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Are you tired of trying several protection methods but still facing psychic attacks? Looking for the answers for how to protect yourself from psychic attacks or how to block psychic attacks?

Well, Being an empathetic person, I have suffered a lot from psychic attacks. Even after attaining Master-ship in Reiki, I was very much affected by evil energy.

My Guruji recommended me to protect myself more during healing sessions or while stepping out home. I tried every protection methods I had learned, but none of them worked as expected.

One day, I realized that the spiritual journey is meant to travel alone then maybe I need to find my own way. At that moment, I was confident that I am done asking help from others and started inventing my own methods.

Believe me, some of those works like magic for me. I could sense the energy touching my Aura and turning back but not hitting me, unlike earlier.

I am going to share my methods, including extra tips to protect yourself while growing spiritually. But before that, let’s understand what exactly means by psychic attacks, how it influences the human mind and body?

Meaning of Psychic Attacks

The popular saying “action speaks louder than words” applies her perfectly. The activities that are not seen physically but can be felt mentally.

You see, everything on this planet carries a certain level of energy around themselves. The quality of energy depends upon the thoughts and feelings of the carrier.

Not everyone we come across thinks good for us, some of them secretly pray for our harm. Every person we communicate mentally or physically touches our Aura in some or other way. If someone thinks or thoughts for us, it reaches to us and affects mentally and psychologically.

Empaths like you and me get affected more as we are gifted to touch and feel vibrations. I believe its blessing that we can touch others’ lives at the same times it’s crucial to protect ourselves from evil vibrations.

Let’s see how psychic attacks affects or What are Symptoms of psychic attacks?

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Symptoms of Psychic Attacks

1- If you are extremely tired yet finding it difficult to fall asleep.

2- Suddenly negative or wild thoughts about someone specific starts running into your mind. However, you are confused and questioning your goodness. Know that that person has attacked you.

3- Vivid dreams that lower your vibration and makes you feel exhausted after waking up. Sometimes you can experience psychic attacks while sleeping.

4- Unexpected fear or feeling hypnotized but deep within your consciousness is screaming that it’s not you.

5- Self-Doubt or losing grip on your own actions is one of the most common psychic attacks symptoms.

Share with us in the comment box, what are your experience with psychic attacks?

After understanding the cause, let’s go into solutions that are my experimented ways that protected me and raised my vibes.

9 Ways to Stop Psychic Attacks

During my experiment, I discover these 9 ideas to protect and strengthen my energy.

1- Know Your Self-Worth

Do you know Being an empath is the highest form of energy? However, Emotional attachment lowers the vibes and creates turbulence.

During my psychic attacks, I always questioned why me? I never tried to know the reason behind the attack, but I could catch the evil person or vibes.

A few months later, I received answers for my frequently asked question. And the answer was, “Because you are so powerful that you can convert that evil force into a good one.” I couldn’t figure out how but I kept thinking about it.

My practices were regular, and one day, I realized not to react or accept that force but only observe. However, I was being attacked, facing suffering but waiting for the moment to pass.

I believe It was my first encounter when practically I could observe myself suffering but not reacting. That day I was convinced that I can protect myself from other Psychic attacks if I can do this.

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2- Ask Your Guardian Angle to Protect You

Spiritual disciplines are not just rituals to perform but also a way to propagate the seed of belief that strengthens your spirit. After my above experience, my faith in God, Angel or spirit guides has developed to such extent that I decided to experience.

I believe, Never follow someone blindly but experiment with it then decide to accept or not. Do you know most of the energy our mind accumulate while we are asleep?

I often had experienced Psychic attacks during sleep, so I asked my guardian angel to protect me while I am asleep. It was so unbelievable that I could feel when the attack was about to happen, but some force holds it back and protected me.

Not once, Not twice but several times, I was able to see my protector around me, guiding and protecting. Another way to protect yourself from psychic attacks and develop the connection to your guardian angle simultaneously.

3- Affirm Self Empowering words

There is no doubt that evil force affects because there are some weaknesses. Now, weakness does not mean that empaths are weak but accepting only affects more after getting psychic attacks symptoms.

Positivity is superpower when it’s full; negativity takes over it if it’s a little less. To protect yourself from psychic attacks, write down some empowering words such as “I am the most beloved child of God.” Or “I am a powerful being, Nothing can hurt me anymore”.

I have been a huge fan for self-talk since 2008 as I experienced the miraculous result of affirming some of my desire.

Affirm these self empowering words early in the morning and before falling asleep. Train your subconscious to awaken the protection power sleeping within you.

Most importantly, locate your weak areas and develop your own empowering words to fill it. Self-written words provide more powerful results as the mind feel a better connection to it.

