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8 Habits For Going With The Flow Naturally For Better Life

The idea of “going with the flow” is the most fabulous idea I ever applied in my Life. Most people think that it means not to care about what’s happening around them.

What I learned after years of practice that it means to stop resisting against the existence and accept your immediate situation.

Is it easy to do? Hell no! It’s much more frustrating than any other failure. However, practice makes a man perfect. Once you learn how to do it, you can achieve whatever you want.

If you look back at your Life, you will see that many a times, you failed despite great preparations. Also, Many times, things worked out for you in a very unexpected way.

All those experiences means, Knowing That good thing and bad things can happen in Life. However, Accepting that everything happens for a good reason helps to understand and accept the situation quickly.

Here are simple but effective ways that can help you to make going with the flow natural ways for you!

1- Know That Everything Happens For A Reason

If you desire to live Life fully and going with the flow, the most important thing you need to accept is that everything happens for good only. Is it easy to accept?

No, it’s not easy! However, if you understand the concept of Life, you will be able to connect the dots. Once you learn to connect the dots, you will see a pattern that will make you accept everything.

With many experiences, I learned that nothing is coincident in this Life. Everything is connected. Even if you reflect your Life, you, too, can see the connection between one and other events.

The time you take and resist to accept the reality, the stricter Life seems. On the other hand, when you believe in the universe and accept the happening, you move on with the time and enjoy the journey.

For a fact, Life is full of surprises, and when you accept the moment, you shift your consciousness to the next level.

Most importantly, you learn that everything is connected and happening for something better.
In other words, going with the flow becomes natural to you.

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2- Stay Aware Of Happenings

This is the most compelling way of going with the flow. Do you agree with me that your mind is either thinking about some past event or dreaming about the future?

Do you think about your past events most of the time? Well, Do you know you are still living in the past?

Let me tell you, If you can’t control your thoughts, Learn to become the observer of your it. Once you learn to do it, you will become aware of everything happening around you.

Want to know how to do it? Just notice your thoughts; don’t feel anything about it. Try out this experiment, which helped me to become observer, for a few days, write down your every thought.

The human brain is the most potent multitasking tool in this entire world. Once you use it to perform some task continually twice or thrice, it starts working as an automated mode.

In other words, you can train your brain to live in the present comfortably, and going with the flow will be easier for you.

3- Practice Deep Breathing

Have you ever felt like punching on the face of that person who suggests you calm down when you are angry? Or when things are not in favor, and someone is telling you everything happens for good only?

Well, this is what negative emotions does to the brain. It suck all the energy that provides you the strength to live in the moment. Deep breathing is the easiest way to gain instant positive energy.

Unfortunately, we forgot the essential element that keeps us alive- Prana!
When you breathe consciously, you feel the air/ energy spreading in your internal system and clearing all your emotions.

Deep breathing has been working for me, miraculously. If you can take ten minutes twice or thrice in your day, going with the flow will be natural.

When you feel tired of the situation, take 10-15 deep breaths, recharge yourself, and experience the change.
Most importantly, deep breathing has a powerful effect on your physical health.

4- Learn To Look At The Bright Side

I know its difficult to accept that everything happens for a reason. However, acceptance is a next-level capability that teaches you to look at the bright side of the situation.

I often see people avoiding talking about death. I know its extremely painful; I use to die inside every time someone was gone or during relationship crises. In fact, death and pain are the real reason behind my spiritual awakening.

I learned that those situations made me more reliable, loving, caring, and expressive. I shared my thoughts because death is the highest loss; everything other than this is tiny.

Every coin has two sides; similarly, every situation has two-way effects on our Life. One is always clearly visible, and the other is hidden.

Once you learn to find the secret message, you will start going with the flow.
Remember, every unexpected and unfavorable situation always teaches us something better.

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5- Write Down Your Thoughts And Emotions

Have you ever heard that emotions are visitors, allow them to come and go? I am sure you have. The real question here is, Is it easy to do so?
Well, In Life, nothing comes easy, when it comes to habits, it’s the hardest to develop.

However, as I mentioned earlier, that the human mind only needs a few repetitions to go on automated mode. I will recommend you to try once and share the result with me.

Allow me to share something; sometimes, some thoughts are so intense that they don’t go away quickly. In fact, The character of my book haunted me for almost five years. Once I was done with writing and published the books, she disappeared.

That was the first real step towards my writing journey. I learned, the moment I write my emotions or thoughts, they go away. It helps me to come back to the present, and going with the flow happens Naturally.

Writing also helps you to reflect and select the right thought to focus on. Most importantly, it increases the connection to yourself.

6- Know That You Can’t Control Others

The primary reason behind most suffering is that people think their children and spouse must act according to them. Or They expect that life events must occur as they want.

Let me tell you, your spouse or children are a person. You never know, They may have the desire like you. So, the question is, who is going to change this desire?

The real happiness is not in controlling someone but making them feel free. I know it’s hard, but you need to understand that we all have our role to play in each other’s Life.

Most importantly, If you can’t control your closest person, how can you think about controlling Life?

Understanding and acceptance of things and events will allow you to love and care as they are. Acceptance plays a crucial part in going with the flow.

Most importantly, once you develop acceptance, you invite more peace and fulfillment in Life.

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7- Take One Step At A Time

Here is the real truth; these habits are not easy to develop. People like me have practiced it for years, and then we can share our experiences. Therefore, don’t hurry; give yourself time and take one step at a time.

To earn money and build a dream life, you invest many years to get a college degree. Have you ever thought about what you gain after all those years?

Of course, money with Lots of pain, depression, anxiety, and physical disease that takes all the happiness away.

I believe that giving yourself an hour daily will provide all those happiness and make you feel fulfilled. Do you think it’s worth it or not?

Choose wisely; your choices are always in your control. If you practice all the above steps every day, you will be unstoppable. Going with the flow will be your natural way of living Life.

8- Meditate For Half An Hour

The key to unlocking every potential you hold in your heart in meditation. It can rewire your brain the way you want it. However, it requires a more widespread practice.

Every way I mention above will be more natural for you if you can meditate an hour daily. Meditation helps you to relax your brain cells and allow you to train your brain according to you.

In other words, You can control your brain and its activity by practicing meditation daily. There are many types of meditation people practice, and you can choose the one which works for you.

I will recommend you to learn Rajyoga. I found Rajyoga the hardest to practice, but the easiest to open your third eye and practice everything mentioned above.

Even if you can sit for 30-40 minutes observing your thoughts, it means your meditation started working. Don’t think you cant do or it’s not working. Its the process, and the first step of meditation is to make yourself sit for half an hour.

If you can sit consciously for half an hour daily, going with the flow will be easy for you.

Final words: Living Life as it comes can be hard but not impossible. Practice all those above ways to make going with the flow natural for yourself.

Give yourself at least 21 days and see the magic. I bet you will not be the same, but better than you can imagine.

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