Creating a habit to read a book will transform you!

How to Create Interest to Read a Book and Understand the Lessons

Do you struggle to read a book until end? Welcome to the club, and learn to develop reading habit. Reading is the best way to get knowledge and enhance your brain activity.

A few years back, Many people borrowed books from me. They took it to their home, read a few pages, kept them at a safe place, and never returned.

I use to wonder how someone cannot finish such a great book. Most importantly, how can they forget to return my book.

Then I decide to ask them the reason behind such ignorance. Guess what? It turned out; they couldn’t connect to the book.

The best part of the conversation was that they still wanted to read a book. I am sure many of you can connect to it. If you desire to read a book, then nothing can stop you from developing a reading habit quickly.

However, you need to build interest, have a motto, and few guidelines. In this article, I will share some valuable and practical tips for creating a habit to read a book daily.

Here are 7 tips to create interest to read a book!

1- Know Your Interest

This is the first and the most important thing before you decide to buy and read a book. Here, I would like to share my experience. A few years back, I went to explore a book shop in a metro city.

I am a massive fan of inspiring authors and self-help books. However, I bought a few novels because I liked the title. The title was very encouraging and eye-catching.

Most importantly, I also read the synopsis and thought I could read it.

Unfortunately, I am feeling really sorry to say that I could not finish the book. I tried to read it but couldn’t develop the interest. However, after a few years, I was able to read until the end.

My point here is, Know your interest first. If you like reading novels, you will find it super hard to read a self-help book. If you love reading History, you will find it hard to read fiction books.

Therefore, To develop a reading habit, start with your interest.

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2- Know About the Genre of Book

Let’s understand what is a genre and why you need to know about the genre? In simple words, A genre is a category that helps in systematically organizing books.

Here are some examples of the genre: History, fiction, non-fiction, biography, autobiography, romance, comedy, and so on.

Can you imagine how hard it will be to get the right book of interest if all the books are placed into one basket?

This is where the genre is super helpful; you get the book quickly. It saves a lot of time, and allow you to explore other book sections.

Knowing about genres also helps you to understand why to read a book and adjust your mindset accordingly.

3- Read Synopsis/Blurb

Here is another most important point to remember before buying and read a book. Have you seen a short description written on the backside of the book cover?

Well, that is known as the synopsis. Learning a short description before you start to read a book creates interest.

It helps you understand the book’s content so that you can choose the right one for yourself. Most importantly, it guides you to invest in the right book.

4- Don’t Skip Preface

Many times, despite choosing the right book, you may find it hard to understand the content. Probably, You skipped reading the preface.

Let me tell you, Authors are thinkers, and they have their own unique style of writing. Sometimes, they provide details about how to read a book in the preface section.

If you skip reading the preface, you won’t be able to understand the real sense behind the author’s word. Therefore, to read a book till end and understand everything, do not skip the preface.

5- Right Time to Read a Book

Well, this is where I don’t agree with those who think you must set a particular time to read a book. To be honest, it does work for me and maybe won’t work for you too.

So, here is what I do. If you see in my home, you will find a book in every room. I believe, whenever you get time, read.

Of course, there are two times in the day when I read every day, Morning tea time, and before bed. Other than this, I read whenever I get time.

I keep a book at every place I spend most of my time. It helps me to finish my book. Most importantly, it saves my time thinking about which book to pick.

6- Start Reading

Well, you are ready to read a book until the end.

Wait for a minute, if you are reading self-help or autobiography, I have an extra suggestion for you. Keep a pen and paper with you and write down if you like any quote or phrase.

You can re-read it in the future and recall the entire message of the book.

7- Practice the Lesson you Learned

I believe no book is written for time pass. Even fiction books teach us to increase our visualization power. Visualization is the secret of the Law of Attraction.

Therefore, The lesson you learned from the book, apply in life. This is how successful people build their dream life. The read, learn, and practice in real life. It would be best if you had a goal before starting to read a book.

Being an author, I know that Even fictions are never complete fiction. The story somehow connects to someone’s life. So, there is always a hidden lesson behind the words. If you look for it, You will definitely find it.

Final Words: There are many proven benefits of reading. Find a suitable one for you and start reading. I hope these tips will create interest in you to read a book.

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