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Today, everyone is talking about the importance of self care in life. Self care is essential as life is becoming difficult and challenges are increasing. In such times, it’s crucial to prepare yourself for anything unexpected.

You might think that taking care of your physical and mental fitness is enough, but it’s not. There are many areas of self which are unknowingly avoided. Often challenges are the outcome of those avoided are of self care.

In this article I will share 8 types of self care which is essential for everyone to have an optimal health and balanced life. In other words, 8 areas of life which require regular attention.

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8 Types of Self Care For Balanced Life

1- Physical Self-Care

Types of Self Care

Physical self care is all about taking care of your body, from head to toe. Physical diseases are the result of lack of physical self care. In order to take care of your body, regular exercise and fresh air is essential.

Include different types of physical movement such as morning walk, cardio, Yoga Asanas, and so on. Physical self care also includes head massage, regular bath and maintaining hygiene that helps you feel fit and refreshed.

Balanced diet and a significant amount of sleep is a basic requirement of the body. Therefore maintain a schedule to sleep and wake up by setting a strict schedule to explore your social media.

Physical fitness is one of the Types of Self-Care which can boost your confidence by grooming from outside, if taken care of in the right way.

2- Emotional Self-Care

Your emotions are not just emotion but the bundle of emotions you create in your mind. You might get surprised to know that your emotions get stored in your body and if it’s negative it can create pain for you.

Emotional self care in other words is taking care of your mental health on a regular basis. Self care requires regular action as you are thinking , acting and feeling everyday. In order to keep your emotional health in optimal condition, you must keep your mind stress free.

Mental activities such as mindfulness, painting, dancing, listening soothing music helps your mind to calm and eliminate anything stressful. Additionally, listen or read something positive and inspiring everyday to feed and strengthen your mind.

Your emotional state is another Types of Self-Care which needs your total attention on a daily basis.

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3- Social Self-Care

We humans are a part of society who directly indirectly requires other human connection. Being social can either nurture someone or can damage someone, it totally depends upon the person. Therefore, it’s crucial to take care of your social connections wisely.

To have a nurturing relationship socially, help others selflessly, be kind and listen to others actively. Most importantly, while doing all the good to society, set a boundary to keep your personal life personal.

Join a community who respects your private life and values your presence even if you join them once a week. Having healthy and supportive people gives you a sense of belonging and protects you from isolation and loneliness.

You are a part of society so social life is an area of the Types of Self-Care which needs to be taken care of positively.

4- Spiritual Self-Care

If you are aware of yourself, you are a spiritual being living in this body and contributing to society. The spiritual being knows that it has come along to this world and will leave alone when the right time comes.

Your spiritual being involves taking care of your inner core who is pure, powerful, blissful and full of everything you need in this world. In order to take care of your spiritual being, practice activities that help you connect with your deeper self.

Take out sometimes everyday to reflect on your day, mood, values, actions and analyze it. Doing this simple practice will help you develop your spiritual self and protect from anything going against your core values.

Meditation and other spiritual practices are the best way to stay connected to your inner self and stay detached from the outer noises. Spiritual health is an area or Types of Self-Care which can transform your life within a few weeks.

5- Intellectual Self-Care

Reading- Types of Self Care

Your intellect is an important part of you which doesn’t have any part yet its presence and health is crucial for you. Unfortunately it’s one of the most avoided areas for most of the people as they are not aware about it.

Intellectual self care requires a lot of attention and awareness, in result it will give you whatever you need. Your intellect resides in your mind so engaging your mind is some of the activities that will strengthen your intellect.

There are some significant activities that are essential to keep your intellect healthy. Activities such as reading books, learning new skills and doing it on a regular basis is essential. Engaging your mind where it learns new and challenging things strengthens and allows your intellect to reveal its true power.

Your intellect care is one of the crucial types of self care which needs your attention regularly.

6- Sensory Self-Care

Your five senses which give you complete power over experiencing sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound is important. Without having senses life is incomplete, even one of them is missing. Also, they are part of your body, yet they require Separate attention.

It’s crucial for you to take care of your senses by listening to some good music, eat something that makes your spirit and tongue satisfied. Take out some time to watch sunrise, sunset, evening, morning and watch birds.

In fact, being around nature for a few minutes in the morning or evening can stimulate all of your senses at the same time. Engaging yourself with your senses can help you relax and keep you healthy for a long time.

Sensory care is one of the types of self care as it allows you to experience everything the world has to offer you.

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7- Financial Self-Care

Budgeting - Types of Self Care

Money is one of the commodities which allow you to have every essentials to survive. Financial health is something that not only affects yours but the entire family’s health. In order to stay healthy, peaceful and live a fulfilling life, you must take care of your finances.

To keep your finances in the alignment, spend wisely, invest wisely and take care of your credit score from time to time. It’s crucial to keep your spending in control as bad times never alarm about its coming.

Budgeting about every penny is a great way to keep your finances in the right place and grow your investment. Also, you must share about your financial health to your family so that everyone understands responsibility about their spend.

Taking care of your money is also one of the crucial types of self care to live an abundant life.

8- Professional Self-Care

Last but not the least, your professional life also affects your health and mood so it needs to be taken care of. Make sure your working environment supports your mental health and physical health.

At the workplace, a few challenges are common as they are the roadmap to enhance your problem solving ability. However, if you are over challenged or the environment doesn’t support you, you must think about changing your workplace.

In order to create a healthy work atmosphere around you, it’s crucial to set boundaries. Let your workplace and work body stay away from your personal life as you might have some other friends as well.

Setting boundaries, focusing on your work and taking care of every area of your life is the only key to an abundant life. All types of self care areas need your attention on a regular basis, in return you will enjoy life and have balance in everything.

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1- What are the 7 principles of self-care?

Principles, in other words, core of self care that is essential to keep in mind. When it comes to true self care these 7 pillars fit into each one of them. The 7 principles, the seven pillars are mental, emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual, recreational, and social.

When it comes to living a well-balanced self-care routine, it includes each one of these seven. Therefore, stop limiting or focusing on one or two but include all of them.

Final Words: Those who don’t skip their self care routines, they are able to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It’s so important to take care of every area of your life by skipping a meal because it’s worth it.

When you take care of your spiritual being, your inner self nature aligns everything perfectly in the right manner. That’s how life works and the universe supports those who keep connected themselves to nature.

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