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15 Amazing Books on Meditation to Guide And Deepen Your Practice

Are you looking for books on meditation?

Whether you’re beginner, trying to increase your practice, or looking for a better mindful living, you are going to get a book for you.

As we all know, meditation can be learned through seminars, guided meditation courses, and guided videos. However, there’s a certain depth of knowledge that can be gain only from books.

There are thousands of books available in the market on the same subject. It’s tough to select the best one, right?

We have to bring the books on meditation for you, which is going to increase your awareness and deepen your meditation.

Here are 15 Books on meditation every meditator must read. 

1- Little Book of Mindfulness

Nowadays, mindfulness is the most popular technique among other forms of meditations. If you are planning to practice some meditation, this one is the most comfortable meditation book to start with.

The little book of mindfulness is a great one for beginners.

This is one of the books on meditation that is loaded with small meditations, yoga poses, and breathing techniques. These are going to help you to become more mindful.

Most of the time, we forget to stretch our bodies and carry much emotional baggage around us. The body scanning techniques and various yoga poses will help you to release that baggage.

The biggest problem everyone is facing nowadays is that they are unable to control their thoughts. A racing mind is creating an imbalance between mind and body also, lots of diseases.

This book will guide you to slow down your mind. It will also teach you to focus on the present moment. The author has provided many activities to practice in the book.

You can start with an easy one, like mindful walking, eating, reading, cooking, or gardening. This book is going to give you ways to add mindfulness in your daily life.

One of An uplifting books on meditation, I will recommend to everyone.

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2- What is Zen

Books by Alan Watts doesn’t give any choice to readers. You must pick his book blindly. And this one is another gem books on meditation by him.

Zen is something beyond words, and one must experience it to understand it. This book is the best one for both.

Unfortunately, We all are so busy in life that we don’t even get time to think about our own experience. It will take you deep enough to take a pause and reflect on your life.

You are going to have the simplest explanation about the depth of life and meditation. However, always remember that Watts is a little advanced. So, you will learn something advance.

If you are planning to dive into meditation or, already do, this book on meditation has Essential information for you. Must read for everyone!

3- How to Meditate

Many people believe that relaxation and meditation are the same. But This book is going to clear your doubt about both.

The author, Ani Pema , is an American Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition. She has given many useful and lesser-known pieces of advice in this book. And it is easy to read, understand, and practice.

There are many meditations that involve different kinds of posture and complicated rules. But The type of meditation The author teaches doesn’t include any problematic position or regulations.

Instead, you only have to focus on your breath. Deep breathing and keep all your attention on the rhythm of breathing. After a few minutes, you will notice you are entirely in the present moment.

One of the things you are going to learn from this book is its versatility. You will be able to make anything your object of meditation.

You can focus on sounds, sights, tactile sensations, etc. Even you can choose your emotions like fear, anger, sadness, joy, etc.

The primary goal of meditation is to live in the present moment which this book is going to give you.

A fantastic books on meditation, one must read!

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4- Mindfulness in Plain English

The essential book on meditation for experienced meditators.

This book will teach you about Vipassana meditation. A technique, discovered by Gautam Buddha. Buddha teaches, to observe and let go. It’s all about seeing the truth, feel it, and let go. Don’t get attached to the situation. Do not react.

For a better result of meditation, one needs to have two strength, awareness, and focus. While practicing Vipassana meditation, you will obtain both.

The hardest part of practicing meditation is distractions. The moment you will sit and start, mind start bringing all the forgotten essential works. And you chose to finish the work first.

This meditation book is going to teach you how to deal with all the disturbances while meditating. I am a practitioner of vipassana, trust me, if you practice regularly, you are going to have amazing experiences.

There is no doubt that the book is great but its a little deep so I will not suggest for beginners. However, If you are looking for a stepwise guide on how to meditate, this book is for you. One of the recommended books on meditation.

5- Meditation in Action

The author, Trungpa Rinpoche, was a controversial personality. However, the depth of his wisdom and knowledge about meditation is out of the question.

The author says that meditation isn’t just a practice to sit, breath, or observe. But, It’s a way to create the foundation for empathy, wisdom, and creativity in all aspects of life.

Do you know that wisdom is having a balance between knowledge and action without any ego?

Well, This meditation book is going to help you to gain your wisdom. In this book, You will learn that meditation means exercising kindness, self-control, patience, strength, clarity, and balance in life.

You are going to learn about the six parameters and the purpose of meditation in life. The book will also teach you some basic but essential concepts of Buddhism.

I will recommend this books on meditation to any beginner or skilled meditator.

6- The Miracle of Mindfulness

The Miracle of Mindfulness is probably one of the best books on meditation. In this book, the author has given useful instructions to practice mindfulness.

For anyone curious about what “mindfulness” is, this book will provide an excellent introduction. The author himself is a Buddhist monk. But, his writing and teachings are beyond one religion.

Many short stories mentioned in the book are beneficial to understand life and mindfulness.

This author presents various methods and theories on meditation. He also provides an idea about how to transfer those theories and practices in your daily life.

This meditation book is a pure mixture of spirituality and reality. The author has given various practices for every part of your life.

The book is really thought-provoking and worth your time and money. THE MIRACLE OF MINDFULNESS is a must-read meditation book For aspiring meditators.

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7- Search Inside Yourself

The author has done justice with the title of the book.

Chade-Meng Tan is one of Google’s earliest engineers and pioneer of personal growth. He uses to promote mindfulness as an essential practice for other Google employees also.

To the regular meditators, the beginning of the book can be like oh, I already know this!

But hold on, keep reading!

In the end, you will feel that it is one of the best writing on meditation.

The author explains the science behind the examples is fascinating and strengthened my commitment to meditate daily.

