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7 Psychic Abilities Symptoms | How to Tell If Someone is Psychic

Are you looking to explore if you possess any Psychic Abilities Symptoms? Well, I can assure you, You are going to recognize many of your Mystic abilities today.

Being a spiritual Healer, I know that In most cases, Psychic Abilities Symptoms are there since childhood. However, Lack of knowledge or ignorance doesn’t help to understand or explore other abilities.

Anyway, The best part is that these Gifts themselves force you to understand and recognize your true potential as time passes. I am going to provide many simple insights that have been ignored by you. However, I feel you must understand first what clairvoyant abilities are in Depth.

Hence, Let’s explore the real meaning of psychic abilities first.

Psychic Abilities Meaning 

Psychic abilities are the potent qualities of a human being inherited or enhanced by performing Good Karma. In other words, It’s the purest state of a Human Being. To Help, Share, and Create a better world Universe blesses you with these powers.

Later in this post, I will also share some small, specific, and helpful tips to develop or enhance your psychic abilities.

Before that, let’s explore different Psychic Abilities Symptoms that make you different from others.

Psychic Abilities Symptoms | Symptoms of Psychic Abilities

1- Psychic Abilities Symptoms: Kindness

1st symptoms of psychic abilities can be seen while you were 5 or 10 years old. Reflect on your childhood and see if you can find yourself kinder towards poor people or Animals.

After Gaining Healing abilities, I realized I often cried in my alone time when I saw any needy person in my early childhood. However, I couldn’t share my feelings with anybody as I never saw anyone else crying over others’ pain.

Kindness is the real and potent symptoms of psychic abilities because It helps you to develop Giving ability.

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2- Being Introvert or Loner

If you like Alone time and a sense that you are comfortable being an Introvert, You definitely need to explore Psychic Abilities. Often people don’t understand their abilities because no one guides or believes them.

To explore yourself, start experimenting with your senses, understanding and of course, observe your thinking and feeling.

Do you know silence has the power to trigger many of the hidden power you can not imagine without experience? I believe being a loner or Introvert is a sign that there is something special hidden inside you. So, Never try to fit into the outer environment, Instead Explore yourself.

In ancient India, people used to go into caves to meditate for months and returned with supernatural powers. In modern society, It’s hard to spend so much time in the mountains. However, being an introvert is natural caves to gain those abilities by taking care of self.

Being an Introvert is one of the Psychic Abilities Symptoms to enhance your qualities or hidden power; one must stay alone. Alone time is to experiment, experience, understand, and upgrade yourself to be comfortable in society.

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3- Your Senses are Better Than Others

As a polite, introverted, and kind child, I always suffered. At the same time, I developed the ability to understand others, their feelings, expressions, and the next movement. The unique thing about it that I never shared it with others or never wondered about it.

Most importantly, I never tried intentionally; I use to sense others naturally. It was like it’s in the air, and the atmosphere is for everyone so others too can perceive it.

Many times I was correct about my thought about others. Most importantly, I thought its a regular thing, and everyone is like this. The idea of accepting it naturally lead me to explore my abilities.

Years later, when I started meditation and study spirituality, I realized the thing I have is unique.

If you can sense others’ pain, Pleasure, or Thoughts naturally, it’s one of the Psychic Abilities Symptoms. In India, Rituals are called “Sadhna,” which I believe must be done hidden. It’s the secret of enhancing your abilities without exposing to the world.

4- Psychic Abilities Symptoms: Dreams about God

I believe believers in God have a vast potential to awaken their psychic abilities with very few exercises. In the modern society where Science is taking over God, and everything is seen through logical eyes. If you can blindly trust in the presence of God in your life itself is a sign that you are different.

Dreams of Fairies, Angles, or different God faces are memories of your abilities stored deep within consciousness. I believe It’s one of the symptoms of awakening psychic abilities that forces you to upgrade your living.

