Top 7 Alan Watts Books Revealing Deep Secrets of Spirituality

Fan of Alan Watts Books? Do you know His books are one of those kinds which can expand your mind to no end? He is one of my favorite authors who wrote more than 25 books related to life-philosophy and different religions.

Before going to his chosen book, Let’s look at who was Alan Watts!

About Alan Watts

Alan Wilson Watts was acknowledged for performing and spreading Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism in western culture.

He was born on 6 January 1915 in Chislehurst, England. He shifted to the United States in 1938 and started practicing Zen in New York.

Alan Watts was also a skilled philosopher who presented his life experiences in easy to understand and wise words. He was a counterculture mystic and a spiritual entertainer who was definitely connected with the divine.

No doubt, Alan watts books are packed with wisdom.

Watts never asked anyone to follow him or to see to him as a guru or any self-help drivel. He just asked to be You!

The following Alan Watts books are bridged, filling the gap of knowledge between the East and West.

Top 7 Alan Watts Books

1- The Book on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are

The name says a lot about the book. Isn’t it?
Well, If you ever give a thought about life, You will end up asking a lot of question about yourself and existence.

In this book, Alan talks about the overabundance of ego to which Western culture is troubled with. I find it somehow right that we are full of ourselves. Of course, not always in the right way, but confusion, frustration with life, and sometimes a total withdrawal from one another.

The Author has done an excellent work of breaking through the wall that we often build around ourselves, assuming that we superior to see the world around us.

Alan explains that the image of Self is just an illusion in an expressive, playful manner. While Explaining an individual’s role as a unique creation on this planet, Alan gives an understanding of personal identity.

He also reveals the enigma of existence through the feelings of withdrawal that is common in Western society.

In the book, The Author urges you to accept that you are an essential part of this universe, physically, biologically, and cosmologically. If you can do that, Then it’s easier to connect with the terms called life, death, and people.

Alan has a unique way of teaching Eastern thought and philosophy to a western audience. The book will surely change your perception to look at the world in an instant.

This book provides lots of fascinating and comic analysis of western civilization and the concept of the ego.
The Author helps you to intuit the concept, rather than just accept it. It’s one the most logical Alan Watts Books I recommend everyone to read.

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2- The Wisdom of Insecurity

If you want to explore your emotions and spirituality, you are going to love this book.

If I have to summarize this book in two words, then I will say surrender and non-duality. Alan Watts reveals human hunt for emotional security while trying to find spiritual and intellectual truth. He explains that our feeling of insecurity is the result of trying to be secure.

Ironically, protection and intelligence, both lie in the realization that we have no way of saving ourselves. It’s the way it is, observes, feel, and understand.

The book provides enough simple examples of lightening eternal truths of every spiritual path and implementing them to the modern world.

The main focus of the book deals with the power you have got to protect yourself from any physical or mental pain. Therefore, the book if helpful in dealing with anxiety, depression, or any diseases.

One of the enlightening Alan Watts Books, everyone must-read!

3- Become What You Are

If you are trying to find your own path to spirituality, this book is for you.
This book will be a fantastic read if you are interested in the miracle of life and finding out more about who you are and who you really are!

To be honest, Another person can put these words in a simple way that everyone can understand. Alan is the best, His simple, direct, and compelling form of explaining can create more interest in the subject.

This book provides in-depth knowledge about Hinduism and Buddhism. However, I don’t recommend it to those who are new to Buddhism, its little deep.

The writing is funny, readable, and full of wisdom. I feel This book is an introduction of human strength and One of the essential Alan Watts Books to read!

The book provides details about the challenge of seeing life “just as it is.” It is the Taoist approach to peaceful living, spiritual truth, and psychological symbolism.

I will suggest reading a para and sit, think, and understand. The ideas present in the book can transform you if you don’t strive. Therefore, be in the present and Become Who you are!

4- Tao: The Watercourse Way

This book provides the perfect introduction of Watts and his exploration of spirituality. His language and friendly approach allow the readers to understand hits points.

In this book, Alan explains the true nature of the Tao. He included one chapter in the Chinese language; the Yin-Yang Polarity; Tao; Wu-Wei, and a section on Te.

In this book, Alan explains how everything is connected, and everything is going to be all right, in the end.

