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Do you know the dreams you see with open eyes are meant to manifest. Yes, you heard me right, All you need to know is a Most Powerful Manifestation Technique that will help you make your dream happen.

Well, there are many popular manifestation techniques practiced by people worldwide. Therefore it’s crucial to know which one will work for you. Or, which one is the most powerful and you must practice that.

In order to clear all of your doubts about various techniques that help make dreams come true, I have collected them all together in this article. Just keep reading till the end and you will be able to choose the best and suitable for yourself.

I will share an overview about each and everyone so that you decide which one is preferable and effective for you. Before jumping to the list, let’s understand what is manifestation and how does it happen?

Meaning of Manifestation 

In simple words, Manifestation techniques are based on the belief that whatever you think, you achieve, receive. Science has confirmed that if you can focus on your thoughts, repeat them, you will manifest them.

It’s a way to train your subconscious mind which is the secret of all of your strength. Subconscious mind is the tool God has gifted you to use wisely and live a life you want to create for yourself.

There are many ways to declutter your mind, set the right intention and use any manifestation method to bring your dreams into existence. Now, let’s move onto the most Most Powerful Manifestation Techniques practiced around the world.

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Top 9 Manifestation Methods

1- 369 Manifestation Technique

369- Most Powerful Manifestation Technique

369 Manifestation Technique is one of the short, effective and popular techniques people use these days. In this technique you have to write your dreams thrice a day. 3,6,9 are the universal numbers which you will connect in this process.

These numbers have a frequency that helps you connect to the universal manifestation frequency. While practicing this method, you have to write your dream 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 9 times in the evening.

For example you want to manifest a Red color Tesla Car, write Red Color Tesla 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 9 times in the night. One thing: make sure that you have your dreams, at the same time, everyday.

This technique is one of the best manifestation methods for love manifestation. It’s also known as Nicola Tesla technique which works like wonder when combined with a 17 second technique.

2- 333 Manifestation Method

333 is another popular and Most Powerful Manifestation Technique being practiced around the world. In this manifestation method you have to write down your wish 33 times a day constantly for 3 days.

This manifestation method actually means 33×3 in a simple way. It’s a technique combined with spiritual number, focus energy and desired emotions. While using this method you need to be very specific in your intention.

Be clear in your intention, make an affirmation using some powerful words, and write it 33 times everyday. For 3 days you have to do this ritual and experience the magic of one of the Most Powerful Manifestation Techniques.

This technique is popularly used for eliminating negative thoughts, anxiety, stress or achieving some small goals in less time.

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3- Scripting Manifestation Method

Writing - Most Powerful Manifestation Technique

Scripting is one of the other popular methods people use to attract their desire. In this manifestation technique, you need to decide your goals or dreams. Make sure to have a very clear vision, otherwise you will keep changing everyday.

Writing has a magical power and it’s scientifically proven that if one can spend some time writing their goals, it becomes their reality. It’s also one of the ways to train your mind to work the way you want it to function.

Take a pen and paper, have a clear vision of your dreams and write it down 108 times. Try to do it everyday at the same times, if possible do it in the morning after waking up. Morning time is one of the most powerful times that can help you achieve whatever you want to achieve.

This one is practiced and experienced by me, so i can say that scripting is one of the Most Powerful Manifestation Techniques you must try for at least 21 days. It’s one of the other Writing Manifestation Methods which works like magic.

4- Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations have a huge impact on the human mind and emotions. Repetitions make a new pathway in our brains which takes us where we want to go.
Affirmations is one of the Most Powerful Manifestation Techniques I have personally tried and experienced. In my opinion when you use the same words everyday, the words get sacred and manifest.

In order to use this manifestation method, you need to have a small sentence including your dreams and affirm it daily. Affirming this sentence every morning and night helps you believe that you are already living your dreams.

Positive affirmation is one of the ways to train yourself to think positive and manifest a life you desire in your heart.

