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Open Eye Meditation | 3 Easiest Ways to Open Your Third Eye

Are you someone who has the desire to strengthen your Meditation or upgrade your consciousness? Many of my clients desperately want to enhance their health, wealth, and lifestyle but cannot meditate. Let me tell you, Opening third Eye activates hidden Psychic Abilities which can transform your life. 

Well, If you are one of them who is looking for easier way to open third eye, I have brought a more profound design Open Eye Meditation for you in this article.

Read till the end; you might explore a different way about Meditation.

Recently, someone asked me to guide them to practice effective open eye meditation. If you too desire the same, Answer me first, what is the meaning of Meditation for you?

I intend you to understand that Meditation is not just for relaxation, but it’s a way of cleansing, removing, and filling the gaps. Most of the world is running behind relaxation but not understanding how potent meditation practices are.

To make my observation clearer, let me explain the meaning of Open Eye Meditation and why it’s essential.

What is Open Eye Meditation?

Meditation with the closed eye is way easier than the open eye. However, you need to practice your creation in the real world with open eyes to transform your vision into reality.

Therefore, Open Eye Meditation is to bring your vision into reality while being conscious and enjoying the process simultaneously.

Now for some of you, it won’t be easy, which is natural. To remove the obstacle, I will recommend you start with closed eyes, create thoughts and feelings, and then open your eyes and practice your creation.

There are a few easier ways to start with Open Eye Meditation; read and select the best one for yourself.

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Types of Open Eye Meditation: Open Eye Meditation Name

1- Tratak Kriya
2- Rajyog By BrahmaKumaris
3- Mindfulness Meditation

Let’s understand three of them in detail to make you chose the best one for you.

One Eye Meditation: Tratak Kriya


To perform Tratak Kriya, one must focus on an object like a Candle flame. It’s one of the best Meditation methods to open the Third Eye quickly. However, I have seen people getting distracted easily. The reason behind this distraction is a lack of knowledge.

Therefore, Meditation without the right knowledge is like getting lost in a dense forest. Before Practicing Tratak Kriya, Remember one thing, Candle flame is just a symbol because, in the end, you need to bring your energy to the Third Eye.

Steps to Perform Tratak Kriya

1- Get a comfortable environment (little dark space), a Yoga mat, a small table to keep the candle on, and sit in Padmasan Mudra. Lit the candle and place it on the table, 2-3 feet away from you on the level of your forehead.

2- Inhale deeply, hold it as long as you can, and then inhale slowly. Do this breathing practice and relax your body completely; it also helps bring your attention to the present moment.

3- Now, stare at the burning flame as long as you can keep your eye open. When you close your eyes, notice the changes in your mind and thoughts. Then repeat it 5 to 10 times daily.

4- Here is an extra tip for you; The mind always demands variety to escape from boredom. After a few days of practicing Tratak Kriya, bring your attention to your third eye and notice the happening there.

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2- Open Eye Meditation: Mindfulness Meditation


If you ask me to summaries mindfulness in one sentence, I will quote it in this way, “mindfulness is Keeping your attention in the present, Accepting the happening, and Let it Go.” That’s it.

However, Practicing Meditation is way more profound than living in the present moment.

How to perform Mindfulness Meditation

1- Select a suitable place, Clothing, design an environment, and sit in a comfortable position on your meditation asana. Before starting Meditation, decide how much time you want to sit, such as 25 minutes, 30, or 45 minutes. It helps to kick start as your mind will get the instruction to sit for the selected period.

2- Inhale deeply, hold the breath as long as you can and then exhale slowly. Do this 10-15 times; you will experience relaxation and present at the moment.

3- Close your eyes and observe the thoughts rising into your mind. Do not react, Judge, try to stop or create any feeling related to those thoughts or situations. After a few minutes, open your eyes; it will be easier to observe your thinking after practicing closed eyes. It’s the way I manipulate my mind to stay in the present moment.

4- After a few days of practicing mindfulness meditation, try while performing any task such as bathing, brushing, doing laundry, dishes. Make sure do not try while performing a task that demands your full awareness, like driving a car.

3- Open Eye Meditation: Rajyog by Brahmakumaris

Let me confess one thing before writing about Rajyoga, “It’s very little I am sharing with you. To Understand and experience Rajyoga, please Visit their center and experience it”. It’s completely Free; besides, you require to invest your time with your eyes and mind open.

