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5 Best Books For College Students: Must-Read Before Graduation

Let me confess this first; I wish someone would have told me to read these best books for college students when I was in college. I know, Most of the students don’t like reading books.

You are blessed that you have the internet to get all the resources quickly. Most importantly, you are excited about creating your future and searching for helpful books.

A few words for those who don’t like reading books. Reading is a new trend, buddy! Books are not just a loyal friend, but it helps and guides you in many ways.

Once you develop the practice of reading books, there is no going back. Books help you to expand your life. It can train your brain, boost your confidence, help in rough times, and the list goes on.
Therefore, the selection of books is the most crucial aspect before starting a reading.

Here are the best books for college students that every student must read before their graduation.

1- The Defining Decade 20

THE DEFINING DECADE is a book you can not afford to miss. Dr. Meg Jay, the author, is a clinical psychologist. She argues that twenty somethings have been taken in misinformation while it is the most defining decade of adulthood.

Before writing this book, the author researched, and based on the result; she has presented this beautiful book.

Nowadays, most of the students say they’re just going to let life take them wherever it takes them. She suggests they need to think about what they want and who they want to become.

She reveals that your twenties set the tone for your thirties and later. There is tremendous potential for change during this period of your lives. Therefore, If you decide to play your cards right, You will soar in Your futures.

The key message of the book is, Your life even at this age means something, so make the best of it. Do not wait for the right time to come.
I believe this is one of the best books for college students to start with.

2- How to Win at College

Sustaining that success isn’t about being a master workaholic. This book is the must-read to make the most of these crucial years. It will guide you in making your life best after graduation.

The book provides a valuable list of tips than a long thesis on tasks that college-bound students must tick off a to-do list. However, many gems are covered in this book.

The book is written for undergraduate students but is useful for students at any level. The book provides winning secrets from the most successful students of the country.

Probably, the only guide with proven strategies for making the most of your college years. I would highly suggest this book to all who want to become The best version of themselves.
Indeed, one of the best books for college students!

3- There Is Life After College

This book is full of hopes and inspiring designs to help relieve parents’ stress and prepare their college-going children to life after graduation successfully.

An eye-opening that will make you think about how the changes in the job market in a decade. It explains the job market for the 21st century, and recently graduated person needs to do to be successful.

The author has done a fantastic work by presenting an overview of the current scenario and what students need to know before starting a career in their twenties.

Most importantly, The author discusses several related topics that desperately need to be considered before choosing a carrier.

Overall, The book is an in-depth and complete guide to college students. One of the best books for college students, I would highly recommend it to college students and their parents.

4- The Art of Learning

An excellent book that is going to teach you how to achieve world-class mastery in any skills. It may seem spiritual book at first; however, If you keep reading, you will start diving and getting many lessons.

The book will take you through the author’s unique journey to perfection. The author presents in detail how a well-thought and principled way of learning separates success from failure.

Waitzkin believes that performance is a function of a lifestyle that feeds an artistic and flexible growth process. Waitzkin reveals the inner workings of his usual methods, which led him to excellence.

Through his example, the author reveals the secret about how to embrace defeat and control anger. He also explains how to direct your sentiments into creative fuel.

Most importantly, He teaches how to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Most of the college students get stuck into their emotions and waste their lot of time and energy.

The author has revealed the exact practices that he did in all of his mental and physical competitions. Genuinely, it’s one of the best books for college students.

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5- The Art of Happiness

Well, You are going to learn something from The spiritual Leader The Dalai Lama. What to say about him, I don’t have many words to express. Just read him!

This unique book is about the theory of Happiness and how to achieve it. Let me clear one thing here; It’s not a self-help book.

However, it’s about how the Dalai Lama believes that people can find Happiness. He reveals that Happiness is inherited, but we block it with our intangible and ignorant beliefs.

Through conversations, different stories, and some meditations, the Dalai Lama teaches how to overcome anxiety, self-doubt, resentment, and sadness.

Many times college students face a lot of mental challenges. The book helps overcome those situations. He explores many aspects of daily life, including relationships, death, and the pursuit of wealth.

This book can change your perspective on how you deal with anger, hate, and other negative emotions.
Overall, One of The best books for college students, its a must-read.

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Final Words: College life is fun life as well as the base of your future too. If you give your brain the right direction in your twenties, Chances are you are going to live life king size.

These Selected best books for college students can transform you completely in a better way. I would recommend it to every student Because you are the future of the nation, and you need to feed your mind with the best nutrition. These books are the best nutrition for your brain.


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