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5- Gratitude – Most Powerful Manifestation Technique

Gratitude- Most Powerful Manifestation Technique

Gratitude is a power that can do anything you want to do. When you feel humbleness and gratefulness in your heart, you attract the same thing in more quantity or numbers.

When you chose to say thank you for the things you have, the same type of magnetic energy your heart generates. This energy flow attracts more situations that make you more grateful.

In this manifestation method you need to be thankful for the things you have in life. In the process, have a clear goal about your future desires.

A few weeks of this practice you will start attracting your dreams. This method is especially used for long term goals and dreams. So, Gratitude is one of the Most Powerful Manifestation Techniques people use to transform their lives.

6- Reiki Box

Reiki Box- Most Powerful Manifestation Technique

Reiki Box is another Most Powerful Manifestation Technique you must try if you have completed Reiki level 2. Reiki box manifestation method can be used for healing money, health, business or any other dear things or people.

In this method you need to have a small decoration according to your wish. Write down your dreams or goals and put them in the box. Select a time and give reiki to your dreams everyday for 30 minutes.

After Sending Reiki to your manifestation box, Close it and keep it at a place no one can touch. While using a reiki box for fulfilling your dreams you enhance your reiki flow and manifest your desires at the same time.

Therefore If you are a reiki practitioner, using a reiki box for manifestation is the best choice.

7- Abraham Hicks

In order to use Abraham Hicks manifestation method, you need to go through a total of 5 steps. Align yourself to the universe, connect your intention, match your energy and intention, visualize and gratitude are those five steps you need to practice.

Abraham hicks is the base of the law of attraction which is the most practical way to manifest. While deciding to practice this method, you need to practice all the above steps for at least 21 days regularly.

Abraham Hicks one of the Most Powerful Manifestation Techniques that is in trend in this decade. You may try and experience the results.

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8- Water Manifestation Technique

Will you believe If I say to you that you can drink a glass of water and manifest your deepest desire easily? Yes, you got me correct, Drinking water for manifestation is another Most Powerful Manifestation Technique.

Many experiments have proven that water has the power to catch our words, emotions. Sadness, happiness or gratitude, whatever emotions you write or say around water, it catches and helps you manifest your emotions more.

Take a water bottle, fill it with fresh water and energize this water with affirmation, or you may write your wish on the bottle. You may practice it on full moon day or every morning. You may drink this water sip by sip if you want to.

9- Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers- Most Powerful Manifestation Technique

Using Angel numbers for bringing your dreams into existence is another Most Powerful Manifestation Technique used around the world. Angel numbers are secret messages from angles to those who are able to connect them.

These numbers occur to those who connect to the universe or God using various spiritual techniques. These numbers hold powers that make your dreams come true, if used properly.

It can appear to you as well, if you believe in magic and the power of the universe. When you see numbers like 111, 222,444 and so on, visualize your dreams. Let the angle work to bring favorable situations to you.


1- What is the key to manifest?

Well, there are multiple things that’s crucial for manifesting anything or anyone in life. However, the one most essential ingredient to manifest is your percentage of faith in yourself.

Yes, The only key to manifestation is having 100 percent faith in your actions and the energy you put in. If you believe you are doing the right thing, with the right intention and for the right reason with required action, you can achieve anything.

2- Does manifesting really work?

If you are new to this term, the answer is YES, manifestation actually works. If you are someone who has already tried, failed and looking for validation, the answer is Yes it works.

All you need to do is, keep it secret, affirm, visualize, act, believe in yourself and keep repeating all these steps. Even one percent down but can stop the result so never doubt in yourself.

Final Words: Using these numbers helps to transform our conditioned mind and develop faith in yourself and the universe as well. If you have tried anyone, please share your experience in the comment box, I will include it in some of my upcoming blogs.

I am sure after reading these Most Powerful Manifestation Techniques, you are tempted to use one. If you are new to these techniques, let me know which one hit you and you are going to experiment with?

Share it with others and guide them to manifest their dreams unis with any of the above shared ideas. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for more helpful articles like “Most Powerful Manifestation Technique” for instant access in the future.

Stay Blessed, Stay Healthy