Rajyog is about building a relationship with the highest energy source called Shiv Baba and using it in your daily routine. I believe it’s the most challenging but most powerful Meditation in the entire universe.

To know more About Shiv Baba, visit the link below.

Raja Yoga Meditation

How to Perform Rajyoga

1- Select a place, comfortable asana, Clothing, and the right time to spend time with the highest creation source. Practice a few deep breaths as above and let your mind-body relax and come in the present moment.

2- Imagine Shiva Baba in front of your third Eye (He looks like a twinkling star) and see the energy rays falling on your forehead. Even Talking to him or noticing your thinking also works for initial days.

3- The energy rays declutter your mind, make you feel light, and energize within few days. In the beginning, You can try with closed Eyes for a few minutes and then with open eyes.

4- I Found its the best open Eyes meditation as it never felt like trying to meditate. It’s like putting effort into building a relationship with someone, and we humans are good at that. I am sure you will agree with me.

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Benefits of Open Eye Meditation

Open eye meditation is definitely not as easy as people may think. However, Once you learn to do so, it’s life-changing because you will experience a miraculous transformation. Some of the Benefits are as bellow.

1- If you intend to shift your life to another dimension sooner, you require to sit and meditate. However, Open eye meditation supports to meditate anywhere and anytime in lack of time.

2- I have encountered people practicing closed eyes Meditation but reacting in the same old ways to challenges. By practicing open Eye meditation, You learn faster to tackle real-life challenges with better understanding and acceptance.

3- Meditation means to witness the happening, Performing your best without attachment to the situation, places, or people. Open eye meditation develops the ability to witness, learn, and let it go.

4- Detachment does not mean losing your sensitivity and emotions but channelizing your energy to analyze and perform in the right and best way. Open Eye meditation supports opening your wisdom eye, known as the third eye, effortlessly and efficiently.

5- Open Eye meditation develops problem-solving ability without getting entangled in the situation or people. Awareness is a powerful word to clear and create Karmik Accounts. It makes you super aware of every second of your life.

6- One of the common challenges with closed eye meditation is falling asleep within a few minutes. Practicing open eyes meditation can make you a little hallucinate, but there are no chances of falling asleep. It’s one of the genuine reasons one must try any of the above Meditation.

7- Awareness provide more clarity in life. When you are aware of everything happening around you, you develop a sense of where to focus in life. It gives you clarity about choosing the right way to give meaning to your life.

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Simple Tips to Enhance Your Open Eye Meditation Practices

1- As I mentioned above, it’s not easy; you will get distracted easily. However, as soon as you sense distraction, bring your attention to your awareness.

2- To develop your awareness, Decide a time duration to do some deep breathing. Consider it as a sign to keep your awareness in the present moment.

3- If you find it hard to stay aware for a longer time, combine it with closed eyes. For example, if you decide to practice open eye meditation for one hour, then after 15 or 20 minutes, close your eye for 3 minutes. This combination works effectively.

4- Learn to replace your Emotions such as sadness with awareness, Excitement as an opportunity, Happiness as Creation. This particular activity attracts more opportunities to enhance your lifestyle as well as Meditation.

5- Create a stimulus to stay focused, such as watching sunrise, sunset, or observing your pet’s behavior. You can also write down some affirmation as a reminder and place it in places you spend most of your time.

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Open-Eye Meditation Hallucinations

The most critical fact to accept in life is that “Where you place your Awareness, It becomes your reality.” Awareness is your creative energy, and when you choose to place it in the right place, the Law of Attraction happens.

I believe, Dreaming with your open eyes rather than with closed eyes is forcing Universe to Work in favor of you.

Therefore, Open Eye Meditation Hallucinations can be your real Ginnie to ask the universe for your desires to get fulfilled.

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Final Words: If you are a beginner, I won’t recommend starting with Open Eye Meditation. However, if you desire strongly and are focused, then go for Rajyoga and practice under a teacher’s guidance for a few days.

I provide a way deeper wisdom and guided Meditation; you can contact me through the mail.

If you have any queries related to this article, feel free to comment. If you liked the article, take the initiative to guide others by sharing the article.

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