According to the author, mindfulness is a useful tool to enhance your happiness and creativity. To prove his point that meditation is the only way to ultimate joy and peace, he has provided many scientific proof and statistics.

One of the best book on meditation which is going to deepen your wisdom in day to day life.

8- 10% Happier

I believe the best way to teach meditation is to experience it first. If you want to chose the right book read the author’s bio first. It gives a little idea.
Author Dan Harris had facing challenges and to overcome that he got into meditation. Perfect bio. Right?

Because we all have some challenges which we want to overcome. This meditation book is the right choice.

Dan Harris is a tv anchor who used to have panic attacks. So, this book is a story about self-development. He investigated meditation with the eyes of an investigative reporter.

His writing is especially genuine. So, this book is as much a personal biography as it is inspirational. If you have a lot of questions about meditation, you will get all the answers in this book. Indeed, one of the best books about meditation.

So, if you feel connected with the reason he wrote the book, read it!
A must-read books on meditation for curious readers.

9- The Mind Illuminated

This book is going to present a step-by-step direction for every step of the meditation. Unlike How to start, how to develop, and how to make it Effective.
The author has done a brilliant job by writing a clear and sincere book that gives you useful guidance on avoiding mistakes and making progress.

This meditation book is a deep helpful manual establishes on the nine-stage model of meditation initially taught by the ancient Indian sage Asanga. The model was creating the entire meditative walk into ten stages.

The book introduces a new and winning model of how the mind operates and uses images and charts to help the reader work through each stage.

The author will take you to dive deep into the subconscious transformation that happens throughout meditation practice. He also describes the experience you are going to get.

The book is full of awareness in detail. I am sure you will never get another book like this one. I highly recommend this books on meditation to beginners and experienced meditators.

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10- Thoughts Are Not The Enemy

If you think you are unable to meditate because you are unable to control your thoughts. You got the perfect solution today.

An outstanding meditation book that will teach you how to work with the racing thoughts in your mind during meditation.

The book includes much practical and precise information. As the name itself says, the book is Thought-provoking.

The book will teach you how to allow your thoughts to arise instead of trying to control them. The author believes that thoughts itself help to become mindfulness. When we observe the thought, we obtain peace and awareness just as in other methods without rejecting our natural mental processes.

Most of the time, we try to resist our thoughts, but the mind starts wondering more. If you want to be an expert in mindfulness, this meditation book is a must-read for you.

11- How to Train a Wild Elephant

Jan Chozen Bays are the author of this book. He has developed a series of exercises to help us improve mindfulness. As we all know, daily life has become stressful. This meditation book is a perfect solution to have a better and peaceful experience.

The book gives an idea, describes how to meditate, and confronts the readers to practice and make it a reality.

How to train a wild elephant includes 52 ideas to increase your focus. It’s easy to read and worth spending time teaching your wild elephant mind.

The book will help you to become more conscious of your thoughts and assumptions. Anyone interested in developing mindfulness would benefit from the given ideas in this book.

A fantastic meditation book to improve your daily practice of mindfulness.

12- Wherever You Go, There You Are

Jon Kabat-Zinn has revealed a simple pathway for cultivating mindfulness in one’s own life. The meditation book is for both beginners and longtime practitioners. If you care deeply about enhancing your life’s richness, you must read this once in life.

The book is mainly focused on Zinn’s principles, who believe in “non-doing.” Let me clear one this “No doing” has nothing to do with being lazy, but it’s about gaining the ability to “let things be and allow them to unfold in their way.

Its core message of the author is that where ever you focus on now, you are going to be there in life. Which means wherever you send your energy, it will grow.
Somehow the book is guidance to create a better future for yourself.

Perfect meditation book for both beginners and longtime practitioners.

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13- 365 Tao: Daily Meditations

The book offers a collection of Taoism’s wisdom, which will make you feel refreshed, uncluttered with the old beliefs. Ming-Dao Deng has introduced modern meditation without affecting the integrity and ideas of Taoism.

The book provides a daily reflection tool for those who don’t have a faith tradition. Also, it will increase your wisdom.

The book is filled with unique quotes and inspiring philosophy for every individual. There are enough ideas to practice 365 days of the year.
I found it an excellent book to read when I am confused or overwhelmed by the situation or life.

Knowledge is the first step to get into meditation. Therefore, this books on meditation will give insight and inspire you to meditate every day.

14- Insight Meditation

If you are looking for self-guide to practice better meditation at home, you can find it very helpful. Insight Meditation is a 240 pages workbook.

It is a complete self-guided curriculum, which is divided into many drills.
There are twelve lessons which will teach you how to develop a vipassana practice. It is accessible and convenient for those willing to increase their awareness and relieve themselves of painful past.

The workbook includes more than 75 exercises for a different stage of mindfulness. Many Q&A sections and images are demonstrating correct positions of meditation.

If you have any questions related to meditation, you are going to get all the answers in this books on meditation. It is focused on ideas to bring overall peace in life and developing intellect.

15- Realizing Change

If you haven’t experience silence yet, I will suggest you experience it once. If you don’t know about any silent retreat, this book is for you.

Hetherington’s book gives you an idea about the practice of silence.
You get a glimpse of what it might be like for yourself through the mentioned stories from practitioners.

I personally have the experience, and I can tell you those ten days will transform you.
If you are interested in quality growth, peace, cool & calm in life, try once.

Vipassana teaches you the law of nature. You will know & discover Those who are searching for the purpose of their life, this is a must-read books on meditation.

Final Words: I hope These books on meditation are going to help you deepen your meditation and bring more joy, peace, and happiness in your life. 

Keep Reading, Stay Blessed

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