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4- Use Protection Crystals

One of the best tools you will ever use to protect yourself from the psychic attacks is Tiger eye semi-precious gemstone. Even being introvert and healer During corona-virus lock-down, I was finding it hard to cope up.

I had been meditating with tiger eye breads since past few months and had felt a strong bond with it. One day, while I was sitting quietly, holding my crystal, it encouraged me to carry with me while feeling low.

I had only used Crystal for healing and meditation, but after that encounter, I decided to give it a try, and it worked amazingly.

Before you decide to use the crystal for protection, make sure you are connected to your crystal. As they can speak to you, find the right Crystal, purify it with salt or water and recharge in the moonlight.

Crystals can be your most powerful guiding and protection tool if charged properly with the right instructions.

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5- Raise Your Vibration Through Meditation

The fist thing psychic attacks do is drain your energy to such extent that you won’t be able to do anything even after knowing everything. In my experience, while growing spiritually, people often start sharing their energy when they rise a bit.

My advice to those is that let your glass get full first and let it overflow. When you overflow, nothing can hurt you. The best way to Raise your vibration and fill your glass is by practicing meditation daily. Here I am talking about sitting with closed eyes and spending time in the vibrational world.

Sit with closed eyes, play the energy and create a powerful energy circle around you. You also can drop your intention into that circle for your betterment.

Daily Meditation practice will prevent you from psychic attacks and let you vibrate at your highest.

6- Spend More Time With Pets and Plants

Whether you want to protect yourself or already go through psychic attacks, Pets and plants are very helpful.

Sadly, our kind has become so vulnerable these days, although gifted with a mystic Mind. The reason behind it that they use their mind to think too much and negative. Thinking too much lower the vibration naturally.

On the other hand, animals or plants can’t think but have pure and healing energy to make you feel better. Once you develop a strong connection with your pets, they do protect you from evil energy. In my experience, while protecting me from unknown forces, My dog suffered.

Spending time daily with your pets and plants helps to heal faster and prepare you for the future. One of the organic ways to protect from psychic attacks is to have a pet or sit and talk to your plant.

7- Distant Yourself From Negative People

Knowing that someone is not good for my mental or psychological health, spending time with them is more than self-harm. Being an empath, you have got the advantage to read others thought and recognize negative person easily.

Once you feel someone is affecting your health, keep a safe distance. I will not recommend ignoring someone but silently distant yourself. Sometimes, that person is someone you are bound to associate daily such as boss or family.

In that case, you can use other protection tool and try not to communicate much with them. Most importantly, don’t allow your mind or heart to accept their hurtful or dis-empowering words. You can learn how to train your mind with the help of these books I have shared earlier in my article.

8- Practice Detachment

Detachment is one of the best ways of self-empowering or protecting yourself from psychic attacks. You see, empaths sense more because they get connected to others organically and unknowingly.

Detachment doesn’t mean that you will stop feeling, but it means not to get entangled in other situations. In fact, Detachment makes you more powerful, sensitive, wise, and helpful even to those who harm you.

It might seem unbelievable, but you won’t return to the old self once you start practicing it. The best way to practice Detachment is to remind your mind everything is temporary and nothing is yours.

Even daily meditation with closed eyes for 30-40 minutes and the right spiritual knowledge helps detach you naturally. Also, You can study The Holly Gita by listening to Bk Shivani or Bk Usha on youtube.

Detachment helps to gain more and serve more. Even if someone is sending you harmful energy, you will be able to see it coming and not affect you.
I find Detachment very helpful to protect against psychic attacks.

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9- Focus on Giving Instead of Receiving

If you still don’t recognize your empathetic gifts, let me remind you that empaths encounter more psychic attacks. Once you accept your Truth, learn to make it your power, not weakness.

To do so, you must practice above rituals till you sense your glass overflowing. Once you reach that point, start pouring at those who does harm or think evil about you.

This is my secrets to keeping all the haters and wicked people around me. Become a giver, Present your precious guidance, energy and well wishes to those who really need it.

Those who think others’ harm is so empty and hurt inside that they need your good wishes the most. It is one of the reasons empaths are always drawn towards negative people or surroundings.


1- What happens when a narcissist feels attacked?

One of the very common signs of a narcissist experience is emotional imbalances. They might feel pain, distress, torment and mild physical suffering. It’s because they feel resistance that they never do in general.

The main reason behind such feelings is a lack of narcissistic supply causes a narcissist’s sense of self, which is now their falsified identity, to deteriorate rapidly.

Final Words: I hope some of the above ways will help you empower yourself and protect from psychic attacks. If these methods seem helpless, don’t hesitate to seek medical, psychological or spiritual help.

If you find this article helpful, help others by sharing it on social media. Also bookmark this page for more informative articles like “Ways to protect yourself from psychic attacks” for instant access in the future. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

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