Top 10 Dream Killers You Must Know | How to Deal With Dream Killers

Do you believe that you are meant to do something bigger than someone can imagine, But feel lost? Trust me; You have been feeding dream killers, now is the time to face the fact and eliminate them.

Do you know, every great personality has faced the same challenge, but they found the cause and overcame them. If you think there is a blockage in your progress, Today, you will get a hold of it.

In this article, you will know about ten blockages and the answers to how to deal with dream killers.

Dreams are the vision our own mind creates to inspire us to set a goal and work on it. In other words, dreams are the fuel that speeds our journey to reach a specific destination.

Often, many dreams die for various reasons, and I believe those reasons are real dreams killers. In other words, the barrier, either a person or an emotion, that doesn’t let us fulfill our dreams are dream killers.

Before jumping to problems, solutions, and bible quotes about these challenges, allow me to explain What are dream killers?

Meaning of Dream Killers

Do you believe that you are meant to do something bigger than someone can imagine, But feel lost? Trust me; You have been feeding dream killers, now is the time to face the fact and eliminate them.

Do you know, every great personality has faced the same challenge, but they found the cause and overcame them. If you think there is a blockage in your progress, Today, you will get a hold of it.

In this article, you will know about ten blockages and the answers to how to deal with dream killers.

Before jumping to problems, solutions, and bible quotes about these challenges, allow me to explain What are dream killers?

Steve Harvey About Dreams

Steve Harvey, An American Actor, author widely popular as an inspirational coach, inspires us with his motivational speech. Once he tweeted about dreams, His words, I believe, will raise your hunger to chase your dream. Here is his tweet.

“Until you follow your dream and connect it to your gift, you’ll never be happy. You have to chase your dream before you die. You should go live your dream, just see. God put your real life in your imagination; your real-life ain’t in your present circumstance.” – Steve Harvey.

Bible Verses on Dream Killers

The challenges or barriers we call dream killers are not the craft of modern days, but they’re since ancient days. Even There are many verses available in the bible.

Proverbs 1:33 “Truly wise people are untroubled by fear. They know that God is in control, and wisdom guides them in dealing with every situation.”

Those who are truly connected to God and keep him always around him are never scared or troubled. They have experienced the advantage of surrendering to God and putting hundred percent faith in him.

Here is another sermon on dream killers that say dream killers are there to steal your life achievement. So, you must keep them away and God with you who can protect you against these thieves.

John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Many dream killers are roaming around us, or we have given them access to our dreams, knowingly or unknowingly. You need to search for the right one in given details about these vampires who steal your dreams and make you feel defeated.

Below are the top ten dream killers, including the top 7 who you might have in your life.

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Top 10 Dream Killers You Must Avoid

#1 People Consciousness

One of the most significant barriers resides in our mind only; unfortunately, we fail to recognize it. Dreams, Goals, our vision requires forceful energy that makes you act to move forward.

Those who are always considering others’ opinion about their actions often fail to reach their destination. People, Including your family members, neighbors, close friends, or others, will never understand your actual values until you fulfill your dreams.

One of the leading dream killers I have seen most people face is a mindset that is always afraid of criticism. Unfortunately, they don’t find the courage to eliminate this fear and move towards their goals.

#2 Tiny Goals

Dreams do not mean having a home to sleep peacefully or a car to carry your family for the basic needs. These are essential requirements one must-have.

On the other hand, Dreams are the force that pushes you hard to have the luxury to afford what seems impossible. Unfortunately, I have encountered people who are afraid of massive Success.

Back in 2018, when I quit my corporate job, I too was afraid of Success because deep in my heart, I knew I would have the massive Success that no one could think of.

The fear of Success did not allow me to take the additional actions that were required. Tiny goals and limited desires are some of the common dream killers around the world.

#3 Poor Work Ethics

Genuine Success requires a certain set of ethics to be followed. Bigger dreams force us to follow those rules and ultimately taste the fruits of our work.

Poor work ethics such as unaccountability, not sticking to your words, making excuses for failure are the absolute dream killers. In order to reach out to your goals and complete your daily, weekly, monthly, and weekly targets, ethics are required.

#4 Blame Game

One of the most toxic, draining, and harmful dream killers are blaming someone else for your life. If you look around closely, most people you will find blaming their parents, partners, or bosses for their measurable lives.

Those who reach out to their desired goals and dreams don’t have time for blaming or thinking about others. If you want your dreams to become your truth, take responsibility for your failure, and stop playing the blame game anymore.

#5 Toxic Association

If you have deiced on your goals and working hard, still struggling to reach them, it’s time to check your friend list. There is someone who is sucking all the efforts and blocking your way.

It may be someone with whom you are emotionally attached, spending a lot of time, sharing all of your plans to reach your goal. Sometimes the closest person is one of the dream killers we ignore to accept.

The association where you feel drained, or people complaining around, doing bitching about others, is no longer suitable for your life.

#6 Lack of Discipline

Discipline is the primary key to Success, and lack of decline is the key to failure. Discipline is always hard to follow, but it makes everything easy once you accept it as an essential thing.

Lack of discipline is one of the other common dream killers among the masses. Whatever you are doing to fulfill your dreams requires discipline; if you fail to meet those criteria, forget about reaching your goal on time, even after time.

#7 Overconfidence

Success is not a destination but an ongoing journey, I believe. Another harmful attitude that kills most of the dreams is overconfidence. Dreams are something that keeps coming one after another.

If you become overconfident after achieving one goal, you close your mind to new upcoming changes and stop learning. The modern era is changing every second we blink our eyes.

In this era, if you want to be considered among achievers, keep your eye open and mind to learn new things.

#8 Closed Mindset

The traditional way wasn’t the wrong way to achieve your goals, but Today, those ideas are outdated. Accept it or not, it won’t work in the modern, technological world anymore.

In this Today’s time, Success requires an upgraded, open-minded you who is open to all the possibilities. Millions of ideas are generated every second around the corner, and they will beat the idea you are holding in your mind.

A closed Mindset is one of the most dangerous dream killers you must eliminate at this moment and move forward towards your goal.

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#9 Dependency

Dependency on your colleague, employee, or partner is another dangerous thing that kills more dreams daily. People forget that their dreams or goals are forceful for others as must as it’s for them.

Even if you are a company owner, if you are dependent on your particular group, not having a backup, you might face disappointment at some times.

Those who depend upon someone else for their Success may lose control of their own life. Your goals may require more human resources, but it never requires more decision-makers; you alone are enough for that.

Dependency on others’ approval or support is one of the mass dream killers you might have in your life.

#10 Lack of Accountability

Yes, accountability in your words, finance, and time makes you rich, take you to your destination before time. If you fail in any of them, you might lose the grip of your dreams.

Lack of accountability is one of the high price dream killers that often distract people from their goals. Everybody has got the same 24 hours in the day if you want to be somebody among those masses, you need to have something special.

Being accountable not only flies you to your goal but makes you a more decent and trustworthy being.

I am sure, till now, you have caught your dream killers and currently looking for a way to deal with these monsters. If you are thinking, How do I stop dream killers? Here are a few practical ways to get rid of them.

7 Ways to Deal With Dream Killers

#1 If you are willing to fit in this fast-moving modern era and reach your goal, upgrade your software. In other words, Look for new people to interact with and new ideas to upgrade yourself.

#2 Eliminate those from your life who spend their time with you to access your mind or just for entertainment. If you want to fulfill your impossible dreams, spend more time with those who have already done that.

#3 If you don’t find successful people around you who can inspire you, reading more books and YouTube is the best way to access those unreachable successful people.

#4 Take your dream as essential as air, food, and shelter and attach your ethics to it. Plan your day, follow that schedule and let nothing distract you from your planned routine.

#5 In order to reach your goal, keep changing your patterns and the working way so that you find various ways to get on top earlier. Remember, change might feel uncomfortable at some point, but it’s always for the better.

#6 Keep your mind open and focus on the future because your mind makes it real in the present when you do that. As you read earlier, Success is not a destination but an ongoing project that adds you to the achiever’s list.

#7 Last but not least, your Dreams must scare you. Tiny goals don’t reveal who you are, and more significant goals are high-quality fuel that forces you to perform more than you have ever done.

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#1 How did Nehemiah handle the dream killers and dream stealers?

Nehemiah, one of the famous leaders who accomplished his dream, was a great believer. By following his principles, He set an example in from of the people of Judah.

By seeing his efforts, accountability, and faith, people believed in him and came together. The primary reason behind his Success and defeating dream killers was following God and his willingness to do anything to create value in his people.

#2 What does it mean when you find a dead person in your dream and the killers are chasing you?

Let’s see the first part first; seeing somebody dead in your dreams shows that you still miss them; think about them. Or sometimes, you need some guidance from them, so your subconscious brings them and gives you a sign you need.

Chasing somebody in your dreams means there is someone close to you not good for your life. Dreams are the language of your subconscious which always works for your betterment.

You might have someone you are confused about their loyalty, so you need to check them profoundly and accept the outcome.

#3 What does it mean when try to save children from serial killers in a dream?

Saving some in your dream indicated your willingness to protect someone in your life. Think about those who need your care and protection, and you might not express how you want to do it.

Often outer circumstances stop us from doing the things we want to do, and we resist. When such things happen, our subconscious forces us to either remove it or accept it do it the way we want.

It also may mean that you are being overprotective of someone that is draining you. It would be best if you lived a balanced life in order to sleep peacefully.

#4 What does it mean to have a dream about serial killers?

Dreams are a significant way to bring your emotions out that is unsettling or disturbing your life. If you encounter a serial killer chasing, you mean one of the emotions your need to eliminate is draining you inside.

Dream killers are not real people but its particular emotions that you need to figure out. Yes, it may be related to someone specific in your life.

Final Words: Whether in real life or the dream world, Dream killers are not beneficial for you. By recognizing them, you need to eliminate them so that you can live the life God has made you for.

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