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Do you know, The only reason behind every suffering is Living in the past. Most of the world is not even aware of it. Time Travel Meditation is one of the most effective ways to travel back in the past and change your future by changing the past. 

Are you thinking about is time travel possible through Meditation? Well, Its hundred per cent possible if you can practice Meditation daily. 

Believe me or not, if one learns how to live in the present, there will be no space for suffering or pain in life. Unfortunately, all the misery one go through has a strong connection to past events. Sometimes the person doesn’t even remember that event which is affecting the present. 

Being a Spiritual Healer, I have recently received many queries about travelling in the past through Meditation? Well, Not only in the past but you can travel in the Future and design your future as well. 

In this article of BigbrainCoach, I will share tips, ideas, guided Steps and answer to How to Travel through Time Using the Mind.

Before jumping to Time Travel Meditation Techniques, let me explain how you live in the past every day. 

Current State of Human Mind

You see, human Mind is so powerful and creative that if it’s not trained to stay focused, it does multi-tasking. For example, while cooking, a person thinks about something happened yesterday or what happened last time while making the same dish. 

A person driving to office reached the destination In his Mind before he actually does. So, if I have to summarize it into one sentence, I will say you are most of the time either living in the past or Future. 

The most important thing to think about here is it happens unconsciously, organically before you realize. There is a vast difference between doing something consciously and something automatically. 

When you act with full awareness, that act becomes sacred and provide you with fruitful results. On the other hand, action without understanding divides the results into two-part, one is conditioning your Mind to wonder around, and others are the results of your karma. 

Time travel through Meditation helps in removing or re-creating all the memories or actions differently. 

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Ways to Travel Back in Time with Your Mind

I have released the funniest truth because many believe in magic but don’t realize that the tool that creates magic is THE MIND. 

If you can train your Mind to work as you demand, it will create magic every day. 

The Mind can not recognize the time; it just goes with the thoughts we create and make it happens in the present. However, sometimes not immediately, but it does become a reality. 

One of my favorite time travel techniques is guided meditation time travel through water, which I will present to you here. 

I will share guided Time Travel Meditation script divided into seven easy steps that will help you change the past through . Also, design your Future by sending your Consciousness into the Future. 

7 Steps of Time Travel Meditation to Heal Past 

1- Relax Your Body

Create a relaxing atmosphere by selecting a quiet place where you can enjoy fresh air throughout your Time Travel Meditation Journey. You can use some essential oil to get an aromatic feel if you think that will make you feel soothing.

Also, it may be helpful to let you stay longer in your past journey. Take your attention from toe to head, one by one, at each body part and relax them. 

2- Relax Your Mind and Stay in The Present

After Relaxing your body: Take a deep breath and hold it for as long as you can control. Exhale when you are done holding breath inside.

Before starting Time Travel Meditation meditation, Imagine all the negative energy, tiredness and unwanted thought from your Mind and body coming out with the breath. 

Repeat this 15 to 20 times, and bring your full attention to the present moment. 

3- Take Your Consciousness Back to the Past

Start Time Travel Meditation by Imagining a river with crystal clear and flowing water that is going to take you in your past. See a boat waiting for you, walkthrough and get boarded in the boat.

The driver knows your destination, so just look around through the journey and see all the happening events. 

Water is one of the five elements human body is created with. Therefore it has a severe effect on human Consciousness. 

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4- Recreation of the Event

After reaching your destination, observe everything around you in details and see the event. Look for the People, things and feel your feelings.

Your Consciousness is in the past, but Mind knows that you are here to change something. So, after observing everything in details, recreate the scene the way you want it to happen and which will change your entire perception of your past. 

5- Design Your Current Days in Past

After living the moment in the past, stay there and think about your present days as you want it to be. Observe your feelings, create happiness, wealth and the type of life and people you want with you. 

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6- Time Travel Meditation Steps Return Back to the Present

When you are done seeing all of your present days back there, return to the river. Get into the boat and come back to Where you had boarded before. 

While returning journey, feel the happiness and excitement of better and desired life, the sound of water and air.

Come back to the present moment, feel your Body parts, focus on your breathing, and feel your breathing rhythm. 

7- Observe the Feeling and Come to the Senses

See everything you saw before sitting for Meditation in details and remind yourself to create a better future. It’s the time to take a glance at your shining Future and prosperous life. Slowly bring your attention to all the senses and open your eyes. 

If you have been practicing Open Eye Meditation, you can do open eye meditation time travel by following the above Steps. 


1- How to time travel through music and Meditation ?

Music has an immense effect on the Mind; it relaxes and helps in developing imagination. Using Meditation and brainwaves allows the Mind to traveling either in the past or future, as your choice. 

The above Time travel Meditation method and Brain Waves gives you access to take your Mind wherever you want to take. 

2- Can Yogis Time Travel? 

Well, Yogis are the one who is always travelling around the universe daily. As they spend their most of the time sitting and practicing Meditation, they have already access the time travel techniques. 

Many yogis have so much potent Mind that they easily practice Time Travel Meditation Using open eye meditation, specially Rojyogi. 

3- Can I time travel through Meditation? 

Of course, you can; however, you must practice Meditation daily to make it real. Time travel needs a quiet and focused mind. Daily Meditation allows your mind to stay focused and relax during the chaos. 

If you want to take your Mind in the past through Meditation, it needs to be neutral there to recreate better and your desired situation. 

Final Words: Time Travel Meditation Technique is the best way to heal your past or create your Future. In Fact, Meditation itself is holding power to create your reality, so use it wisely. 

Dream Bigger, hold on to Your Dreams and Use Meditation Power to Make it Happen in Present Moment. 

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed

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