spiritual strength helps you to manage stress, anxiety and keeps you happy!

Keys to Spiritual Strength | How to Build Spiritual Strength

Do you know the easiest and best way to keep your mental health balanced is obtaining Spiritual Strength? It not only enhances your mental health but your physical health too.

Let’s understand what precisely spiritual strength is? People often get confused about religion and spirituality. Let me clear you one thing, to practice spiritual activities; you don’t need to be a religious person.

Spiritual strength is essential just like your physical strength. When you exercise, you build physical muscles. Similarly, spiritual activities develop your mental muscles.

Practicing spiritual activities stimulates your higher inner self and connect you to the divine source of the Universe. Your connection to the Divine guides you to your life of purpose and fulfillment.

Spiritual activities help you enhance your emotional, mental, physical and Spiritual strength. If you look at a spiritually connected person, you can feel the peace because they carry an aura that affects their surroundings.

Medical health can treat you and make you fit physically, but to attain a real source of well-being and Happiness, one must practice spiritual activities.

Most importantly, Spiritual strength can heal a person’s past, present, and future to bring more health wealth happiness.

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Here are seven daily activities that will help you increase your spiritual strength.

9 Ways to Build Spiritual Strength

1- Connect to the Divine

To gain Spiritual Strength, Meditate Daily.Whether you believe in it or not, there is a divine source out there who keeps us alive. Some of us call Him Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, God, or I say him the source of Divine Energy.

Some of you call Him nature; everyone is correct at their place! As I mentioned above, to practice spiritual activities, you don’t have to be religious. You need to know that divine source and develop a connection with It.

To build connections and develop relationships with Him, there are many ways. However, I found that meditation is the best way to connect with him.

Meditation allows you to develop an intense relationship with him in your own way. When you connect yourself to the divine source, you receive all the power and quality of Him, and your spiritual strength automatically increases.

When you develop relationships with people, they help you support, celebrate, empower, and pray for you. Similarly, When you build a connection with the Highest source of energy, Miracle happens because that’s what He can do for you.

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2- Enhance Your Faith

For me, This word is the most potent word Because it does miracles in life. In simple terms, Faith is the confidence or belief in what we hope for, whether it exists or not.

However, I feel its the deepest core of your belief where no doubt exists.

If fear can create a disease in your body and can make someone mentally sick, then Faith can move the mountain and do miracles in life.

To increase your spiritual strength, you need to have Faith in yourself and your connection with Divine Source. When you believe in universal truth, you gain the power to access every code of the Universe.

In other words, Faith is the key foundation of human existence. Even when situations were dark and kind of impossible, people have done miracle through the power of Faith.

Every day remind yourself, you are the part of this never-ending Universe. To do wonders, you don’t need to do much; just believe that you are a miracle and have Faith in God and yourself.

3- Follow Your Principles

If you are religious, you know the essential principle to follow to keep yourself in alignment. However, If you are not religious, you can make your own principles and follow them.

Life principles protect us from doing anything wrong and lead us in the right way. They are an excellent and easiest way to build a better and fulfilled life.

When you follow the principles you believe in, you create your value in society and inspire others to do the same. In other words, you influence people and contribute to the creation of a better world.

As you know, you build your habits and those habits write your destiny. When you practice these spiritual activities daily, you gain the spiritual strength that enhances your mental health.

Many times I have seen people getting lost in the crowd, I use to wonder, why spiritually awaken people loses their divinity.

Now, after so many years of practicing spiritual activities, I got the real answer. They skipped the principles they use to follow in their early stage.

Those who follow these principles, Universe guide their way and give them what they desire most.

4- Spread Love and Kindness

The enormous power available in the entire Universe is Love. God has gifted this power to all of us. It really makes me sad when I see people labeling their lust as Love.

Real Love is unconditional with no expectations, no demand. Isn’t it the kind of Love we all are searching for?

Spreading kindness and pure Love is the greatest deed you can do towards the world. Everyone is suffering in some way, showing compassion towards each other, and making them feel loved enhances your spiritual strength.

Loving and caring for your family is your duty. However, spreading peace, Love, and kindness in society is real unconditional Love. The Happiness you feel in your heart by being kind to someone is the highest gain.

Unconditional Love brings endless Happiness in your life and satisfaction in your heart. The more we give, the more we get back. Its the rule of the Universe, so why not to spread Love and kindness!

5- Stay Grounded

One of the easiest way to gain spiritual strength is practice grounding.

First of all let’s understand what is meant by grounding?

You may know that the human body is made up of five-element, Earth, fire, water, air, and space. Let me ask you a question: How often do you say thank you or try to connect these elements for this beautiful body and life?