This is an excellent introduction of Taoism, that is a meditation method. Tao teaches us to be one with nature rather than following Chinese alchemical and quasi-magical practices. The book is fantastic; it will make you understand how life is meant to be enjoyed.

The Author considers the Tao as a waterway, a life-philosophy and depth of Chinese culture. In every chapter, Alan connects his concept with the example from the Tao Te Ching and other books to clear his teaching. In this way, he makes difficult concepts easier to understand.

Tao is the philosophy that Alan loved the most.

As always, Watts provides an excellent description combining eastern and western philosophy. It is a short read, yet I found it profound and compelling. It was the last book he was writing before he died in 1973. Al Huang, a friend of Alan, completed this book. This is the lucid, relative, and one of a must-read of Alan Watts Books.

5- The Joyous Cosmology

In this book, the Author explains everything related to the state of consciousness. Anyone who has experienced can resonate with his words.

Alan also reveals how drugs such as LSD, mescaline & psilocybin can ease the mind. However, it needs to be combined with the right philosophy by a person who is in search of the truth.

This book is an exciting journal of Watts’s personal experiments about human existence. It contains incredibly insightful and compelling ideas that are worth reading and applying.

In this book, the Author explains everything related to the state of consciousness. Anyone who has experienced can resonate with his words.

No doubt, Alan can explain his experiences and thoughts most naturally. Even if you have never explored spirituality, you can understand his teaching. However, At some point you may think, oh it’s Insane, but if you try to connect to your experience, you will find its true.

For those who have read Alan before, you will truly understand the beauty in Alan’s words. One of the best Alan Watts Books I will recommend everyone to read!

6- Alan Watts Books- In My Own Way

If you read all the above books but not this one, then you can say its all fantasy. However, if you read this book, you will find the connection between reality and his teachings.

This is an autobiography, a journey of Alan watts everyone must experience. There’s enough information in this book about every valuable event of his life.

Most importantly, Why and how he attempted to disentangle aspects of his personal life through psychedelic-drug experiences.

The book explains about a Christian Minister leaving everything to become a philosopher-preacher-entertainer. After reading it, you will understand how a young man learned to embrace Buddhism.

Many times, The path of spiritual understanding is misunderstood, and Watts was not different. Those who are seeking a deeper understanding of how reality works. This book is helpful.

The book is very entertaining, insightful, and a delightful read.

It is a glimpse about people and places that gifted us all philosopher like Alan watts.
One of A must-read Alan Watts Books!

7- Out of Your Mind

I believe the COVID-19 pandemic is causing mass awakening. Imagine how tough it is to manage a mind who is expanding due to epidemic?

I believe awakening is a natural and slow process, so that we learn how to prepare ourselves. If you are already and reading it, you know what I am talking about.

However, if you are working on your awakening and finding it hard, Listen to it. The speaker will guide and increase your profound interest in spirituality.

Most importantly, you will learn to self-examine and find your own way.
While awakening is easy but complicated for people who are still entangled with religion, The Author makes everything very easy.

In this Audio book, There are 12 fabulous teaching sessions. Alan talks about how to break through the limits of the conscious mind.

The Author very beautifully explains Why we must embrace chaos and try to find our most profound purpose.
Even if you’re entirely new to Alan Watts, Its an opportunity to encounter him with this book.

It’s an excellent collection of Alan Watts’s most significant lectures. You may find a little hard to digest what he says, But hey, the reality is always hard to accept.


1- What is Alan Watts philosophy?

Alan Watts, being my favorite spiritual author, specifically suggests focusing on the present moment. He teaches to let go of worry and enjoy the present moment by being involved in it.

He says, it’s normal to fall into a time trap but remind yourself about the present moment and bring your attention there immediately.

2- What is the message of Alan Watts?

The core message of Alan Watts is to enjoy being alive and feel blessed to be born as a human being. In his autobiography, He write that “integrate the spiritual with the material”.

He believed to live the material life with the thought of the outcome of the Karma. According to him it can be done by carving “your own way”, by “accepting your own karma”, and by “following your own weirdness.”

Final Words: I included this in the list of Alan Watts Books because I believe it’s much needed for those struggling with their awakening.

Let me know in the comment box if you found any other Alan Watts books helpful and worth sharing.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed