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17 Best Brain Training Books for Adults | Best Books on Brain Development

Are you in search for the best Brain Training Books to upgrade yourself?

Well, I admire your choice and want to congratulate you on choosing to work on your mind. Do you know, with the right training and use of your mind, you can write your destiny?

I am hoping The answer is a big yes! So, here is the real question, Are you training your mind to its full potential? Reading Romantic Novels or Young adult books is not a bad choice, but guiding your brain to perform its best is worth it.

If you want to achieve a growth mindset, positive practice psychology, and new skills. These recommended books will boost your memory and will develop unique abilities in you so that you can be the best version of yourself.

These books can be your real Mind-Coach! Here are 17 Brain Training Books that I recommend you to must-read and enhance your mental strength. 

17 Life-Changing Brain Training Books

1- As the Man Thinketh

A beautiful little book everyone should read. In this book, James Allen reveals to us how the awareness of what we think determines where we will end up.

If you don’t know where to go, then how will you reach there? We must have a specific goal and keep that goal in front of us at all times until we reach it.

Simply, This is one of the best Brain Training books which is going to teach you how your outer reality is a result of your inner truth.

2- Your Brain at Work

As the name suggests, the book will provide Beneficial insights into how the brain works. Even you will understand why the brain works in a certain way.
Seems technical?

No, Not at all. It’s easy to read and understand.
If you often struggle with concentration, memory issues, accountability, time management, etc., this will be helpful for you.

David Rock, The author, has explained effortlessly about how your brain works. How unconsciously you limit your minds. Also, He has provided many simple strategies to unlock the limitations. And let it work to its full capacity.

The author has given many examples in the form of small stories. Stories have some interesting characters. While reading, you will find a similarity between those characters and you.

It’s not like other self-help books. As it includes stories, its very enjoyable and you are going to learn a lot of things which will help in control and train your mind.

3- The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

One of the excellent Brain Training Books! It will show you how to train your mind with Optimal Thinking.

Some of the affirmations introduced in this book worked wonders for my Life. The power of the subconscious mind is mighty if we believe in it.

The concept of harmony, peace, and wealth that the author wrote is tremendous.

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4- The Road Less Travelled

One of A remarkable Brain Training Books about Life and Existence. It was the most comprehensive and in-depth book about personal development.

This book will help to shape your destiny! After reading it, Your perspective about life will never be the same.

You will be able to think widely and plan as well as work for your better future. You will teach you to have a stronghold on your mind.

The Author has presented many case studies about brain functioning. It includes many magical, mysterious stories explaining decision making.
In this book, you will learn essential information about the advantages and disadvantages of the power of the mind.

Many times we make decisions unconsciously. Most of the time, the choices seem right because our subconscious mind has all the previous data.

The author has explained about the conscious and subconscious mind with the help of stories, which help us to understand the concept easily.
Once you learn about your decision-making ability, you will be able to put your energy in the right place.

Most importantly, You will be able to command your mind to work for you. I am sure that after finishing the book, you will notice a lot of changes in your thinking pattern. You’ll understand every decision you make.

6- Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Let me be a little straight here, If you want to train your brain, you need to understand it first. Our mind is like a little child. If you want your child to listen to you, you need to understand your child.

The best thing is that we have this amazing guidebook which is going to help you to understand the mind in a better way.

This one is a real self-help book. This book is filled with insights and examples of the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

Her research has been highlighted in many venues. This book focuses on how the way we adopt for ourselves profoundly affects the way we lead our Life.

Indeed, Its one One of the real Brain Training books!

7- Turning Pro

This book is a difficult challenge for any inventive who wants to be an expert in their chosen field. Pressfield takes the excuses we all-wheel out sometimes and blows them to parts while telling of his past, giving emotional resonance to some painful life lessons.

The book emphasizes the fact that turning pro is not for everyone. It needs a significant sacrifice. I could relate to it because I was convicted of my habits and how diversion ruins my time.

Taking action on this book is challenging but essential. Highly recommended One of  the best Brain Training books!

8- Unlimited Memory

The author, Kevin Horsley, Broke, has done fantastic work by writing this book. As the name says, they have presented all the required data to make you understand about your unlimited memory.

God has gifted humans with a magical brain with unlimited memory. Unfortunately, They don’t know how to use it. Unknowingly, They limit it to their capacity.

Do you know Most people not even use their 10% of the potential of their brain?
In this book, you are going to learn about how to use your unlimited memory. The author has provided many right Strategies to improve your memory, Be More Productive, increase your intelligence, and Achieve More Success.

I highly recommend this book for all ages. But, I wish every young adult must read it. Your mind is a genie for you, learn to train it in the right direction. These Best brain training books are life changing.

If you can do it, Nothing is going to come between you and your dream life.

9- Choose the Life You Want: The Way To Lasting Happiness Moment by Moment

An excellent read! I had 101 ideas on living a better life by making small changes every day.

As the name suggests, Everyone deserves to live the life they want to live. Unfortunately, we don’t have the realization that it’s we who are in control to chose our destiny.

The author has given proven formulas to use and shape your brain to work for your best. It definitely one of the amazing brain training books.

I Would highly recommend this one to someone looking to dip their toe into the self-help sphere. Get useful ideas on how to implement positive psychology in your daily life.

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10- Curious

This book touches highly relevant topics the human curiosity. It does an excellent job of promoting science about the human brain.

The is one of that Brain Training Books which is filled with new findings and an overall understanding of the subject.

Leslie tries to expand the field and address the different human activities and characteristics. She has presented studies and theories from older and plenty of discussed regions.

However, it’s an important book, presenting relevant and very recent studies. The book discusses a bunch of myths about knowledge building. Which will probably urge you to pursue the analysis of the topic.

11- Thinking, Fast and Slow

This is one of the extraordinary Brain Training Books about how we think, written by a Nobel-prize-winning economist. Kahneman describes how two “systems” in mind make decisions. First is the fast, intuitive aspect of the brain. Second is the slower, logical, and reasoning part of the brain.

We generally make quick choices with System one. Often because System two is lethargic. It takes effort to think about things intelligently. Our logical minds are not always up to the job.

This book is a long, thorough explanation of why we make judgments the way we do. Both systems are necessary, but both are subject to delusions.

Kahneman describes Our choices are strongly colored by how we frame questions in our minds. Merely re-framing a problem can easily cause people–even experts like doctors to reverse decisions. We need to understand these framing issues to avoid bad choices.

Highly recommended book among other Best Brain Training Books.

12- The Undefeated Mind

If you are highly motivated to train your brain, then this an essential book for you. It’s going to be an enthralling read.

Dr. Lickerman, the Author, reminds us that flexibility is not an essential quality, not entirely. Each one of us can enhance our capacity to respond to the situation. All we need to do is develop some more productive habits.

The author has mentioned about his experience with Buddhist chanting. Chanting helped him to improve his memory, increase intelligence, and train his mind.

However, he doesn’t recommend doing millions of chanting to train your brain. There are several small steps and habit which can give you full control over your mind.

13- Think Like a Freak

I would recommend this book to those who want to know about the way they think. If creativity can be explained and if people are willing to take suggestions to problem-solving, then this book contributes a way forward.

Sure, it could be summarized into a single poster with some bullet points, but the historical stories give real reality to the tips.

I fear that those who will be most helped by the book will be those who least need it, and those who are hopelessly thickened into their way of thinking will not change. But that’s the hazard with any “self-help” book.

I wholeheartedly recommend the series, starting with Freakonomics, onward with Super Freakonomics, and then Think Like a Freak.

There is a unique story that connects the last two books and reveals how awesome the two authors are in applying what they teach: thinking like freaks.

14- The Power of Habit

The Power of Habit explores behaviors you may not even know you have.

The author describes how the brain creates a “habit loop” through practices and rewards. These three ingredients feed on themselves until an ingrained habit is made. Once it is there, it takes very little maintenance.

It sounds simple, but everyone is different with various motivations. So, it takes self-awareness to identify what those unique cues and rewards are for you.

However, once you know your triggers and motives, that’s when the fun begins of crafting a new cycle.

This book is going to inspire you to train your mind in the right direction so that you can let it work for you.

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15- Moonwalking with Einstein

The mind likes sequential memories. Memories are stored as part of a story. Which is made as multi-sensorial in mind and can be easily recalled.

After reading the book, I tried to apply some of the techniques mentioned in the book. I realize the fact that my brain does operate in this way.

Once a memory connection is started, vast amounts of information can be easily collected and recovered. They lead into the next thought, which leads to the next and so on. I was amazed by how effortless it becomes once you get going. 

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16- The Future of Mind

Consciousness and the universe were two unsolved matters during the long human Life. Michio put all this data together here – the way he puts it is the easiest and joyous way. He is excellent in putting scientific stuff this way; I mean the way he used to be.

Unlike the others, you don’t have to be fully aware of the sciences to read his books. The author guides how to be an explorer. Thousands of books previously discussed those two matters, but none of them can beat Michios way.

I was drawn by the author’s readability and his tantalizing contributions to the potential of the human intellect. The future is not “someday.” It is now. And we are on the cusp of fascinating changes, all powered by the most prominent, worst computer ever known: our brain.

17- Train Your Brain for Success

The author reveals that You don’t need to be 100 percent perfect to bring 100 percent change. It would be best if you were open-minded and a little better. 

There’s a concept which is called the winning edge. It means that a small change in the right place makes a huge difference.

The book is divided into two sections, first, about improving memory and second, about techniques for speed reading.

The book includes a part of goal setting and how to be more productive, energetic, and wise. This book has a lot to offer a lot, especially if the reader is new to self-development.

This is one of the best brain training book that will develop your faith in The law of attraction. It will force you to start meditation and grow the habit of positive thinking.

I tried, and surprisingly, all of his methods really work. It gives an unconventional approach to many things that will help you memorize better and develop your mental abilities.

You will enjoy this book. The book is a healthy reminder of our choices and the extent to which we are in control of our lives.


1- What type of books are best for the brain?

The brain is a crucial part of our body that controls overall functioning. Reading Books and consuming positive information is healthy food for the human brain.

Therefore, it’s essential to feed your brain the food that guides, trains and allow it to perform at its best. Such as reading above mentioned Brain training books to make different pathways into your system for various purposes.

2- Which exercise is best for the brain?

The brain functions its best when there is a regular blood flow. So, practicing aerobics for a few minutes daily will help to increase blood flow in your system.

Other activities such as running jumping, the actions that increase your heart rate, are healthy exercises for the brain.

3- Do books Exercise your brain?

When it comes to the brain’s health, the physical part’s high endurance activities are best. However, when it’s about the intelligence part of the brain, books are one of the primary exercises.

Books help enhance emotional strength, new pathways to deal with various life challenges. Most importantly, reading books is the best exercise to keep your mental health in balance.

4- Do books increase IQ?

IQ, the intelligence quotient, keeps enhancing if you feed your brain more nutritional information. Books are the best and most effective nutrition to increase IQ.

Final Words: If you desire to take control of your life and enhance your life quality, these brain training books are the best coach. I have gathered this list by researching and reading them all, which took years.

I am sure; if you start with any of the above books, your life will transform by the end .

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