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To Be Honest in Life, Adopt These 9 Simple Yet Effective Habits

Looking for an answer to What does it mean, to be honest with yourself in order to grow in life miraculously? Well, the very most important skill we need to have is saying honest with self. However, Getting affected by society’s requirements are optional in life.

We live in a world where everyone is trying to compete with others and run faster to beat others. This race has brought us far from our own self, and many of us have forgotten who we are and the core purpose of our life. It’s one of the primary reason behind suffering and failure.

In this article of BigbrainCoach, I will share nine reasons, to be honest with yourself while working to fulfil your dreams and chase your goals.

Before we jump to the reasons, let’s see what it means to be honest with self in day-to-day activities. So, it’s very crucial to understand the true meaning of being honest first.

Well, Being honest with self, For me, is to stay connected to my core and know what really I want or who really I want to become in life.

We communicate and encounter many people every day, and no doubt, they influence us in some ways. It’s undeniable about trying to get impressed and forget our own true nature. However, this impression may lead to frustration and depression in the long run.

In order to learn who you want to become and what it takes to go, there is the primarily important thing. Once it’s clearer, stay focused and don’t get influenced by others perspective.

Being Insincere with self is the worst action to harm or fool yourself. This is why it is good, to be honest with yourself first, then everything aligns in favor of you.

Before we explore various ways, to be honest with yourself, Remember, Life is short, and Honesty has been the best policy to win people or life.

Here are nine ways To Be honest with yourself while chasing your dreams and Goals in this material world.

1- Remember, Your Body is the first Temple

Knowing that we live in our body before looking at the house size is the yogic but real view. When you honor your body as the first temple you entered, everything becomes holistic, the way you think, react, feel or look at others.

No, it’s not my assumption or fantasy world, but it’s my most incredible experience that made me transformed. We have forgotten that we are travelers to this beautiful planet and our duties towards it. Getting entangled with other person or their opinion and forgetting who you have already damaged a lot.

It’s time to show gratitude towards life and look at the different dimensions of life. Stay connected to yourself, no matter how many people cross your life path and leave their impression.

In order to honor your first temple, your Body, practice Yoga, cardio and other physical activities and experience the divine feelings it offers to you.

2- Stay Connected to Your Routine Strongly

One of the best ways to distract yourself is cheating with your daily routine for any reason When you disturb your routine, unconsciously, you disturb your entire mind-body-soul connection wire. Daily routine keeps you on your track without any loss.

One of the best ways to be honest with yourself is to stay focused and follow all the prepared schedule. Make changed to upgrade yourself and your life but don’t adjust with anything low than your standard.

Before being honest to the world, stay sincerely connected to yourself, it fills your soul to such an extent that you don’t need others approval in life.

3- Accept the Happening and Keep Going

Do you know the reason behind most of the suffering people go Through? Their non-acceptance towards situation and blame game. The Holy Gita says everything happens for a reason at the perfect time in perfect ways. Then why to think much and analyze anything?

Accepting and letting it go not only help in moving on but open new doors of opportunities. When you are commented to yourself, it’s easy to process life with time without any blockage.

One of the best ways to be honest with yourself and others is not to blame anyone for anything but accept the things as they appear.

4- To Be Honest With yourself Reflection is the best way

When most are busy criticizing others, smartest people on this planet are reflecting, judging and transforming themselves. Being honest with self means becoming your critic and changing what is not fruitful.

Learn to sometimes adjust before bed and reflect on your day, find your behavior, decision or any other lessons that need improvement. Work on your loopholes and enhance your lifestyle every day.

One of the best ways to be honest with yourself is to listen to different life areas that are demanding change. Reflecting on your day also guides you to make more quality time for the things that require your demand.

5- To Be Honest With yourself, Trust your Inner Voice


The world has been the worst manipulative instruments since ancient time. If you want to live your life and be honest with yourself, you must listen to your inner voice. The only real guide, mentor, and loyal friend God has provided you is your inner voice, honor it, value it and follow it.

You can often get confused Between the situation and inner voice; even during this confusion, there is an inner voice that can tell you whom to follow.

People often get confused Between mind and heart, well, if you will learn to listen and develop your inner voice, it will bypass all the confusion.

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6- Accepting your Mistakes is the door to the Solution

Many people don’t realize that success won’t come to them until you accept the fact and take responsibility for your failure. When things are not under your control, sometimes it may be planetary effects, but there may be a chance that you are missing something.

When you start reflecting on your day and be honest with yourself, You will find many reasons behind your failure in particular areas. Remember, the most important thing,.no one is perfect on this planet, but accepting mistakes and bettering yourself always lead towards perfection.

One of the best ways to be honest with yourself is, don’t argue but silently observe yourself. You don’t need to announce your mistakes but silently accept and work to fix them as soon as possible. Being honest always opens unknown doors of solutions in mysterious ways.

7- To Be Honest, honor Your Emotions and Feelings

Do you know your emotions can be either your best friend or worst enemy? Well, uncontrolled mind, emotions or feelings always leads to depression or lower energy. Every human on this planet has been gifted with many Emotions and Feelings, feel it, control it, and most importantly honor it.

Emotions may be frustrating sometimes; however, channeling them is one of the best ways, to be honest with your inner core. Life without feelings seems like a computer, but controlled emotions make you a person with a strong will and writer of your fate.

Connect you every emotion and Feeling to your goal, life purpose, and they will take you there in most mysterious ways. Do not spend much on someone who doesn’t value or honor the feelings that can harm you and decrease your self-confidence.

8- To Be Honest, Stay Open to Learning


Learning is a fantastic work I am always excited to do for a lifetime. Believe me; if you are not learning new things with changing world, you stay somewhere in the past.

Do you desire and working towards upgrading your life but not learning new things? Well, even your desire would love to meet better and up gradated version of you.

One of the fantastic ways to be honest in life is to learn new skills to enhance your connection with yourself.

To be honest in life entirely means exploring your inner abilities, creating something unique using it, and presenting to the world. That’s the primary reason you are reading my article and searching for ways to become more honest and live a peaceful life with dignity.

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9- Practice authenticity More on Daily Basis

Unlike gold, you need more purification to shine; your inner qualities need more practice to grow and become your power someday. Yes, you read it correctly, Honesty is a superpower, everyone is desiring, but only a few can possess. Practice it daily in small events with people you love and surround yourself.

One of the best things about being honest with yourself in life is to live your life fullest but don’t tolerate anything or anyone trying to destroy your boundaries in anyways.

Make Honesty your top priority and experience the miracle, its one of that miraculous policy that not only provides a peaceful and joyful life but guides you to vibrate higher and spread positivity around.


1- What is meant by to be honest?

If I have to answer in one sentence, then to be honest means to be authentic, fearless, frank, truthful sincere and direct.

2- What is a word for being too honest?

Being too honest means not caring about what others feel or how they will react but just present your genuine opinion. For example, if a girl, in Party, asks, how am I looking then not thinking about she may dislike you answer honestly about her weird dress or messy hair.

3- What is another way to say honestly?

Another words for honestly are sincerely, genuinely, candidly, truthfully, truly, openly, freely, wholeheartedly and frankly.

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4- How do you get 100% honest?

Accepting yourself as you are and practicing all the above tips daily will purify you and make you 100 per cent honest in every way.

Final Words: All the above reason is proof that why is it good to be honest in life. To be honest with yourself doesn’t only benefit you but people you love and live around too. Life offers people, just like you, who support you, To be honest with yourself in life and live the life you want.

The more you practice being authentic, the more life will love you and present you the gifts you never imagined.

I wish you become more authentic and your dream version in life.

Stay Blessed 

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