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John Calvin Maxwell is #New York Times bestselling American author, motivational speaker, and priest. He has written several books. Believe me; These John Maxwell Books can change your mindset.

Most of his books are best-selling and have been sold more than 26 million copies and translated into more than 50 languages worldwide. Most of John’s books are focused on Leadership.

John was acknowledged as the top best in business in AMA [American Management Association] and the most Influential Leadership Expert worldwide by BI [Business Insider] and Inc. magazine in 2014.

He has also been declared as the best leadership professional internationally on He has trained more than 5 million people in the world.

In the present, He lives in South Florida with his wife, Margaret and appointed preacher in the Wesleyan Church.

Here are top 7 John Maxwell Books everyone must-read!

1- Becoming a Person of Influence- How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others

Everyone on this planet has a hunger to make a difference in the world. So do you, Right?
The book teaches us how to use our writing and communication skills to influence people. John focuses on reaching out to people and helping them in their growth through different ways of communication.

The author intends to identify the roadblocks to success and then challenge your audience to overcome them with your communication style.

Whatever your inspiration is, you can leave an impression on others with the author’s insightful and straightforward ways. The book provides enough information to take your personal and organizational success go off the charts!

The key point of the book is influencing people and gaining
the trust which is being a person of truthfulness.

This book is one of the best John Maxwell Books for preachers, administrators, executives, business, and ordinary people who are intended for greatness!

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2- Attitude 101-What Every Leader Needs to Know

Attitude always matters. It is a primary asset for uplifting your life in any aspect. This book is packed with great advice on how our beliefs can affect our achievement.

John provides the perfect roadway driving to your success by developing a positive attitude. For sure, Good perspectives in a team do not guarantee success. However, Having people with negative attitudes does guarantee to ruin everything.

Anyone who has tried to reach people with negative attitudes knows the results!
If You want to make sure that your team is catching the right one, read this book. It teaches us to recognize how individuals attitudes impact on their performance.

Even if you are not in a leading job, the book has a lot of essential points that one can apply in a professional, as well as a personal perspective.
A MUST-READ for those desiring/aspiring to become a better leader. Its a practical and short read book and one of the Extraordinary John Maxwell Books!

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3- How Successful People Think- Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Do you know your thoughts create your reality? I hope you do!
Many people deny accepting the fact. But, truth is always the truth!
However, If you will collect all the data of the most successful people of the world and ask them the secret of their success, you will get the same answer- Positive thinking!

In this book, the author reveals the secret about how to be more productive and to question conventional thinking. He explains how to catch the correct and big picture while focusing on your though.

The book illustrates all the techniques about how to align your artistic potential, develop ideas, and learn lessons from the past. So that you can understand and create a better thought about the future.

John has presented ideas about various types of thinking. Most importantly, He reveals how to availing most from thinking, develop liberal thinking and relying on bottom-line ideology.

One of the most productive and creative John Maxwell Books I will recommend everyone to read.

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4- Developing the Leader Within You

If you are looking to upgrade your personal and professional life, Its a perfect book for you.

Let me clear one thing I found this book very much beneficial. It’s not only for leaders or businessmen/women. But, it’s also helpful for driving your everyday life with more determination and enthusiastically.
The book teaches about self-discipline and priorities.

John explains that Leadership is not about an expensive club for those who were inherited. It’s about The characteristics, which is the raw materials of Leadership, can be obtained.

He says you need to attach those characteristics with your desire. Nothing can stop you from becoming a fantastic leader!

God has asked every leader to be salt and light. Developing the Leader Within You will equip you to improve your Leadership and inspire others to awaken their potential.
One of the best John Maxwell Books you should definitely read!

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5- The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth- Live Them and Reach Your Potential

Have you ever experienced the Law of Gravity? If yes, did it work? Obviously yes!
One more question, Have you ever experienced Law of attraction? Your answer might sometimes, not always! That’s okay! You need to practice more and develop faith in the universe!

In This book, Author reveals 15 unique and undiscovered Laws. Seems exciting, right?
Yes, it is! This is One of the most impactful John Maxwell Books everyone must read it. It provides a sense of sincerity by sharing stories and encouragement.

The book is truly inspiring and thought-provoking. The author says that if you want to change your life, you need to change the way you think and act.

Most importantly, He also provides practical guidance throughout the book. Maxwell shares everything in detail steps that is helpful and can be applied to all aspects of life.

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6- LeaderShift

Leadership? Yes, That’s the right name of the book. Well, you are allowed to ask What is a leader shift?
Let me answer it first, LeaderShift is about attempting to encourage people around you and help them to reach on the top with you. Amazing right? Yes, That’s called Abundance mindset!

Change is the most speedy thing today that everyone must bring rather than staying in the course. If you are not agile and ready to adapt, It will be hard to survive. The key to success is to learn how to Leader Shift.

To the young generation, Leader Shift is essential, and he/She needs to b authentic communication before they choose to follow someone. They want his leader to be simple, not twisted. Of course, everyone wants simple. Right?

In this book, the author encourages every leader to make such changes that will enhance their overall growth willingly. He also shares the eleven shifts he created throughout his successful leadership career.

Each shift is strengthening, inspiring, and practical. Maxwell provides precise guidance about how to apply these shifts in their own lives.

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7- Make Today Count- The Secret of Your Success Is Determined by Your Daily Agenda

Life is all about trial and errors, which depend on our decisions. Everyone wants to change their life in a better way but are confused about taking the right choice.

Well, If you are seeking some changes in life, This book is for you.
In this book, Maxwell teaches us how to make the right decisions on important matters and apply those decisions daily to make it successful, productive, and fulfilling.

The ideas are applicable and useful. However, The actual worth of any ideas lies in the capacity to adapt it in your values and reflect and revise over time.

The book is well organized and addressed very well. Each explanation is short and direct to the point but with enough real-life example.
Well, I like real experiences because I love connecting the dots.
The book can change your perspective towards life.

Most importantly, It can help you to take control of your life and do what’s important.
I must say, It’s one of the life-changing John Maxwell Books!

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I hope these John Maxwell Books will help you to bring out the leader within you.

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