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12 Things to Remember in Life When You Feel Lost and Discouraged

Life is not always kind towards many of us; however, having a positive approach is still our choice. When things don’t happen according to your plan, here are 12 Things to Remember in a tough time.

I believe challenges are just an examination being taken by Life. We know that Life is a journey, and we have to pass many papers during this journey. There is no other opinion that we only learn during bad phases; good phase has shiny light. This shiny light most of the blur things that can be seen only during dark days.

I know It’s easy to suggest holding on for some more time but hardest to survive during painful days. I have been for a longer time in such dark days, and I know how it feels.

The best part of me is that I am my own motivator, and that inspirational side of me also gets tired sometimes. Yet, I created these 12 things to always remember poster and pasted it in front of my bed.

Believe me, when you will read it out loud, something will awake within you and give you the strength to stand again, walk again, and succeed also.

In this article of Bigbraincoach, I will share 12 things to remember in Life and value the time you have been gifted with.

1- Your Thoughts has Power; Use it Now

I know it might not be the right time to say that we create our reality. Our thought holds all the ingredients to create our reality. Sometimes, we unconsciously create negative pictures in our mind that takes place not immediately but later sometimes.

It is scientifically proven that our thoughts hold creative energy. Now, when you know the truth, start creating a different reality that can change your situation. It may not happen immediately but will begin happening slowly from day one.

No matter how hard time you are going through, take a paper and pen, sit quietly, and take a deep breath. Breathe until the mind s activity slows down. Now, Start writing different realities that will make you feel alive and hopeful again.

Believe me, my love, You are worthy, and Life is worth living, so start writing your destiny with the pen of thoughts. One of the most important of 12 things to remember is You are Worthy and Loved by Universe itself. 

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2- There is a Mysterious Door is About to Open for You

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I don’t know since you face a challenging time; however, I am aware of your struggle. I also can’t assure you about time, but I can ensure that a mysterious door is about to open for you. Keep your attention happening around you.

Often struggle blinds our mind, eyes, and wisdom to make sure we fight to rise again. It merely means Life wants us to become more robust and more mindful. You may be unable to see the light but believe me, my friend, there is a light around you.

One of the 12 things to remember in life book/ journey is that there is always a door; it only opens when you surrender yourself. So, It’s time to submit yourself and wait consciously for the magical moment when the door opens up.

3- 12 Things to Remember- Your Past is Gone, Let it Go

Suffering is nothing but holding some painful past, event, or people, especially those who need to go now. Whether you have positive or negative memories, memories that hurt are like Garbage.

The event, in the Past, Happened, you learned the lesson, took the essence. Now it has no value; letting it go is the wisest decision you will ever make.

You did wrong, right, or you did nothing; it doesn’t matter now. Now is a new, fresh and present to you from God. Many people didn’t get this gift today, so use it. Please don’t waste it thinking about the Past and not taking action now.

One of the 12 things to remember in Life is that Past is a piece of heavy baggage. It’s not a wise act to carry it into your bright, beautiful, and pleasant future. Like you go for trekking and take only essential things, chose only crucial elements to survive and move on.

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4- Everybody is Going Through, Most of Them Know How to Fight Back

Let’s face it; most of the suffering these days are because of social media fake post. Trust me; This time is for suffering and clearing past karmic accounts, so everybody is going through something.

The only difference is they think if they fake things, no one will understand that they are aren’t happy. Being honest with yourself and searching for options to make your Life better make you the wisest one.

So, don’t fall into the fake trap of social media or other shining events; just focus on your Life. Do those tiny but exciting things that make you forget everything and live in the present. Find out that thing and do it repeatedly, bring excitement to your Life, and recreate it again.

One of the most crucial about 12 things to remember is to never loose hope, stand tall and fight back. 

5- You are More Than You Know Yourself

Do you know there is always a chance to better yourself or learn new things and jump to Live’s next level? If you don’t know, let me surprise you; Life knows your potential, my love.

Suffering is also a sign of staying at one place for a longer time; Life needs you to flow like water. Just like water stored at one place without movement, it stinks. Similarly, Life needs up-gradation with time.

When people forget this law of nature, Life forces you to remember it again and take action accordingly. Search for your unrevealed strength and take action to awaken it. Believe me; this strength is that mystical door that requires you to focus on yourself consciously.

One of the essential things of 12 things to remember about Life is to stay conscious and work on your potentiality.

6- You don’t choose Dreams; dreams Chooses You

Let me reveal a very mystic truth; people think they dream and make things happen. The truth is that the dream itself chooses that person to make it real and serve society. So, If you still have some buried plan, it’s time to make it live.

Yes, you can make it real because you are chosen by Life and dream itself. Your current mental, financial, psychological state has nothing to do with it. You only require to decide right now; Life will guide you.

Take a break from your routine, visit some temples, beaches, gardens, mountains, or your favorite place, just go somewhere. Relax your body, clear your mind, feel the breeze, listen to the water sound of birds singing, and you are ready to stand again.

Remember, one of the essential things of 12 things to remember in Life is to stay connected to your soul.

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7- Attachment to People Leads nowhere, But Goals Do

You may like it or not, but my life experiences taught me to attach myself to my life purpose, not to people. Nothing is permanent in this world; however, some people are temporary visitors and permanent joy destroyers.

The best thing such people taught me about Life is that do not get attached to anyone; attachment to people, in return, provide pain. Find out your purpose in Life, this is the best time, and stick your core to it. Believe me; you are going to thank me someday.

The other side of this reality is people often don’t rise to the higher energy level you are, so you lower yourself for them. It’s the most regretting mistake people like you or me make. Never fall your energy for someone or try to push them to match you.

One of the most extraordinary things of 12 things to remember about Life is that not everyone is made for walking with you for a lifetime.

8- 12 things to remember/ Life is Meant to Create Legacy

“God never creates anything without any value.” Every creature on this planet has a specific value and serving to humanity. Your Life may not feel worthy because you are unable to see the light. Believe me, Suffering always leads to a more significant destination.

No matter how you are feeling at this moment, just light a flame in your heart and let it shine to your aura. A little light is enough to survive because it’s the light of hope that will take you to a different life dimension.

One of the most vital things of 12 things to remember about dark days is to draw an unbelievable structure of your future and be involved in creating it.

9- When an Egg is broken from inside, Life happens

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An egg has nothing but protein if you break it from outside and cook it as an amulet. When the same egg breaks organically from inside, a chicken, Life comes out with time and a little care.

When you feel lost and broken in Life, nothing seems visible. Wait, take a little extra care of yourself; you will create a life you always believed. Waiting and a little extra mental and physical care during hard days are the gateways to a stable and more harmonious life.

Holding on faith in yourself and God while everything seems worthless is the wisest and more profound thought. One of the essential things of 12 things to remember during dark days is to keep yourself connected to God.

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10- 12 things to remember/ Broken can be beautiful

Whether a person is financially broke or by heart, both can be fixed. In fact, it allows for creating a design of your choice. No matter how broke you are right now, collect all the pieces, put them together, and make something of your choice.

The truth is that Even today’s millionaires were broke at some times, and every beautiful couple has gone through many rough patches of Life. They decided not to allow the struggle to define them, but they will do.

One of the crucial points of 12 Things to Remember about Life is that it will test you, break you, but never allow it to define you.

11- 12 Things to Remember- It’s your Life, Live for Yourself

I have seen many people suffering because of someone they called ‘Love,’ business partner or family. Let me be very straight here; it’s all either excuses or social boundaries you cannot cross.

One of the essential things of 12 things to remember about Life is never lost yourself for anybody. Being in a relationship or loving someone doesn’t mean losing yourself for that person.

Live Life as you want to live, go hiking, trekking, visit places that boost your energy. Never allow yourself to stay low for a longer time; find reasons to stay happy. Connect to new people and make new connections; it’s the best way to upgrade yourself.

12- Quitting is for losers, and you are not Looser

Quitting has had never been in my vocabulary; here I am, not talking about people but Life. I take Life as a challenge every moment; I don’t settle for the comfort I have achieved.

No matter how many challenges life presents to you, never think of quitting your Life. One of the wisest things of 12 things to remember is to keep breathing and look for a bright future.

If you are reading this article, I can guarantee you are a fighter my fried and create a miracle in your Life.

Final Words: Remember, Life is simple if we chose to stay focused on our Life. These 12 things to remember about Life during the dark and unfavorable days are tiny stars in the sky.

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