When you learn to take care of yourself first, you understand the true emotions and needs of yourself and others as well. Such people who put themselves first are more compassionate, loving and helping.

Therefore, no, putting yourself, in my opinion, is not at all selfish.

Final Words: Just a reminder that taking care of yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t care for others. If you take care of yourself in the right way, you will be able to take care of others in the most effective way that too selflessly.

By taking care of yourself, you invite health, wealth, happiness and create a different world for yourself and your family. If you found this article healthy and worth reading, do like and share it with someone who might find it useful.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed