How to Protect Yourself From Toxic Person

How to Protect Yourself From Toxic Person | 6 Ways to Protect Yourself From Toxic People

How to Protect Yourself From Toxic Person | How to Protect Yourself from Toxic Friends | How to Protect Yourself from Toxic Family Members | How to Remove Yourself from Toxic Situations

Toxicity is neither good for the body and not for mind as well. It’s at its highest peak if you have someone in your home, around you all the time. A toxic person can suck all of your creative energy and make you feel uneasy or unwell, mentally physically, both.

The most painful condition is when you can not even make them go away from you or you go away from them. However, by working on your mental and emotional state you might protect yourself from such negativity and soul sucking energy or people.

In this article I will share some of the most effective tips and answers to how to protect yourself from toxic people. In further, I will also share some of the signs of a toxic person so that you can easily recognize them and keep them away from you.

How to Protect Yourself From Toxic Person

1- Set Certain Boundaries

How to Protect Yourself From Toxic Person

In life, it’s crucial to have a certain set of boundaries to have a peaceful and keep your life in alignment. When it comes to people who suck your healthy energy and make you feel uneasy, it’s important to keep them away.

Boundaries such as not sharing personal life, even if they are part of close friends, close family or someone else. Limit the topic you share with them or the time you spend with them. It will help you protect your personal life, problems and sometimes finance as well.

Limitations in various areas of your life is how to protect yourself from toxic person and stop draining yourself.

If you don’t set boundaries, toxic people seem caring but they suck your positive energy. Setting boundaries will help you protect your life and maintain your mental, emotional and physical well being.

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2- Limit Contact

If you have already recognize the person who have been draining you or throwing their negativity upon you, limit your contact with them. Having conversation with them, even through whatsapp, physical or on call gives them the opportunity to suck You.

If you have not recognized them yet, find them and limit spending time with them. Most importantly, have conversation only as much as it’s very important. You can limit your conversation by engaging yourself in something which helps you enhance your energy.

Toxic people are stinky and sticky so you might be attached to your toxic person, so it’s crucial to break that attachment. Spending time where you feel happy, in the presence and enhanced energy will help you.

3- Don’t Engage with Them

People keep asking me how to protect myself from a toxic person who is your family member. In such a situation, it’s very painful to live with them and stay peaceful. If you have someone in your home who sucks your energy, avoid getting engaged with them.

Toxic people tend to create circumstances that might irritate you or force you to respond by losing your temper. Now when you are aware about the toxic behavior and your respond try to keep yourself safe from any argument or debate with them.

Toxic people start a conversation by agreeing with you, then slowly take that conversation to the level that can hit your core. Therefore, make sure to not engage with them for a long time, and keep the conversation as short as possible.

Protecting yourself from any intense conversation is how to protect yourself from toxic people. It will save your energy, healthy mental state and protect you emotionally.

4- Keep Your Calm

How to Protect Yourself From Toxic Person

The most powerful habit of a toxic person is their provocation. Most of the time you will not realize that they are provoking you by asking questions or commenting upon your actions. Before engaging yourself with them, remind yourself to stay in your cool.

Think about them as a tool who teaches you how to keep your cool when it’s easy to lose it. Toxic people can take away all the peace if you don’t know how to not let them affect your mood. Remind yourself to stay cool, even if they are trying to manipulate you.

Make yourself mentally so strong that their behavior, provocation or manipulation don’t affect you in any way. It’s about how to protect yourself from a toxic person, even if the person is living in the same house.

Teach yourself to not connect with their emotions or their behavior. They can try to manipulate you with their toxic emotions as well.

5- Seek Support in Need

Yes, you may need help if you have been living with someone who is constantly affecting your mental and emotional health. Living with a toxic person is not less than living in hell. It’s painful, draining and might invite harmful thoughts.

Unfortunately, If a person has left no healing or creative energy in them they often tend to negative and harmful thoughts. If you are so tired and lost hope, make sure to get help with someone you trust.

In order to regain your energy and bring your mental and emotional state in healthy shape, it’s crucial to seek support either from a friend, therapist or any spiritual healer. Having a positive and supportive person can remind you of your strength and guide you how to protect yourself from toxic person or family member.

6- Engage Yourself in Self-Care Activities

In order to protect your energy from toxicity, it’s helpful if you can engage yourself in the activities that might enhance your energy. Self care activities such as reading books, dancing, listening to music or going for a conscious walk are effective.

Think about the activities or thoughts that recharge your mind and make you feel happy and excited in the heart and do it. Plantation or spending time with your pet cat or dog is also an energy booster so do that as much as you can.

The best way to recharge yourself is meditation or self healing practices such as reiki or pranic. Even if the person is your family member, you will easily disconnect yourself by engaging your mind somewhere else doing something creative.

Practicing conscious living by sending love and healing vibe to the world or conscious breathing will uplift in a few minutes. It’s how to protect yourself from toxic person and enhance your energy in the most effective ways.

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Can A Toxic Person Make You Toxic?

A toxic person is a trap which can make you stuck somewhere that’s no less than a painful hell. I am confident you have heard the term, “You become like those whom you spend most of your time with”.

If you are living around a person who is toxic and unhealthy for your mental and emotional health they will affect your mind. If you don’t distance yourself in time, heal yourself you will become like them.

Yes, a toxic person may influence you so much that you can become like them unless you recognize the toxicity early and protect yourself.

Final Words: It’s your responsibility to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health and keep it all in alignment. The best way to do it in the beginning is instead of engaging with them, stay busy doing something creative and useful.

Self care activities not only protects your form negativity but enhances your ability to cope with negative people and situations. If you found this article helpful and informative, do like, comment and share with someone who might find it helpful.

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