The best way to practice grounding is to show gratitude to mother earth, touch the ground, and realize that nothing is permanent. Many times, I have seen even spiritual people lose their temper because of the ignorance of others.

However, keeping yourself calm and sending Love and light in such a situation enhances spiritual strength.

Spiritual grounding means connecting yourself to the Earth and bringing your awareness in the present. To practice grounding, say thank you to the five elements, spend time with nature with bare foot, plant life, and meditate.

It is scientifically proven that grounding hep to reduce pain levels, anxiety, and depression. Most importantly, it improves your mood and helps in Sleep disorders.

6- Focus On Yourself

Does it sound selfish? Maybe for some of you, but it’s not at all selfish! However, Ignoring others when they are in need and focusing on the self can be considered selfish!

You Might think what the difference is? Well, there is a huge difference!
“focusing on yourself” means taking care of your emotions, thoughts, need, and overall well-being.

In other words, not expecting anything from others and care for others as much as your mental health allow.

Interestingly, when you focus on yourself, you feel less exhausted. You don’t judge people and accept them as they are. The study says, Focusing on self significantly increases your emotional stability and develops empathy.

Focusing on yourself enhances your strength, concentration, authenticity, productivity, etc.

To practice this activity, you can practice self-love, explore new things by yourself, spend time with nature, do the things you like, and keep a journal. All these activities help to develop spiritual strength and bring Happiness in life.

7- Help Others

Well, Doing something for someone seems a real source of Happiness. It makes us feel great and worthy of doing some good cause. When we help someone, our brains also release feel-good chemicals and inspire us to perform more kind acts.

Helping others means providing what is necessary to satisfy their needs, such as food, clothes, shelter, books, etc. However, I feel guiding someone and help them to get work is the best way to help someone.

While we provide material things, we help them once. On the other hand, when we guide them or help them get a job, its the solution for a lifetime.

Those who volunteer to help others have higher self-esteem, well-being, and are happier than others.

Helping connects us to others makes us more reliable, enhances spiritual strength, and gives everyone a sense of responsibility. Helping doesn’t always include money; sometimes, it’s our time, ideas, and energy.

8- Practice Acceptance

Do you find it hard to accept yourself or others? Let me tell you, the most significant barrier in your spiritual strength is non-acceptance behavior. Many times I have seen people punishing themselves for their mistakes or carrying guilt in their hearts.

If you want to grow spiritually, you need to learn to accept yourself as you are. In fact, acceptance is the first step or spiritual growth. When you accept yourself, things, or others as they are, you open a door for the next level.

When you accept everything, it provides more profound satisfaction and Happiness, which is an essential factor in mental health. Acceptance enables self-understanding, faithfulness, and enhances your strengths.

Most of the time, people are stuck in some old beliefs or mindset, making them feel sick. For them, acceptance can make you feel like breaking free. Liberty brings fulfillment and pure Happiness that you can’t experience otherwise.

To practice, accepting daily forgives others, believing in yourself, accepting imperfection, and confronting your fears. These activities will develop your spiritual strength and help you to upgrade your life.

9- Surrender Yourself to God/ Universe

Surrender yourself to God and Enhance your Spiritual Strength!

If you want to grow spiritually and enhance your spiritual strength, you need to do it compulsory to surrender yourself to the Highest power.

Here, I would like to share my experience; when I had started working on myself, I was afraid of surrendering. I use to think, instead of that, I can think and do something for the situation.

It took me a long time to get ready to try it. Finally, when I tried the first time, I experience a miracle. I cried badly for not trusting initially.

When you surrender yourself, your challenges to God/Universe, and believe in Him, he does everything to make his child happy.

To surrender yourself means you ultimately give yourself up to his will and have Faith that he will do the best for you.

In other words, Surrender means accepting to a dominating force and its will.

Every night, before going to bed, Thank him for the day, give all your worries, admit all your mistakes, ask him for forgiveness, and whatever is right for you.

It will boost your spiritual strength and make you better for the future.


1- What are some spiritual strengths?

Being spiritual not only makes you calmer and focuses but it strengthens your inner self in many ways. Here are some of the spiritual strengths your inner self gains.

  • 1- Power to Accommodate
  • 2- Power to Tolerate
  • 3- Power to Face
  • 4- Power to Pack Up
  • 5- Power to Discriminate
  • 6- Power to Judge
  • 7- Power to Cooperate
  • 8- Power to Withdraw

2- How do I recover my spiritual energy?

In order to gain your inner strength or spiritual strength some of the activities are essential to practice regularly. Activities such as reading scriptures, meditating, spending time with nature, taking care of your mind and body.

Things or activities that connect you to your inner core helps you naturally gain your inner strength.

Final words: These activities not only enhance your spiritual strength but helps to keep you mentally and physically fit too.

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Stay Happy, Stay Blessed