8 Characteristics of Being Different That Enhances Your Psychic Ability

Do you think you don’t fit in the society, and that makes you uncomfortable? Well, I feel the same. However, being different has been a blessing to me. Its one of the simplest way to recognize and Explore your Psychic Powers. If you are still unaware of your Uniqueness, read my previous article about Psychic Abilities

I have many memories of my childhood, where I was not able to express myself. I noticed people don’t think or feel the way I do, so I preferred to stay quiet about my thoughts and feelings.

When I went to college, I could not communicate with others because they were so outspoken and smarter than me. Do you think it was because of the inferiority complex?

No, it was not, I had my opinion, but they were in masses, and I never liked to explain myself to anyone. I was open to only those who understood me and accepted me as I am.

When I started working, everyone liked me and my work. I mean, I am never interested in gossips and complaining. I love performing my duties at my best. What else an employer need?

Most importantly, being different never allowed me to feel lonely. Well, sometimes it does, but its only point one percent. Otherwise, I have always been happy with myself.

There is a lot of advantage of being different. If you think you are different, then you might feel blessed to know more about yourself.

There are many Hidden blessings in being different. Here are 9 Characteristics of Being Different!


1- Increased Self-Esteem

The famous Maya Angelou once said that You alone are enough; therefore, you have nothing to prove to anybody.

When you realize that being different means being your authentic self, it heightens your self-esteem. You may have tried to explain your side to others in the past but failed.

To understand that you are unique and everyone will not understand you, You will not feel the necessity of proving yourself.

Being your authentic self provides you fewer but real people. Your opinions will be considered by less, but it will be totally yours, not influenced by someone else.

Isn’t it worth and proud moment?

Most importantly, Realizing being different makes you think more and keeps your focus on bettering yourself.

2- Being DifferentAlone but Not Lonely

Being different means, you get a lot of time to spend alone. However, you don’t feel lonely because you are always busy with your thoughts.

You might don’t get an invitation to many parties, but trust me; it’s right for you. Most of such parties suck for different people, Am right?.


People know that you won’t participate and waste your precious time and energy in gossips or other mellow drama, so be thankful to them for not inviting you.

I believe, being different means you are gifted with something amazing. Maybe you haven’t figure out yet. However, you get a lot of time to think and explore your own life. So, One day you will understand and embrace your uniqueness.

Being different helps you to keep your mental and emotional health perfectly healthy and maintain your focus. Ultimately, you are capable of achieving everything you desire in life.

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3- You Create Your Own Life Principles

If you look around, you will see people stuck in rules and regulations they don’t even like. They are prisoners of their own mind or society.

Being different means you don’t bother what others think of you. You better know what is right for you what is not. Therefore, you are living free from society’s prison.

Most importantly, you have the ability to create your principles and live a better life than others.

Unfortunately, I have seen no matter how good you are; some people will criticize you in any way. Being different doesn’t allow me to care for their opinion because I feel their view reflects their own life.


Most importantly, when you follow your own principles, your confidence increase to your highest.

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4- Greater Empathy

The world is suffering, and everyone is not able to feel other’s pain. In such a world, being different is the world actually needs.

The world is lacking empathy because they are disconnected to themselves. Being alone gives you enough time to recharge, meditate, and raise your energy.

Empathy enhances your ability to understand and share the feelings and experiences of others. In other words, It increases the depth to the love you feel for others.

Spending more time alone develops empathy in you and makes you a better person. It also helps you to channelize your own emotion and make you mentally, emotionally stronger.

Being different also means you are always ready to help others because you don’t expect anything from others in return. Don’t you think; you are the kind of person everyone is searching for? Feel extra blessed!

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5- You Are Your Own Mentor

The most significant advantage of being different is that you don’t need a mentor. Most of the time you spend reading books, watching some reality, and listening to something motivational.

Spending time alone itself is a motivation that guides you to your fate. Reading, listening, watching is your motivation. In other words, being different allow you to use your senses to inspire yourself and grow.

Most of the suffering in today’s world is because everyone is trying to be better than others. Being different also makes you fearless and not to compare to others.

When you don’t compare yourself to others, you grow walking on your path.

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6- Being Different You Don’t Judge Others

The greatest gift of being different is you can understand everyone and don’t judge others. Most of the relationship crises are because of misunderstanding and judging others.

People judge others based on their own experiences, which leads to misunderstandings. Being Different allows you to think differently, instead of judging others, you try to connect and understand them.

Most importantly, The empathy you carry in your heart enables you to feel other’s intentions behind their actions.

7- You Know How to Take Care of Yourself

These days, Loving and caring for the self is the toughest job to perform. People find it easy to love and care for others, and in loving others, they forget and lose themselves.

The disconnection to self leads to mental illness and suffering. It causes depression, insomnia, panic attacks, and gradually many physical diseases.

Being different grant you the wisdom to put your mental health at the top. You know that if you are happy and healthy, you can take care of everyone and love them unconditionally.

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8- You Define Your Success

Being different means you never accept other definitions for your life or actions. Accepting other’s definition have a significant effect on the brain, most of the time negatively.

Being different allows you to define yourself, life, and your success. Life has a different meaning for you, and you are capable to fulfill that.

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Final Words: Being different may make you suffer sometimes. However, all these qualities clearly signify that you are qualified to bring a positive change in society.


Understand yourself, your need, and learn to embrace being different and the power you pose. You are Gifted!

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Stay Blessed


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