Born in a Hindu family, I often saw Shivji, Ma kali, in my dreams but never understood the meaning. People suggested asking for blessings or reasons why they appear in my dreams, but I couldn’t. After my awakening, I am convinced that those dreams forced me to meditate and find answers.

Today, I am guiding, Healing, and helping people enhance their lives in many ways.

5- You Attract Negative People

One of the widespread psychic abilities symptoms is that you are drawn towards negative people. Before my awakening, I had many people in my life who were sucking my energy and making me miserable.

However, it was not visible to me, but others could see it very clearly. For me, they were correct, caring, innocent, and loving people. Therefore, I was blindly in love with them.

In other words, If you are surrounded by loving and caring people, but you are feeling lost. It’s time to understand that it’s psychic abilities symptoms, and you need to move on and explore your inner self.

Most importantly, Love and care for yourself instead of getting entangled with someone for the same.

One of the psychic abilities symptoms is that you are always unfulfilled in a relationship but unable to figure out why.

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6- Stronger Sensitivity and Gut Feelings

Sensitivity is a sign that a person can absorb energy, whether from people, environment, or incident. I always suffered from sensitivity, and people always made me feel weak and advised me to become strong and healthy.

Besides, I never felt sick, and the doctor could not recognize the symptoms of my behavior.

When I started growing spiritually, I understood that sensitivity is supernatural power unless you don’t accept and use it in the right direction. My sensitivity most of the time helped me to go on the right path. However, the People I was attached to most of the time confused me by their negative opinion.

When I Finally choose my path by listening to my gut, I discovered that I was always right. However, people were manipulating my senses by not accepting the truth.

So, Consider your Sensitivity and gut feelings one of the Psychic Abilities Symptoms that require to enhance.

7- You Are Not Bothered About Others Opinion About You

Having so many diverse behavioral changes obviously makes you a weirdo. However, You don’t have time to think about others’ perspectives towards you. Instead, you are always busy with your ideas, sentiments, and trying to understand people secretly.

I have always been so busy in my inner world that people straight asked me why I don’t bother when others act against me. The real reason behind my silence and smile is that I can sense their mental state.

Many a time, they made me think I am spineless, but I never felt that way. Instead, I felt that I didn’t hurt someone back, and that’s something good in me. I never Imagine that small goodness is Psychic Abilities Symptoms that will lead me to gain Healing powers.

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1- Do Humans Possess Psychic abilities?

The answer is a Big Yes, Unlink other creatures humans do possess psychic abilities. In fact, humans possess all the abilities that other living creatures do. Unfortunately not everyone is aware about this mystical fact.

With a little effort and conditioning everyone can awaken that giant possibilities lies within them.

Final Words: I hope you can connect to these simple Psychic Abilities Symptoms and work to enhance them. Trust me, no Matter what others believe or say, you are gifted, and you must admit it.

Most Importantly, Billions of people right now googling and watching porn; you are here for a reason, MY FRIEND. I wish you good luck on your Journey to Exploring your Psychic Abilities Symptoms and creating a new world for yourself.

Let me know in the comment box if you could connect any of the above Psychic Abilities Symptoms.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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  6. I am a healer and I know it———I fulfilled———all seven————i worked for 12 years in a Secondary High School as teacher and program leader in an alternative school to help students that were not succeeding in the regular school programs. Most program leaders lasted max of 3 years and I went for twelve years and helped to have others change their lives as they became aware of their psychological blocks to learning. I felt that we did well given the short time that we had to be of influence——–my sanity was in allowing the people to own themselves. Not all were willing to do that and or were not ready. some were dead within 5yrs –Human tragedies —of my count 2 of them. I could go on but I won’t for now. Have thought heavily about human hurt and how to help that. I have become aware how human hurt has influenced me in my own life and have released the hurt to become better for myself and for others. Am in my eightieth year and feel that my journey of help will continue and that feel I know how to look after myself in abundance and happiness. It is currently on the way.

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